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{{Infobox professional wrestler
| name = Lilian Garcia
| names = '''Lilian Garcia'''
| image = Lilian Garcia.jpg
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| height = {{height|ft=5|in=6}}<ref name="Garcia"/>
| weight = {{convert|110|lb|kg|abbr=on}}<ref name=""></ref><ref name=""></ref>
| real_height =
| real_weight =
| birth_date = {{Birth date and age|1966|08|19|mf=y}}
| birth_place = [[Madrid]], Spain<ref name="Spain">{{cite web|url=|title=Spain Blog |last=Garcia|first=Lilian| publisher=World Wrestling Entertainment|date=2007-01-09 |archiveurl= |archivedate=2011-06-04}}</ref>
| resides = Los Angeles, California<ref>[ " &raquo; Blog Archive"].</ref>
| billed = New York City, New York
| trainer =
| debut = August 23, 1999
| website =
'''Lilian Annette García'''<ref name="Garcia">[ "Lilián García – Biography"]. IMDb.</ref><ref name=""/><ref name=""/> (born August 19, 1966)<ref>[,1255579/ Sumter Daily Item dated July 9, 1983, stating Lilian Garcia's age of 16]</ref> is a [[Spanish-American]] singer and [[ring announcer]]. She is signed to [[World Wrestling Entertainment]] (WWE) as a ring announcer. During her first stint in WWE, she became the first WWE [[WWE Diva|Diva]] to remain with the [[professional wrestling promotion|promotion]] for ten years.
==Early life and career==
García was born on August 19, 1966, in [[Madrid]], Spain. She spent the first eight years of her life in the country due to her father's employment with the [[Diplomatic missions of the United States|American Embassy]], and was educated on an American [[military base]], leading her to describe herself as a "[[Military brat (U.S. subculture)|military brat]]".<ref name="Spain"/><ref name="Waldman">{{cite web|url=|title=Divas don't all shine in Viva Las Divas|last=Waldman|first=Jon|accessdate=2007-04-07 |publisher=[[Canadian Online Explorer]]|date=2005-05-25}}</ref> Upon returning to the United States, Garcia graduated from [[Irmo High School]] in [[Columbia, South Carolina]]. She went on to attend the [[University of South Carolina]], graduating ''[[cum laude]]''.<ref name="Garcia"/> Lilian's family comes from Spain and Puerto Rico.<ref>[ Lilian's corner]</ref>
García was a top ten finalist in the [[Miss South Carolina]] beauty pageant.<ref name="Garcia"/> Garcia was also one half of a popular morning show on radio station WYYS,"YES 97" in Columbia with Chuck Finley in the early '90s. She was a [[VJ (media personality)|VJ]] in [[Atlanta|Atlanta, Georgia]], where she also had a drive-time afternoon radio show. She also served as karaoke host at the Nitelites nightclub in the Embassy Suites Hotel in Columbia, South Carolina, and later at the West Columbia Ramada.
==Singing career==
[[Image:Lillian Garcia Anthem No Mercy 07.jpg|left|thumb|upright|García singing the United States National Anthem at a WWE event.]]
García began singing when she was a child in Madrid, Spain as she participated in singing contests with her sister starting when she was five.<ref name="Medalis">{{cite web|url=|title=Lilian Garcia, All Grown Up|author=Medalis, K.|accessdate=April 7, 2007|publisher=World Wrestling Entertainment|date=March 30, 2007}}</ref> In her early teens – by then Garcia's family had relocated to Columbia, South Carolina – she was singing with a band at clubs around the area; her mom chaperoned so she could get in.<ref name="WWE bio">{{cite web|url=|title=Lilian Garcia, All Grown Up|author=Medalis, K.|accessdate=March 31, 2011|publisher=World Wrestling Entertainment}}</ref> She appeared in the 1990 film ''Modern Love'' as a singer.
