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(MOBA is the IMPORPER term for Action Real Time Strategy and only League of Legends is refered (key: reffered) as a MOBA. Please don't confuse people.)
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{{VG Strategy}}
{{VG Strategy}}
'''Multiplayer online battle arena''' ('''MOBA'''), is a term for '''action real-time strategy''' ('''ARTS'''), a sub-genre of the [[real-time strategy]].
'''Multiplayer online battle arena''' ('''MOBA'''), also known as '''action real-time strategy''' ('''ARTS'''), is a sub-genre of the [[real-time strategy]] (RTS) genre, in which often two teams of players compete with each other in discrete games, with each player controlling a single character through an RTS-style interface. It differs from traditional RTS games in that there is no unit construction and players control just one character. In this sense, it is a fusion of [[action game]]s and real-time strategy games. The genre emphasizes cooperative team-play; players select and control one "hero", a powerful unit with various abilities and advantages to form a team's overall strategy. The objective is to destroy the opponents' main structure with the assistance of periodically [[Spawning (video gaming)|spawned]] computer-controlled units that march towards the enemy's main structure via paths referred to as "lanes".
See ''[[Action Real Time Strategy]]''
The genre traces its roots to ''[[Aeon of Strife]]'' (''AoS''), a custom map for ''[[StarCraft]]''.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Frequently Asked Questions||accessdate=16 November 2010| archiveurl=| archivedate= 11 November 2010 <!--DASHBot-->| deadurl= no}}</ref> ''[[Defense of the Ancients]]'' (''DotA''), a map based on ''Aeon of Strife'' for ''[[Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos]]'' and ''[[Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne|The Frozen Throne]]'', was one of the first major MOBA titles.
== History ==
[[File:Awesomenauts - Screenshot 14.jpg|thumb|upright=1.2|''[[Awesomenauts]]'' is a MOBA game that incorporates [[Platform game|action platformer]] gameplay]]
{{See also|List of multiplayer online battle arena games}}
The custom map ''Aeon of Strife'' for the real-time strategy game ''StarCraft'' is one of the earliest examples of the modern genre. It was followed by ''Defense of the Ancients'', a custom scenario for ''Warcraft III'' that was heavily based on ''Aeon of Strife''. The growing popularity of ''Defense of the Ancients'' led to the development of further custom maps as well as full stand-alone games.<ref>{{cite web |author=Sharkey, Mike |date=11 August 2010|url = | title = Evidence Mounting for a Valve Defense of the Ancients Game | accessdate =17 November 2010 | publisher = }}</ref> These games are sometimes referred to as "DotA-style", "DotA-esque", "DotA-clone" or "DotA-based", although were more commonly referred to as AoS's.<ref name="1up-dota">{{cite web|author=Nguyen, Thierry|date=1 September 2009|url=|title=Clash of The DOTAs|publisher=[[]]|accessdate=21 October 2009}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|author=Welsh, Oli|date=22 October 2011|url=|title=Blizzard aims for more accessible DOTA |publisher=[[EuroGamer]]|accessdate=25 October 2011}}</ref>
''[[Minions (flash game)|Minions]]'' is a game by [[Kixeye|The Casual Collective]] released in 2008 as a Web game using [[Adobe Flash|Flash]].<ref>{{cite web | url= | title=Minions | author=Psychotronic | date=30 November 2008|accessdate=7 November 2012|}}</ref>
''[[Demigod (video game)|Demigod]]'', a video game developed by [[Gas Powered Games]] was the first released stand-alone title in the genre.<ref>{{cite web | last=Lopez | first=Miguel | url = | title = Demigod | date = 21 February 2008 | accessdate =20 November 2010 | publisher = }}</ref><ref>{{cite web|author=Nemikan|date=4 March 2008|url=|title=DOTA reborn: Three games inspired by the legendary WC3 mod|| date = 21 September 2009 |accessdate=17 November 2010}}</ref>
This was followed by Riot Games' ''[[League of Legends]]'' released in October 2009.<ref name="1up-guinsoo">{{cite web|author=Perez, Daniel|date=16 January 2009|url=|title=League of Legends Interview|publisher=[[]]|accessdate=19 October 2010}}</ref><ref name="gameriotdotagenre">{{cite web|author=Arirang|date=3 October 2009|url=|title=A Look at the Future of Dota and the AoS Genre.||accessdate=19 October 2010}}</ref> [[Riot Games]] attempted to break away from the genre being known as "Dota" by coining its own marketing term, "Multiplayer Online Battle Arena" (MOBA).
