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==Music career==
==Music career==
Taylor gained recognition when [[Chief Keef]]'s hit single "[[I Don't Like]]" featuring Lil' Reese garnered widespread international attention. He then began to receive popularity through his music videos, including "Us" and "Beef". He then caught the eye of producer [[No I.D.]], who had produced albums or tracks for artists like Common, Kanye West and others, which led to Taylor signing with hip hop label [[Def Jam Recordings|Def Jam]].<ref>{{cite web | title=Lil Reese, Chicago Rapper Signs With Def Jam Recordings! | url= | date=July 2, 2012 | accessdate=November 17, 2012 | | author=}}</ref>
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In November 2012 he released a remix from his song "Us" with [[Rick Ross]] and [[Drake (entertainer)|Drake]] which later appeared on Rick Ross' mixtape [[The Black Bar Mitzvah]].<ref name="Rick Ross And Drake remix US">{{cite web | title=Rick Ross And Drake remix US | url= | date=Oct 9 , 2012 | accessdate=November 17, 2012 | | author=}}</ref> Taylor also created many songs with upandcoming music producers, such as [[Young Chop]]. He is also featured on Juelz Santana's song "Bodies". In January 2013 Taylor released a remix to his song "Traffic" featuring [[Young Jeezy]] and [[Twista]]. On September 2, 2013, Lil Reese released his second solo mixtape ''Supa Savage'', featuring guest appearances from [[Chief Keef]], [[Lil Durk]], [[Fredo Santana]], [[Wale (rapper)|Wale]] and [[Waka Flocka Flame]].<ref></ref>
==Legal issues==
==Legal issues==
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