In addition to her broadcasting duties with World Wrestling Entertainment, García sang the [[The Star-Spangled Banner|National Anthem]] of the United States of America before most ''Monday Night Raw'' tapings from February 14, 2000 until her departure on September 21, 2009. WWE Chairman [[Vince McMahon]] asked her to sing [[America the Beautiful]] at ''[[WrestleMania 2000]]'' and ''[[WrestleMania 21]]'', joining a renowned list of legendary recording artists that includes [[Aretha Franklin]], [[Ray Charles]], [[Reba McEntire]], [[Gladys Knight]] and [[Willie Nelson]]. Garcia is one of two singers to have sung the opening song at ''[[WrestleMania]]'' more than once, Franklin being the other.
García is a regular fixture in professional sports with annual performances for the [[National Football League]], the [[National Basketball Association]], the [[National Hockey League]] and [[Major League Baseball]]. She has also performed at the [[1996 Summer Olympics]], the [[Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade]], ''[[Live with Regis and Kelly|Live with Regis and Kathie Lee]]'', ''[[Dancing with the Stars]]'' and as an opening act for [[James Brown]].<ref>[ "Lilian Garcia at MySpace Music"].</ref>
García's first single, "Shout", debuted at No. 69 on the ''[[Billboard Hot 100]]'' in October 2002. She recalled her reaction to the news years later, commenting, "When my single came out years ago, and it was just a single, I remember the very first week it charted No. 69, and I was screaming as I grabbed Billboard, running down the streets of New York, holding it up and screaming, ‘I made Billboard! I made Billboard!' I'm dreaming for that moment again."<ref name="quiero">{{cite web|url=|title=¡Quiero Vivir!' on sale today|author=Medalis, K.|accessdate=March 31, 2011|publisher=World Wrestling Entertainment|date=October 9, 2007}}</ref>
Garcia recorded fellow Diva [[Torrie Wilson]]'s theme song, "Need A Little Time", for ''[[WWE Anthology]]'', a [[compilation album]] released by World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002. She co-wrote ''You Just Don't Know Me At All'' with producers Doug Kistner and Anthony Krizan, which was released in January 2004 on the ''[[WWE Originals]]'' album.<ref name="originals">{{cite web|url=|title=Lilian Garcia Interview 2004|author=Perry,C.|accessdate=March 31, 2011|publisher=World Wrestling Entertainment|date=January 2004}}</ref> It became her theme song at WWE live events.
García began work on a solo album with [[Grammy]] award winning record producers [[George Noriega]] and [[Tim Mitchell]] in 2005, who have also worked with multi [[platinum]] artists such as [[Shakira]], [[Ricky Martin]] and [[Jennifer Lopez]]. She announced on the August 13, 2007 episode of ''Raw'' that the title of her album would be '''¡Quiero Vivir!''', which is Spanish for ''I Wanna Live''. The album was released on October 9, 2007 via Universal Music Latino. Garcia co-wrote eleven songs on the album, including three with [[Jon Secada]], who she duets with on "Adonde". The album contains ten Spanish language tracks, and two English translations; "Under in Love" ("Desenamorada") and "Where Did Love Go?" ("Adonde").<ref name="track">{{cite web|url=| title=Lillian Garcia – Quiero Vivir! CD|accessdate=2007-04-07|publisher=CD Universe}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Diva Dish: Lilian’s big week|publisher=WWE|accessdate=2007-09-28}}</ref><ref name="Williams III">{{cite web|url=| title=Lilian Garcia records duet with Jon Secada|last=Williams III|first=Ed|accessdate=2007-04-07|publisher=World Wrestling Entertainment|date=2006-01-13}}</ref>
Following her departure from WWE in September 2009, García began work on a follow-up album. The new project will be predominantly English speaking, with possible Spanish nuances included. Garcia reunited with "¡Quiero Vivir!" produces George Noriega and Tim Mitchell to record the first song in Miami, Florida in February 2011.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Former WWE announcer Garcia ready to make music again|publisher=Miami Herald|accessdate=2011-03-07}}</ref> She also recorded tracks with Grammy-nominated producer [[Oh, Hush!]].<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Orton Talks New Movie (Video), Lilian Garcia News, More|publisher=SEScoops|accessdate=2011-03-31-11|date=2011-03-01}}</ref>
