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{{About|the Punjab town|the Jat clan|Goraya (clan)}}
<!-- See [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Indian cities]] for details -->{{Infobox settlement
| name = Goraya
| native_name =
| native_name_lang = punjabi
| other_name =
| nickname =
| settlement_type = town
| image_skyline =
| image_alt =
| image_caption =
| pushpin_map = India Punjab
| pushpin_label_position =
| pushpin_map_alt =
| pushpin_map_caption = Location in Punjab, India
| latd = 31.13
| latm =
| lats =
| latNS = N
| longd = 75.77
| longm =
| longs =
| longEW = E
| coordinates_display = inline,title
| subdivision_type = Country
| subdivision_name = {{flag|India}}
| subdivision_type1 = [[States and territories of India|State]]
| subdivision_name1 = [[Punjab, India|Punjab]]
| subdivision_type2 = [[List of districts of India|District]]
| subdivision_name2 = [[Jalandhar district|Jalandhar]]
| established_title = <!-- Established -->
| established_date =
| founder =
| named_for =
| government_type =
| governing_body =
| leader_title = Nagar Panchayat Goraya.
| leader_name =
| unit_pref = Metric
| area_footnotes =
| area_rank =
| area_total_km2 =
| elevation_footnotes =
| elevation_m =
| population_total = 15138
| population_as_of = 2001
| population_rank =
| population_density_km2 = auto
| population_demonym =
| population_footnotes =
| demographics_type1 = Languages
| demographics1_title1 = Official
| demographics1_info1 = [[Punjabi language|Punjabi]]
| timezone1 = [[Indian Standard Time|IST]]
| utc_offset1 = +5:30
| postal_code_type = [[Postal Index Number|PIN]]
| postal_code = 144409
| area_code_type = Telephone code
| area_code = 01826
| registration_plate = PB 37
| website =
| footnotes =
'''Goraya''' is a town in [[Jalandhar District]] in the [[India]]n [[States and territories of India|state]] of [[Punjab (India)|Punjab]]. It lies between Jalandhar and Ludhiana on G. T. Road NH-1, which connects [[Amritsar]] and [[Delhi]]. Goraya belongs to [[Tehsil]] administrative division and is known for its industry.
Goraya is located at {{Coord|31.13|N|75.77|E|}}.<ref>[ Falling Rain Genomics, Inc - Goraya]</ref> It has an average elevation of {{convert|240|m|ft}}. The city has a humid subtropical climate with cool winters and hot summers. Summers last from April to June and winters from November to February. Temperatures in summer vary from average highs of around {{convert|44|C|F}} to average lows of around {{convert|25|C|F}}. Winter temperatures vary from highs of {{convert|19|C|F}} to lows of {{convert|-5|C|F}}. On the whole, the climate is dry except during the brief southwest monsoon season during July–August. The average annual rainfall is about {{convert|70|cm|in}}.
Cricket is the most popular game in Goraya; it is played by almost every child. Other games played here include badminton, football, kabaddi, and kushti (wrestling). The town has produced famous Canadian powerlifter Harnek Singh Rai, who represented Canada in the 39th annual IPF world powerlifting championship, held at Delhi from Nov 1 to Nov 7, 2009, as an International referee and Canadian team manager wearing a red turban to match the Canadian flag. Rai is a member of Canadian powerlifting Hall of Fame. ATTA Ground is one of the only few playing grounds around Goraya, this place is being used by the locals to organise different sports tournaments, especially cricket. It is used as a football and cricket ground on a regular basis. It is also a venue for many kabaddi and football district-level events.
After their arrival in India, the people of Goraya ( known as Manchester of Punjab, for no clear reason ) of Jats founded another village on G.T, Road between Ludhiana and Jalandhar, and named it after old principal city in Central Asia as Goraya. These people are still residing in the same area. There is a religious place in a village named Sang Dhesian. Rishi Kutiya Ram Mandir is a temple in the town. Recently two other temples — Shiv Mandir in Atta and Baba Balak Nath Mandir along G.T, Road — have been constructed. The area used to have a number of factories but very few of them survived as time passed. The area has many NRIs who reside overseas and come down on occasion, with Sahota, Bahra,Taheam's, Ghattaura, Sehmbey,Takkar,Kaushal,Sharma, Punj,Dhillon,Rayat,dhanda's and other Lahar. families as dominant participants.{{Citation needed|date=August 2011}}
== Shopping and industries ==
Goraya has several market places and shopping centres, including the Rurka road market and Rishi Bazar (Near Railway Crossing). The Ram Bazaar is the midpoint of the town, with many small but busy shops selling numerous articles including rice and dried mice which is a local delicacy.
== Education ==
There are some government and public schools and colleges in Goraya.
*Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Goraya
*JSFH Khalsa Senior Secondary School,V.P.O Atta, Goraya.
*Govt. sen. sec. School Goraya (boys)
*Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School,V.P.O Bara-Pind.
*Govt High School V.P.O-Boparai.
*Vinayak Public High School.
*Excelsior Convent School.
*Liberty Public School.
*Sohna Model school.
*Brilliant Convent School.
*New English Model Sr. Sec. School & tech. College, V.P.O.,MahaL.
*Shree Hanumat International Public school.
*Shri Dashmesh convent school Atti
Pindu school for girls
*Guru Nanak Girls College (Baba Sang Dhesian)
Students still go to surrounding towns like Phagwara or Jalandhar for higher education
==Villages near Goraya==
[[Boparai]] is now part of Nagar Panchayat Goraya. It is an industrial village with many factories.
[[Bara Pind]] is located 4&nbsp;km east to Goraya. It is one of the most developed villages in the area.
[[Sargundi]] is located 2&nbsp;km to Goraya
[[Dholeta]] is adjacent to Bara Pind. Johal village is about 7&nbsp;km from NH1.
[[Ghurka]] is located about 10&nbsp;km from Goraya. Well developed village.
{{Jalandhar district}}
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