In May 2010, [[S2 Games]] released ''[[Heroes of Newerth]]''.<ref>{{cite web | last=Jackson | first=Leah | url = | title = Looking Back at 2010: The Year in PC Games | date = 23 December 2010 | accessdate =24 December 2010 | publisher = }}</ref><ref name="Kalamazoo">{{cite news|title=Kalamazoo-made 'Heroes of Newerth' drawing huge online gaming crowd|author=Mark Wedel|date=24 June 2010|accessdate=12 July 2010|url=|publisher=Kalamazoo Gazette| archiveurl=| archivedate= 28 June 2010 <!--DASHBot-->| deadurl= no}}</ref>
On 13 October 2010, [[Valve Corporation]] announced its official entry to the genre with a sequel to ''Defense of the Ancients'' entitled ''[[Dota 2]]''.<ref>{{cite web|title=Valve Announces Dota 2|url=|publisher=[[Valve Corporation]]|accessdate=13 October 2010|date=19 October 2010| archiveurl=| archivedate= 15 October 2010 <!--DASHBot-->| deadurl= no}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|author=Totillo, Stephen|date=13 October 2010|url=|title=Valve's New Game Is Dota 2|publisher=[[Kotaku]]|accessdate=17 October 2010}}</ref> Valve referred to ''Dota 2'' and similar games as "Action Real-Time Strategy" games.<ref name="genrealternative">{{cite web|author=Nutt, Christian|date=29 August 2011|url=|title=The Valve Way: Gabe Newell And Erik Johnson Speak|publisher=[[Gamasutra]]|accessdate=31 August 2011}}</ref>
At [[BlizzCon#BlizzCon 2010|BlizzCon 2010]], [[Activision Blizzard]] officially announced their entry to the genre with their ''Blizzard DOTA'' map for ''StarCraft II''.<ref name="Blizzard-DOTA">{{cite web|title=All-New Blizzard Custom Maps Featured at Blizzcon 2010|url=|publisher=Blizzard Entertainment|date=22 October 2010|accessdate=22 October 2010| archiveurl=| archivedate= 25 October 2010 <!--DASHBot-->| deadurl= no}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|author=Augustine, Josh|date=23 October 2010|url=|title=The first heroes in SC2’s DOTA map|publisher=[[PCGamer]]|accessdate=25 November 2010| archiveurl=| archivedate= 24 October 2010 <!--DASHBot-->| deadurl= no}}</ref> Chris Sigaty, lead producer of ''Starcraft II'', stated that ''Blizzard DOTA'' "is a take on the DOTA genre if you will. It gives you the opportunity to see some of the heroes we've made, we've made some heroes that are cross genre. Not just ''SC2'' heroes, we've got some ''Diablo'' characters in the works, we've some ''Warcraft'' characters and ''StarCraft'' characters and they're fighting together."<ref>{{cite web |author=Iuliani, Joe |date=5 November 2010|url = | title = Starcraft II: Chris Sigaty Interview | accessdate =5 November 2010 | publisher = | archiveurl=| archivedate= 7 November 2010 <!--DASHBot-->| deadurl= no}}</ref> On May 11, 2012, Blizzard announced that the map would be named ''"Blizzard All-stars"'', after settling a trademark dispute with Valve over the usage of the ''DOTA'' trademark.<ref>{{cite web | last = Reilly | first = Jim | url = | title = Valve, Blizzard Reach DOTA Trademark Agreement | date = 2012-05-11 | publisher = [[Game Informer]] }}</ref>
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Currently ''[[Realm of the Titans]]'' another addition to the genre is looking to be picked up by publishers in North America.<ref>{{cite web | url = | title = Tian Online joins the North American Dota Genre Market | publisher = | accessdate =29 October 2010| archiveurl=| archivedate= 1 November 2010 <!--DASHBot-->| deadurl= no}}</ref><ref>{{cite web | last=Wu | first=Esther | url = | title = Tianyijue Chinese Dota Genre Trailer Released | date = 29 October 2010 | accessdate =29 October 2010 | publisher = }}</ref> On February 2011, [[Petroglyph Games]] announced ''[[Rise of Immortals]]'', which was added as a free-to-play game on [[Steam]] on 29 September 2011.