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2014–15 Lega Proedit<!-- suppress because it does not displamore2018-01-13 00:05:16Done
2016 Rohingya persecutions in Myanmaredit<!--{{coord|LAT|LON|region:XXXX_type:evemore2018-01-15 00:05:17Done
2017 Celebration Bowledit<!--Following the game, the Sheridan Bromore2018-01-18 00:05:12Done
2017–18 A-League National Youth Leagueedit<!-- DATA TO HIDE: until season starts=more2018-01-21 00:05:12Done
2017–18 CD Leganés seasonedit<!---{{footballbox collapsible|round more2018-01-21 00:05:12Done
2017–18 Grimsby Town F.C. seasonedit<!---{{Footballbox collapsible|date = more2018-01-16 00:05:16Done
2018 European Touredit<!-- *[[2018 Challenge Tour]]<!-- *[[20more2018-01-19 00:05:12Done
2018 NFL Draftedit<!--|==Player selections=={| border=0 cmore2018-01-20 00:06:05Done
2018 Stanley Cup playoffsedit<!--=={{Details|Stanley Cup playoffs#Cumore2018-01-18 00:05:12Done
2018 Tour de Franceedit<!---and winners---!>|-! scope="col" |more2018-01-17 00:05:13Done
2019 Tour de Franceedit<!---and winners---!>|-! scope="col" |more2018-01-21 00:05:12Done
Acorn Theatreedit<!-- [[Category:19?? establishments in Nmore2017-12-31 00:05:11Done
Adam Duffyedit<!--|colspan="5" | '''Non-ranking tournmore2018-01-20 00:06:05Done
Ai Kayanoedit<!-- 五和/ヴェーラ <!-- ヒロインの1人。読みは「いつわ」--> more2017-12-22 00:05:13Done
Akiko Hasegawaedit<!-- NEED NOTABILITY| {{dts|2009|10|22|more2017-12-20 00:05:12Done
Amitav Acharyaedit<!-- Deleted image removed: [[File:Profemore2018-01-13 00:05:16Done
Anabolic steroidedit<!--{| class="wikitable sortable collapsmore2018-01-12 00:05:14Done
Apollo–Soyuz Test Projectedit<!-- This "fun" statistic is really unnemore2018-01-16 00:05:16Done
AR7edit<!-- This long comment was added to the more2017-12-08 00:05:08Done
Aria Montgomeryedit<!--PLEASE STOP CHANGING THIS TO 1993. Smore2018-01-20 00:06:05Done
Assyrian–Chaldean–Syriac diasporaedit<!-- <ref name="abs2001">[http://www.ausmore2018-01-21 00:05:12Done
Barbara Burgessedit<!-- descriptive text for use by speech more2017-12-01 00:05:09Done
Barron Collieredit<!-- The following sounds gratuitous to more2017-12-22 00:05:13Done
Basketball at the Pacific Gamesedit<!-- comment out 2019|-| [[2019 Pacifimore2017-12-20 00:05:12Done
Battle of Belleau Woodedit<!-- this will be rewrittenAfter U.S. vmore2018-01-14 00:05:16Done

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