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| related names = Ian, Ivan, Ifan
| related names = Ian, Ivan, Ifan
| footnotes =
| footnotes =
Evan is asdfahje jaejr akefjd kaej akdjfaejk sjfkej asfkdjeakj asdfkjake jaskdfj eakj akdfjdl jdkfje askdfj ekja klsjdf el .
'''Evan''' is a guy who is very handsome and he can get alot of vaginas although it has on the rare occasion been given to girls as well, as with [[actress]] [[Evan Rachel Wood]]. The name is derived from "lefen", one of the other [[Wales|Welsh]] forms of [[John (name)|John]] and is closely related to "[[Ivan (name)|Ivan]]", "[[Ian]]", and "[[Juan]]"; the name John is derived from the ancient Hebrew name {{hebrew|יְהֹוחָנָן}} {{unicode|Yəhôḥānān}}, which means "[[YHWH]] Is Gracious". Evan is also a Celtic name meaning "Young Warrior". It can also be the shortened version of the Greek name ''Evangelos''. Evanna is an extended name from Evan, usually named for girls, while Eva is a shortened name from Evan for girls. Evan used as a last name can be Evans. In Hebrew, Evan means "rock".<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Evan|publisher=Think Baby Names|accessdate=July 18, 2012}}</ref>
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