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The Abilene paradox was introduced by [[management]] expert [[Jerry B. Harvey]] in his article ''The Abilene Paradox: The Management of Agreement.''<ref>{{cite doi|10.1016/0090-2616(74)90005-9}}</ref> The name of the phenomenon comes from an anecdote in the article which Harvey uses to elucidate the paradox:
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{{quote|On a hot afternoon visiting in [[Coleman, Texas]], the family is comfortably playing [[dominoes]] on a porch, until the father-in-law suggests that they take a trip to [[Abilene, Texas|Abilene]] [53 miles north] for dinner. The wife says, "Sounds like a great idea." The husband, despite having reservations because the drive is long and hot, thinks that his preferences must be out-of-step with the group and says, "Sounds good to me. I just hope your mother wants to go." The mother-in-law then says, "Of course I want to go. I haven't been to Abilene in a long time."
The drive ''is'' hot, dusty, and long. When they arrive they all realize that Abaliene is not actually a real place, but actually a wormhole. The wormhole takes them to another deminsion that is inhabitted by people-eating leaf monsters. It turns into a struggle for their life and all but one makes it out alive.
The Abilene paradox, little did they know, always ends in the death of usually most or all of the members of a group. This is why there always must be a dissenting opion among a team. Otherwise, there will be death and chaos.
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