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2007 Rafael Nadal tennis seasonedit<!-- IMPORTANT: SCORES '''MUST''' BE DOCmore2017-03-24 00:05:16Done
2016–17 Gimnàstic de Tarragona seasonedit<!---{{footballbox collapsible|round more2017-03-25 00:05:17Done
2016–17 Liga MX seasonedit<!-- === Attendances ==={{fb a heademore2017-04-02 00:05:10Done
2016–17 RFU Championshipedit<!-- ===Final=======First leg===={{rumore2017-04-17 00:05:07Done
2016–17 Slovak First Football Leagueedit<!-- NO DATA AVAILABLE SINCE February 20more2017-04-02 00:05:10Done
2017 American Ultimate Disc League seasonedit<!--==Postseason=={{12TeamBracket-resemore2017-03-30 00:05:15Done
2017 CONCACAF U-17 Championship squadsedit<!--{{birth date and age2|2017|4|21|yyyymore2017-04-18 00:05:06Done
2017 FIFA Club World Cupedit<!-- 00:05:09Done
2017 National League Championship Seriesedit<!-- {{Infobox baseball league championsmore2017-04-14 00:05:07Done
2017 National League Division Seriesedit<!-- {{Infobox baseball league division more2017-04-15 00:05:07Done
2017 North Carolina FC seasonedit<!---{{footballbox collapsible|round more2017-03-29 00:05:14Done
2017 Palarong Pambansaedit<!--[[Category:Palarong Pambansa]][[Cmore2017-04-17 00:05:07Done
2017 San Francisco Deltas seasonedit<!---{{footballbox collapsible|round more2017-03-29 00:05:14Done
2017 Tennessee Titans seasonedit<!--====Signings====<!-- Only include more2017-04-06 00:05:06Done
2017–18 Scottish Premiershipedit<!--===Stadia and locations==={| clamore2017-04-14 00:05:07Done
2018 NBA Playoffsedit<!--{{Infobox basketball tournament seasmore2017-04-16 00:05:07Done
732d Air Expeditionary Groupedit<!-- default ceremonial chief –->| commmore2017-02-22 00:05:14Done
Aasif Mandviedit<!--Religious and LGBT categories are nomore2017-04-13 00:05:09Done
Alfred Gauseedit<!---[[World War I]]---- [[World War Imore2017-04-07 00:05:05Done
ALLEN CAREER INSTITUTEedit<!-- use | category__| age_range more2017-04-16 00:05:07Done
Apollo–Soyuz Test Projectedit<!-- This "fun" statistic is really unnemore2017-04-06 00:05:06Done
Apophatic theologyedit<!-- K --.* {{Citation | last =Kahn | fmore2017-04-12 00:05:09Done
Austin Watsonedit<!--[[Milwaukee Admirals]]--| spouse = more2017-04-10 00:05:09Done
Battle of Abu Ghraibedit<!-- (Contributor's note: 2. This refemore2017-04-04 00:05:12Done
Bipin Karkiedit<!-- produces label "Notable work"; may more2017-04-21 00:05:03Done

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