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2017 Atlanta Falcons seasonedit<!--[ 00:05:10Done
2017 Detroit Lions seasonedit<!--RECORD-1->| [[MetLife Stadium]]| [more2017-08-11 00:05:08Done
2017 FIBA 3x3 World Tour – Prague Mastersedit<!---==Preliminary Round=====Pool A===more2017-08-05 00:05:10Done
2017 March for Justiceedit<!-- the following fields are not appropmore2017-07-17 00:05:11Done
2017 Philippines Football Leagueedit<!--|-| rowspan="3" style="text-align:more2017-07-31 00:05:09Done
2017 Pro Kabaddi League seasonedit<!--==Statistics=={{empty section|datmore2017-07-31 00:05:09Done
2017 Romanian protestsedit<!-- 530.000–630.000| howmany2= Countermore2017-08-25 00:05:16Done
2017 World Rally Championshipedit<!--! —|align="left"| {{flagicon|FRA}}more2017-07-03 00:05:09Done
2017–18 AS Monaco FC seasonedit<!---==Friendlies=={{footballbox collmore2017-07-23 00:05:08Done
2017–18 Cardiff City F.C. seasonedit<!--===Statistics==={{Updated|7 May 201more2017-06-28 00:05:10Done
2017–18 in Israeli footballedit<!--{{2017–18 Israeli Premier League Chamore2017-07-05 00:05:13Done
2017–18 Kilmarnock F.C. seasonedit<!--|-|26 August 2017|[[Hamilton Academore2017-08-13 00:05:10Done
2017–18 Liga MX seasonedit<!-- === Attendance ==='The Average omore2017-07-23 00:05:08Done
2017–18 S.L. Benfica seasonedit<!--===Primeira Liga==={{main|2017–18 Pmore2017-06-22 00:05:07Done
2017–18 Ukrainian Second Leagueedit<!--Notes--|note_DNI=FC Dnipro will stamore2017-07-18 00:05:12Done
2017–18 VTB United Leagueedit<!-- Enisey -> {{bs r |pf=|pa=}}<!-- Kamore2017-07-18 00:05:12Done
2018 in spaceflightedit<!-- Hide pie chart until there's some dmore2017-08-05 00:05:10Done
305th Operations Groupedit<!-- default ceremonial chief –| commanmore2017-06-22 00:05:07Done
Abdul-Wahid Shannan ar-Ribatedit<!-- {{1944}}| death_date = <!-- {{Dmore2017-07-07 00:05:09Done
Adam Duffyedit<!--|colspan="5" | '''Non-ranking tournmore2017-06-22 00:05:07Done
Albert Mülleredit<!-- {{Death date and age|1926|12|14|189more2017-06-22 00:05:07Done
Alfred Gauseedit<!---[[World War I]]---- [[World War Imore2017-04-07 00:05:05Done
Alysha Deslorieuxedit<!-- deprecated, doesn't display | ethnimore2017-08-21 00:05:09Done
Ang Probinsyanoedit<!--Child actress Rhian "Dang" Ramos musmore2017-08-29 00:05:10Done
Anti-submarine warfareedit<!-- A better means to deter or eliminatmore2017-07-14 00:05:11Done

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