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{{Infobox School
| name = Vincentian Academy
| image = Va logo.png
| imagesize = 150px
| caption =
| location =
| streetaddress = McKnight and Peebles Roads
| city = [[Pittsburgh]] ([[McCandless, Pennsylvania|McCandless]])
| state = [[Pennsylvania]]
| country = <br>[[United States]]
| coordinates = {{coord|40|33|25|N|80|1|14|W|type:edu_region:US-PA|display=title,inline}}
| religion = [[Roman Catholic]];<br>[[Sisters of Charity of Nazareth]]
| president = John Fedko
| principal = Richard Joseph Behun
| vice principal =
| administrator =
| rector =
| chaplain =
| ceeb = 393940
| avg_class_size =
| ratio = 11:1
| SAT =
| ACT =
| type = [[Private school|Private]], [[coeducational]]
| tuition =
| endowment =
| grades = 9–12
| campus = Suburban
| campus size = {{convert|67|acre|m2}}
| motto =
| motto_translation =
| accreditation = [[Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools]]<ref name="MSA-Commission on Secondary Schools">{{cite web|url=|title=MSA-Commission on Secondary Schools|accessdate=23 May 2009|author=MSA-CSS}}</ref>
| mascot = [[Lion]]
| team_name = Royals
| colors = Royal Blue and Gold
| established = 1932
| closed = 2012
| enrollment = ''ca.'' 227
| enrollment_as_of = 2011
| picture =
| homepage = []
'''Vincentian Academy''' is a [[Roman Catholic Church|Roman Catholic]] [[University-preparatory school|college preparatory school]] near [[Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania|Pittsburgh]], [[Pennsylvania]]. It is located in the [[Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh]].
The Academy comprised three buildings housed on a {{convert|67|acre|m2|sing=on}} campus in [[McCandless Township]], a north suburb of Pittsburgh. There is an approximate 14:1 student-to-teacher ratio,<ref name="main">{{cite web | work=Vincentian Academy website | title =Main page | url= | accessdate = 29 January 2010}}</ref> and the enrollment as of the 2011-2012 school year consisted of 70 freshmen, 54 sophomores, 64 juniors, and 39 seniors, a total of 224 students.<ref name="about">{{cite web | work=Vincentian Academy website | title =About Vincentian | url= | accessdate = 30 June 2010}}</ref>
Vincentian Academy maintained 100 percent university placement.<ref name="about"/> Vincentian was one of twelve schools in Pennsylvania that offer the [[IB Diploma Programme|International Baccalaureate Diploma Program]].
===The IB Program===
At Vincentian Academy approximately 80 percent of all juniors and seniors took some IB courses. These courses included anything from IB Higher Level Biology to IB Standard Level Mathematics.<ref name="about"/> Overall, 84 percent of all those students taking IB exams pass.
The school was founded by the Vincentian Sisters in 1932 as '''Vincentian High School'''. It began an affiliation with [[Duquesne University]] in 1995, whereupon it adopted the [[International Baccalaureate]] curriculum; the affiliation, during which the school was known as '''Vincentian Academy–Duquesne University''', ended in June 2010.<ref name="duke">{{Cite news | title = Vincentian partnership ends | newspaper = [[The Duquesne Duke]] | location = Pittsburgh | publisher = Duquesne University | date = 28 January 2010 | url = | accessdate =28 January 2010}}</ref>
===Affiliation with Duquesne University===
Early in the 1990s, Duquesne University president Dr. [[John E. Murray]] was investigating the possibility of a high school for Duquesne, disturbed by contemporary reports that American high schools were inferior to schools in Europe, Asia, and even third-world countries.<ref name="history">{{cite web | title = A brief history of Vincentian Academy | publisher = Vincentian Academy | url = | accessdate =29 January 2010}} {{Dead link|date=October 2010|bot=H3llBot}}</ref> Reasoning that a university-affiliated school could be a model for the region and offer an advanced curriculum and integrate the resources of a major university into its operation, Murray explored the possibility as an extension of Duquesne's [[Holy Ghost Fathers|Spiritan]] tradition of often unconventional leadership.<ref name="history"/>
Dialogue with the Vincentian Sisters began in 1993; an agreement was finalized 1994, and the inaugurating class was set to enroll in 1995, with Dean Derek Whordley of the [[Duquesne University School of Education]] to be president of the new school. In September 1995, Vincentian Academy–Duquesne University became officially operational, and 31 new Academy students were assimilated into the high school classes.<ref name="history"/> A slow expansion was planned, with the new Academy gradually replacing the old Vincentian High School.
