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Article: Jan Hus
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==Early life==
Hus was born in [[Husinec (Prachatice District)|Husinec]], [[Kingdom of Bohemia]] in 1369. He traveled to [[Prague]] at an early age where he supported himself by singing and serving in churches. His conduct was positive and his commitment to his studies was remarkable.<ref name="cath">
{{cite web |url= |title=Jan Hus |author= |date= |work= |publisher=New Advent |accessdate=17 January 2011}}
In 1393, Hus earned a degree of [[Bachelor of Arts]] from the [[Charles University in Prague|University of Prague]] and he earned his master's degree in 1396. In 1400, he was ordained as a priest and became [[rector]] of the university in 1402–03. He was appointed a preacher at the newly built Bethlehem chapel around the same time. Hus was a strong advocate for the Czechs, and therefore the [[Philosophical realism|Realists]], and he was influenced by the writings of [[John Wycliffe]]. Although many works of Wycliffe were proscribed in 1403 by the church, Hus translated ''[[Trialogus]]'' into [[Czech language|Czech]] and helped to distribute it.<ref name="cath"/>
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