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{{Further|Delaware locations by per capita income}}
{{Further|Delaware locations by per capita income}}
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Delaware was the origin of ''[[Belton v. Gebhart]]'', one of the four cases which was combined into ''[[Brown v. Board of Education]]'', the [[Supreme Court of the United States]] decision that led to the end of [[racial segregation|segregated]] public schools. Significantly, ''Belton'' was the only case in which the state court found '''for''' the plaintiffs, thereby ruling that segregation was unconstitutional.
Unlike many states, Delaware's educational system is centralized in a state Superintendent of Education, with local school boards retaining control over taxation and some curriculum decisions.
{{As of|2011}}, the Delaware Department of Education had authorized the founding of 25 [[charter school]]s in the state, among them one [[Single-sex education|all-girls facility]].<ref name=Dobo20110612>{{cite news|last=Dobo|first=Nichole|title=Delaware schools: Checkered past goes unchecked|accessdate=13 June 2011|newspaper=[[The News Journal]]|url=|date=12 June 2011|archiveurl=|archivedate=13 June 2011}}</ref>
All teachers in the State's public school districts are unionized.<ref name=dobo2012>{{Citation|last=Dobo|first=Nichole|publication-date=19 Jan 2012|year=2012|title=Charter votes to join union|newspaper=[[The News Journal]]|at=delawareonline|accessdate=19 Jan 2012|url=}}</ref> {{As of|January 2012}}, none of the State's charter schools are members of a teachers [[Trade union|union]].<ref name=dobo2012/> One of the State's teachers' unions is Delaware State Education Association (DSEA), which President as of January 2012 is Frederika Jenner.<ref name=dobo2012/>
===Colleges and universities===
<table><tr><td valign=top>
* [[Delaware College of Art and Design]]
* [[Delaware State University]]
* [[Delaware Technical & Community College]]
* [[Drexel University]] at Wilmington
* [[Goldey-Beacom College]]
</td><td valign=top>
* [[University of Delaware]]
* [[Wesley College (Delaware)|Wesley College]]
* [[Widener University School of Law]]
* [[Wilmington University]]
==Sister cities and states==
==Sister cities and states==
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