Garcia appeared at the [[53rd Grammy Awards|53rd annual Grammy Awards]], held on February 13, 2011 at the [[Staples Center]] in Los Angeles.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Terry Funk Returns To WWE + Lillian At The Grammys|publisher=Wrestling Inc|accessdate=2011-03-31-11|date=2011-02-13}}</ref> Her appearance was featured the next evening on ''[[Jimmy Kimmel Live!]]''.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Lilian Garcia Returns To Television, WrestleMania Ticket Sales, The Death Of ECW|publisher=Rajah|accessdate=2011-03-31-11|date=2011-02-16}}</ref>
==Professional wrestling career==
===World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (1999–2009)===
====Ring announcing and storyline involvements (1999–2008)====
García was hired by the World Wrestling Federation as a ring announcer in 1999. She made her debut on the August 23, 1999, episode of ''[[WWE Raw|Raw is War]]'' in Ames, IA.<ref name="Zimmerman August-99">{{cite web|url=| title=RAW – 23 August 1999|accessdate=2007-04-07|last=Zimmerman|first=Christopher|date=1999-08-23}}</ref> She was involved in her first [[Angle (professional wrestling)|angle]] on the September 13 episode of ''Raw is War'', when [[Jeff Jarrett]] applied a [[Professional wrestling holds#Figure four leglock|figure four leglock]] to her after she angered him by announcing his loss by disqualification to [[Luna Vachon]].<ref name="Zimmerman September-99">{{cite web|url=|title=RAW – 13 September 1999|accessdate=2007-04-07|last=Zimmerman|first=Christopher|date=2009-09-13}}</ref>
Garcia's second angle occurred on the December 13, 1999, episode of RAW. Lilian introduced [[Stacy Carter|Miss Kitty]] for a [[WWE Women's Championship|Women's Championship]] [[mud wrestling#Variations|chocolate pudding pool match]]. After Lilian announced her, Miss Kitty grabbed the mic and informed Lilian that she was now to be known as "The Kat". Her opponent, [[Terri Poch|Tori]], came out for their match and right after the two women began, [[Sean Waltman|X-Pac]] came poolside in a skin diving suit complete with snorkel, flippers, and goggles. As he was adjusting his goggles Tori jumped on his back causing both of them to fall into the pool with X-Pac landing up on top of Tori, giving Miss Kitty an easy pinfall. Lilian announced the winner as "Miss Kitty", which infuriated The Kat, who threw Lilian into the pool of pudding.
García sang in the WWF for the first time on February 14, 2000, at a [[house show]], and began singing "[[The Star-Spangled Banner]]" at television tapings later that month.<ref name="Medalis"/> Her first televised performance was on April 2, 2000, where she opened ''[[WrestleMania 2000]]''. Following the [[September 11 attacks]], Garcia sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" on the September 13, 2001, episode of ''[[WWE SmackDown|Smackdown!]]'', receiving a standing ovation. In the course of the evening, Garcia commented on the attacks, saying "Well, to say the least, this has been a real roller coaster of a week. And especially because I live in New York City. Um, I have loved ones there, and I'm just very fortunate and very glad that a specific one didn't get to go to his meeting at 8:30 in the morning that he was supposed to be at the Twin Towers, and I thank God for that, and I still don't know about a lot of my friends. I have...uh, we'll be finding out, I guess, little by little. I pray for everybody there...".<ref name="September-01">{{cite web|url=|title=Smackdown – 13 September 2001|accessdate=2009-09-06}}</ref>
In mid-2002, García briefly "[[Feud (professional wrestling)|feuded]]" with rival announcer [[Howard Finkel]] after Finkel left her to be decimated by [[3-Minute Warning]], culminating in an "evening gown versus tuxedo match" that Garcia won with the assistance of [[Stacy Keibler]] and [[Trish Stratus]].
