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Checkwiki finds occurrences where the first heading starts with "=== XY ===" (creating a <h3> header). It should be "== XY ==" (a <h2> header).

This causes organisational problems with section headings (See [[WP:MOSHEAD]]), as well as accessibility problems, especially with screen readers. (See [[WP:ACCESSIBILITY]] and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)

Following tools can fix the majority of the problems:

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2018 French Open – Day-by-day summariesedit===Day 1 (27 May)===more2018-06-19 00:05:06Done
Asian Americans in science and technologyedit===Science and technology===more2018-06-20 00:05:09Done
KNFLedit===KNFL Teams===more2018-06-20 00:05:09Done
Latin dancehalledit===History===more2018-06-15 00:05:07Done
R. Wattsedit===Apprentices to Richard Watts===more2018-06-20 00:05:09Done
Samak-e Ayyaredit==== <small>SAMAK-E ʿAYYĀR''' ({{lang-fa|سمک عیار}}) '''is an old Iranian folklore story transmittedmore2018-06-19 00:05:06Done
The Ascottedit===History===more2018-06-20 00:05:09Done

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