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==Edmonstone Baronets, of Duntreath (1774)==
==Edmonstone Baronets, of Duntreath (1774)==
*[[Sir Archibald Edmonstone, 1st Baronet]] (10 October 1717-20 July 1807)
*[[Sir Archibald Edmonstone, 1st Baronet]] (1717-1807)
*[[Sir Charles Edmonstone, 2nd Baronet]] (10 October 1764-1 April 1821)
*[[Sir Charles Edmonstone, 2nd Baronet]] (1764-1821)
*[[Sir Archibald Edmonstone, 3rd Baronet]] (12 March 1795-15 March 1871)
*[[Sir Archibald Edmonstone, 3rd Baronet]] (1795-1871)
*[[Sir William Edmonstone, 4th Baronet]] (29 January 1810-18 February 1888)
*[[Sir William Edmonstone, 4th Baronet]] (1810-1888)
*[[Sir Archibald Edmonstone, 5th Baronet]] (1867-1954)
*[[Sir Archibald Edmonstone, 5th Baronet|Sir Archibald Edmonstone, 15th of Duntreath, 5th Baronet]] [[Royal Victorian Order|CVO]] [[Deputy Lieutenant|DL]] (30 May 1867-1 April 1954). Groom in Waiting to H.M. King Edward VII 1907-10. He accompanied the King on his state visit to Leningrad in 1908. He was responsible for substantially rebuilding Duntreath to accommodate his distinguished visitors. Educated privately and at Oxford, Sir Archibald married Ida Agnes Eleanor Forbes (d. 21 December 1946), daughter of Sir George Stewart [[Clan Forbes|Forbes]] of Newe, ?th Baronet (related in male line to the mother of [[John Kerry]] and to the [[Barons Forbes of Newe]]), who was a [[Woman of the Bedchamber]] to [[Princess Helena of the United Kingdom|H.R.H. Princess Christian]], third daughter of [[Queen Victoria]]. They had three sons together. His youngest sister [[Alice Keppel|Alice]], who married the Hon. George Keppel, was a mistress of King [[Edward VII of the United Kingdom|Edward VII]] and the great-grandmother of [[Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Rothesay]]. Since his eldest son William was killed in action in 1916 in the Great War, he was succeeded by the second son Archibald Charles.
*[[Sir Archibald Charles Edmonstone, 6th Baronet]] (1894-1954)
*[[Sir Archibald Charles Edmonstone, 6th Baronet|Sir (Archibald) Charles "Charlie" Edmonstone, 16th of Duntreath, 6th Baronet]] (1894-1954). He married [[Marshall Field family|Gwendolyn Mary Field]], daughter of [[Marshall Field Jr.]] and granddaughter of the Chicago businessman [[Marshall Field]], and had issue including one son and three daughters. His younger brother was the [[Commander]] ''Edward St John Edmonstone'' [[Royal Navy|RN]] ((1901-1983), a godson of [[Edward VII of the United Kingdom|King Edward VII]] (b. 3 November 1901), married 1936 to the Hon. Alicia Evelyn Browne (4 February 1909 &ndash; 26 July 1978), daughter of John Edward Deane Browne, 5th [[Baron Kilmaine]] and wife Lady Aline Kennedy, and had issue one son and one daughter (Helen) ''Antonia Edmonstone'' (b. 1937) a goddaughter of [[George, Duke of Kent]]<ref>[ Conqueror 148<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>, she is married and has three sons and a daughter.
*[[Sir Archibald Bruce Charles Edmonstone, 7th Baronet]] (b. 1934)
*[[Sir Archibald Bruce Edmonstone, 7th Baronet|Sir Archibald Bruce Edmonstone, 17th of Duntreath, 7th Baronet]] (b. 1934). He has been twice married, firstly to Jane Colville, by whom he has two sons, and secondly to Juliet Elizabeth Deakin (b. 1943), daughter of a [[Major General]], by whom he has a son Dru (creator of the family website) and [[Archduke Sigismund, Grand Duke of Tuscany|Elyssa Juliet Edmonstone]] (b. [[Glasgow]], 11 September 1973), now an Archduchess, married into a former imperial house. His sister is [[McGrigor Baronets|Mary McGrigor]], or Lady McGrigor, a [[historian]].
==External links==
==External links==
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