<ref>{{cite web |author=Tito, Greg| url = | title = Petroglyph Announces MMO-DOTA Hybrid Rise of Immortals | date = 23 February 2010 | accessdate =24 March 2011 | publisher = }}</ref> On April 2011, Hi-Rez Studios announced ''[[SMITE]]''.<ref name=smite>{{cite web | last=Rossignol | first=Jim| url = | title = Might Fight Right? SMITE Is... Announced. | date = 21 April 2011| accessdate =22 April 2011 | publisher = [[Rock Paper Shotgun]] | archiveurl=| archivedate= 9 May 2011 <!--DASHBot-->| deadurl= no}}</ref>
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Although majority of the released games in the genre employ a [[top-down perspective]], Uber Entertainment's Crossfire mode of ''[[Monday Night Combat]]'' and Hi-Rez Studios Smite listed above breaks away from the trend by introducing a [[third person shooter]] spin to the concept.<ref>{{cite web | last=Simons | first=Brad | url = | title = Monday Night Combat is not the Team Fortress 2 clone you think it is | date = 30 July 2010 | accessdate =4 November 2010 | publisher = | archiveurl=| archivedate= 16 December 2010 <!--DASHBot-->| deadurl= no}}</ref>
== Gameplay ==
There are two opposing teams whose goal collectively as a team is to destroy their enemy's base to win.<ref>{{cite web | url = | title = Heroes of Newerth – Charge! | accessdate =6 November 2010 | publisher = | archiveurl=| archivedate= 7 December 2010 <!--DASHBot-->| deadurl= no}}</ref> Typically, there is one main structure which must be destroyed to win, though destroying other structures within the opposing team's base can confer other benefits. Defensive towers are in place to prevent this, as well as weak computer-controlled units which are periodically spawned at each base and which travel down pre-programmed paths toward the opposing base.<ref>{{cite web | last=Leahy | first=Brian | url = | title = Dota Explained and How You Can Play it Now | date = 13 October 2010 | accessdate =17 November 2010 | publisher = | archiveurl=| archivedate= 15 November 2010 <!--DASHBot-->| deadurl= no}}</ref>
A player controls a single powerful in-game unit generally called a hero. When a hero kills an enemy unit, it gains experience points which allow the hero to level up. When the heroes level up, they have the ability to learn more powerful skills and abilities. When heroes die, they have to wait a designated time, which increases as they level up, until they revive at their base.<ref name=herodeath>{{cite web|url=|title=Basic Survival – Learn Dota||accessdate=28 October 2010}}</ref>
Each player constantly receives a small amount of gold per second from their base. Moderate amounts of gold are rewarded for killing hostile computer-controlled units and large amounts are rewarded for killing enemy heroes. Heroes use the gold they gain to buy a variety of different items that range in price and impact.<ref name=DOTA2gameplay>{{cite web | last=Biessener | first=Adam | url = | title = Valve's New Game Announced, Detailed: Dota 2 | date = 13 October 2010 | accessdate =19 October 2010 | publisher = [[Game Informer]] | archiveurl=| archivedate= 16 October 2010 <!--DASHBot-->| deadurl= no}}</ref>
Members of the genre do not feature several other elements traditionally found in real-time strategy games, notably base management, resource collection, and army building. The RPG genre has a much closer resemblance to the gameplay, only limited to an arena.
== See also ==
*''[[Herzog Zwei]]''
== References ==
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