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Article: Vector control (motor)
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daliraju madhusudhan
Typically PI-controllers are used to control these currents to their reference values. However, [[bang-bang control|bang-bang]] type current control, that gives better dynamics, is also possible.
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With PI-controllers the outputs of the controllers are the x-y components of the voltage reference vector for the stator. Usually due to the cross coupling between the x- and y-axes a decoupling term is further added to the controller output to improve control performance when big and rapid changes in speed, current and flux linkage occur. Usually the PI-controller also needs [[low-pass filter]]ing of either the input or output of the controller to prevent the current ripple due to transistor switching from being amplified excessively and unstabilizing the control. Unfortunately, the filtering also limits the dynamics of the control system. Thus quite high switching frequency (typically more than 10 kHz) is required to allow only minimum filtering for high performance drives such as servo drives.
Next the voltage references are first transformed to the stationary coordinate system (usually through rotor d-q coordinates) and then fed into a modulator that using one of the many [[Pulse-width modulation|Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)]] algorithms defines the required pulse widths of the stator phase voltages and controls the transistors (usually [[IGBT]]s) of the inverter according to these.
Although the vector control algorithm is more complicated than the [[Direct Torque Control]] (DTC), the algorithm is not needed to be calculated as frequently as the DTC algorithm. Also the current sensors need not be the best in the market. Thus the cost of the processor and other control hardware is lower making it suitable for applications where the ultimate performance of DTC is not required.
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