The International Baccalaureate program was selected as the new Academy's curriculum because of its international appeal and academic quality.<ref name="history"/> Moreover, it would be an attractive venue for university researchers and a unique experience for teachers. In adopting the IB, Vincentian Academy-Duquesne University became the only Catholic IB school in the world that was part of a major university.<ref name="history"/>
===End of university affiliation===
In late January 2010, Duquesne University announced that it would be ending its 15-year partnership with Vincentian Academy. As such, Duquesne no longer has a part in performing administrative duties, nor will it determine a president for the school. The split became effective on June 30, 2010.<ref name="duke"/>
Duquesne University had begun to provide administrative support services for Vincentian in 1995 for a five-year period, whereafter the partnership agreement was renewed in 2001 for a 10-year period. Academy principal Sr. Camille Panich noted that the reasons for the partnership had been achieved: "Duquesne has helped strengthen the Academy and position it for long-term success".<ref name="pressroom">{{Cite press release | title = Vincentian Academy-Duquesne University Partnership Concludes with Success | publisher = Duquesne University newsroom | date = 19 January 2010 | url = | accessdate = 30 June 2010}}</ref> Duquesne University president [[Charles J. Dougherty]] likewise noted that "our partnership agreement for administrative services is concluding with a stronger Vincentian Academy".<ref name="pressroom"/>
Though the formal partnership has ended, some of the benefits that Duquesne University afforded to students, including use of the university's library and science facilities, will continue.<ref name="pressroom"/>
==Alma mater==
The original school's [[alma mater]] dated from the founding of Vincentian High School, and so retains that wording.
:''Hail! All hail, our dear Vincentian High School''
:''We greet thee, our Alma Mater dear''
:''Safe are we e're guided by thy rule''
:''Thy mandate we gratefully revere''
:''In thy realm protection can be found''
:''Virtue, science, learning prevail''
:''May thy praise throughout all days be found''
:''Noble Queen, thee we hail''
:"Alma Mater, wise and glorious"
:"Child of Light and Bride of Truth"
:"Over fate and foe victorious"
:"Dowered with eternal youth"
:"Crowned with love of son and daughter"
:"Thou shalt conquer as of yore"
:"Dear old Pittsburgh, Alma Mater"
:"God preserve Thee evermore!
First beyond the mountains founded,
Where the West-road opens free,
When twin rivers forest bounded,
Merge and journey toward the sea,
In the dawning of the nation
Ere the clouds of strife had cleared,
'Rose Thy rough-hewn habitation,
By our prophet fathers reared.
Close Thy mother-love embraces
All who gather at Thy knee,
Castes and classes, creeds and races,
Mother, are as one to Thee;
Thou who unto knowledge bore us,
In the good old days long gone,
Raise Thy Gold and Blue high o'er us,
Land and we will follow on.
Alma Mater, wise and glorious,
Child of Light and Bride of Truth,
Over fate and foe victorious
Dowered with eternal youth,
Crowned with love of son and daughter,
Thou shalt conquer as of yore,
Dear Old Pittsburgh, Alma Mater,
God preserve Thee evermore.
The current alma mater, which was instituted in 2007, carries the same tune but to different words.
:''Oh, Vincentian! We hail our alma mater''
:''Blue and gold, the colors we hold dear''
:''Mind, heart, spirit, guided by our Father''
:''Friendships formed will last throughout the years''
:''Honesty, respect, and human kindness''
:''Tempered with a pride in quality''
:''Integrity, and faith in God define us''
:''Oh, Vincentian! We hail thee''
==External links==
*{{official website|}}
*[ ''Pittsburgh Post-Gazette'' article about the IB at Vincentian]
*[ Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh Home Page]
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