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This man is very annoying. No one likes his father.
{{Infobox person
| name = Taggart Romney
| image = Romney Rally8.jpg
| caption = Romney (left) during a political rally for [[Mitt Romney|his father]]
| birth_name = Taggart Romney
| birth_date = {{Birth year and age|1970}}
| birth_place = [[Provo, Utah]]
| other_names = Tagg
| known_for =
| occupation = political advisor
| parents = [[Mitt Romney]]<br>[[Ann Romney]]
| alma_mater = [[BYU]]<br>[[Harvard Business School]]
| spouse = Jennifer Romney
| children = 3
'''Taggart "Tagg" Romney''' (born 1970), American businessman and political advisor.<ref name="hewitt">{{Cite book| title=A Mormon in the White House?: 10 Things Every American Should Know About Mitt Romney | url= | first=Hugh | last=Hewitt | authorlink=Hugh Hewitt | publisher=[[Regnery Publishing]] | location=Washington | year= 2007 | isbn=978-1-59698-502-5 |pages=81–82}}</ref>
Eldest son of [[Ann Romney|Ann]] and [[Mitt Romney]], born when both were undergraduates at [[Brigham Young University]], [[Provo, Utah]].<ref name="hewitt"/>
He graduated ''[[magna cum laude]]'' with a [[BA]] in economics from [[BYU]] and earned his [[MBA]] from [[Harvard Business School]].<ref name="hewitt"/><ref name="conwaydaily"/>
He has worked as the head of marketing for the [[Los Angeles Dodgers]],<ref name="hewitt"/> VP of onfield marketing at [[Reebok]], and director of strategic planning at [[Elan Pharmaceuticals]]. Tagg founded and subsequently sold [[Season Perks]].<ref name="conwaydaily"/>
He also worked for several years as a consultant at both [[Monitor Group]] and [[McKinsey and Co]].<ref name="conwaydaily"/>
Tagg has been a partner in the [[private equity firm]] [[Solamere Capital]], together with Spencer Zwick and Eric Scheuermann.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Ties to Romney '08 Helped Fuel an Equity Firm |accessdate=April 30, 2012 |publisher=[[New York Times]]}}</ref>
Tagg worked for each of his father's three political campaigns.<ref name="conwaydaily"/> Currently he is participating as an advisor in [[Mitt Romney presidential campaign, 2012|his father's presidential campaign]] and he has attracted the attention of the media.<ref name="wp">{{Cite web| title=Tagg Romney is suddenly a center of attention in his father’s campaign | url= |first=Jason | last=Horowitz | authorlink=Jason Horowitz | publisher=[[Washington Post]] | date=October 12, 2012 }}</ref>
==Personal life==
With his wife Jennifer they decided to have three children via [[surrogate mother]]s: Jonathan (b. 2010) and the twins David Mitt and William Ryder (b. 2012).<ref name="surrogate">{{Cite web| url= |title=Tagg Romney has children via surrogate mother | publisher=Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc. | accessdate=October 12, 2012 }}</ref> The family resides in [[Belmont, Massachusetts]].<ref name="conwaydaily">{{cite web|url=|title=For Tagg Romney, politics is a family affair|publisher=[[The Conway Daily Sun]]|date=Sep 28, 2012}}</ref>
==See also==
* [[Romney family]]
{{BD|1970||Romney, Taggart}}
| NAME =
| DATE OF BIRTH = 1970
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