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{{Infobox musical artist <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject Musicians -->
| name = Yurina Kumai<br>熊井 友理奈
| background = solo_singer
| alias = Kuma-chan, Kumai-chan, Kumaichō, Yuri, Yurīne
| birth_date = {{Birth date and age|1993|8|3}}
| death_date =
| origin = [[Kanagawa]], [[Japan]]
| genre = [[Japanese pop]]
| occupation = [[Singer]]
| years_active = 2002&ndash;present
| label = [[Piccolo Town]]
| associated_acts = [[Berryz Kobo]]<br />[[Hello! Project Kids]]<br />[[H.P. All Stars]]<br />[[Guardians 4]]
| website = [ Hello!]
{{nihongo|'''Yurina Kumai'''|熊井 友理奈|Kumai Yurina|extra=born on August 3, 1993 in [[Kanagawa Prefecture|Kanagawa]], [[Japan]]<ref name="hatena">
{{cite web|url=|title= Hatena Diary - Kumai Yurina|accessdate= 2007-04-12|language= Japanese}}</ref>}} is a [[Japanese pop]] singer currently performing in the all-girl group [[Berryz Kobo]], under [[Hello! Project]]. Kumai joined Hello! Project in 2002 after passing the [[Hello! Project Kids]] audition. She often is one of the lead singers in Berryz singles, and she is the tallest member of Hello! Project at 176&nbsp;cm.
== Appearances ==
=== Movies ===
* 2002 &ndash; {{nihongo|''[[Koinu Dan no Monogatari]]''|仔犬ダンの物語}}
* 2004 &ndash; {{nihongo|''[[Hotaru no Hoshi]]''|ほたるの星}}
=== Television ===
* ''[[Little Hospital]]'' (2003)
* {{nihongo|''[[Musume Dokyu!]]''|娘DOKYU!}} (2005-04-05 &ndash; 2005-05-18)
=== Commercials ===
* 2003 &ndash; {{nihongo|''[[Nihon Shokuniku Shōbi Sōgō Center]]''|日本食肉消費総合センター}}
* 2009 [[base ball bear]] Love & Pop
=== Radio ===
* {{nihongo|''[[Berryz Kobo Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki!]]''|Berryz工房 起立!礼!着席!}} (2005-03-30 &ndash; 2009-03-31)
* ''Tsuukai! Berryz Okoku'' (2009-07-03 &ndash; present) (Co-host: Sugaya Risako and Natsuyaki Miyabi)
=== Internet ===
* ''Hello Pro Video Chat'' ([[Hello! Project on Flets]]) (2005-08-08)
== References ==
== External links ==
* [ Official Hello! Project profile]
* {{IMDb name|id=1626096|name=Yurina Kumai}}
* [[Kpopwiki:Yurina Kumai]]
{{Berryz Kobo}}
<!-- Metadata: see [[Wikipedia:Persondata]] -->
|NAME=Kumai, Yurina
|ALTERNATIVE NAMES=Kuma-chan, Kumai-chan, Yuri
|SHORT DESCRIPTION=[[J-Pop]] [[singer]]
|DATE OF BIRTH= August 3, 1993
|PLACE OF BIRTH= [[Kanagawa Prefecture|Kanagawa]], [[Japan]]
{{DEFAULTSORT:Kumai, Yurina}}
[[Category:1993 births]]
[[Category:Living people]]
[[Category:Berryz Kobo members]]
[[Category:Hello! Project Kids members]]
[[Category:Japanese idols]]
[[Category:Japanese child singers]]
[[Category:Japanese pop singers]]
[[Category:Japanese female singers]]
[[Category:Tanpopo members]]
[[es:Yurina Kumai]]
[[fr:Yurina Kumai]]
[[gl:Yurina Kumai]]
[[ko:구마이 유리나]]
[[ms:Yurina Kumai]]
[[ro:Yurina Kumai]]
[[tl:Yurina Kumai]]
[[th:ยุรินะ คุมะอิ]]
[[vi:Kumai Yurina]]
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