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The script found an external link that should be replaced with a wikilink. An example would be on svwiki [ Larry Wall] should be written as [[Larry Wall]].

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Arthur, prins av 00:01:15Done
Axel Ax:son Johnson (bergsingenjör) 00:01:15Done 00:01:15Done
Borgen (straffprocess) 00:01:15Done
Brandvä 00:01:15Done
Brio (godis) 00:01:15Done 00:01:15Done
Budbä 00:01:15Done
Bureau du 00:01:15Done
Carl 00:01:15Done
Carl 00:01:15Done 00:01:15Done 00:01:15Done
Erik af Edholm (hovmarskalk) 00:01:15Done
Erik 00:01:15Done
Eton (företag) 00:01:15Done
Familjen 00:01:15Done
Familjen 00:01:15Done
Färö 00:01:15Done
Fördynastisk 00:01:15Done
Första 00:01:15Done 00:01:15Done
Frankrike under andra vä 00:01:15Done
Gamla 00:01:15Done 00:01:15Done

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