In June 2005, García began an on-screen romance with wrestler [[Nelson Frazier, Jr.|Viscera]]. The angle saw García [[Proposal of marriage|propose]] to Viscera, stating that she wanted to marry him during the ''[[Vengeance (2005)|Vengeance]]'' [[pay-per-view]] on June 26. The angle ended at ''Vengeance'' when Viscera rejected Garcia in favor of [[Charles Wright (wrestler)|The Godfather's]] "[[Prostitution|Hos]]". The angle was briefly resurrected eleven months later when Viscera proposed to Garcia on the May 22, 2006, episode of ''Raw'', but was interrupted by [[Umaga (wrestler)|Umaga]] before receiving an answer.<ref name="Tywalk">{{cite web|url=|title=Raw: A return worthy of Hollywood|last=Tywalk|first=Nick| accessdate=2007-04-07|publisher=[[Canadian Online Explorer]]|date=2005-06-28}}</ref>
García took part in her first major [[WWE Diva|Diva]] publication in 2005 with the release of the ''Divas 2005'' swimsuit magazine and related DVD ''Viva Las Divas of the WWE''.<ref name="Waldman"/>
On the June 5, 2006, episode of ''Raw'', Garcia ([[legit (professional wrestling)|legitimately]]) suffered a sprained wrist when wrestler [[Charlie Haas]] inadvertently knocked her to the ground as she stood on the ring apron. One week later, the accident was metamorphosed into a storyline, with Haas incurring the wrath of Viscera. The storyline ended on the July 10, 2006, episode of ''Raw'', when Viscera "accidentally" performed a [[Professional wrestling throws#Samoan drop|Samoan drop]] on Garcia while confronting Haas. Garcia was removed from television for several weeks in order to [[Sell (professional wrestling)|sell]] the Samoan drop.
[[Image:Lillianrawannouncer.jpg|right|thumb|upright|García was the ring announcer for [[WWE Raw|Monday Night Raw]] from 1999–2009.]]
García took part in her second major Diva publication in 2007 with the release of ''WWE Divas Do San Antonio'', in honor because WWE was in San Antonio for the ''[[Royal Rumble (2007)|Royal Rumble]]''.
She returned to announcing on the July 2, 2007, episode of ''Raw'' after taking time off to recover from a skiing injury in which she tore the ACL in her right knee. She was not fully recovered as was evident from her only announcing the first two matches from the ring and the rest from the floor.
On the August 6, 2007, episode of ''Raw'', Garcia announced her new album entitled "Quiero Vivir". Lilian then started a feud with [[Jillian Hall]], who claimed to be a better singer than Lilian. The next week, she competed in ''WWE Idol'', a parody of [[American Idol]], in which she sang "New York, New York" by [[Frank Sinatra]] before being interrupted by [[Santino Marella]].
====Retirement and part time appearances (2009–2010)====
In addition to announcing on ''Raw'' and Raw [[pay-per-view]] matches, Garcia would also announce on ''[[WWE Superstars]]'' making her first appearance on April 23, 2009.<ref name="Superstars">{{cite web|url=|title=Straight ahead to Backlash|accessdate=2009-04-23|publisher=[[World Wrestling Entertainment]]}}</ref>
During the last week of August 2009, Garcia celebrated ten years with WWE, becoming the organization's first and only "Decade Diva." She debuted in August 1999.
On the September 21, 2009, episode of ''Raw'' from [[Little Rock, Arkansas]], [[Jerry Lawler]] announced to the live audience that it was Garcia's final night with WWE. Garcia then made an emotional speech in the ring, thanking the fans and all of her colleagues. The final match she announced featured [[Randy Orton]], [[Chris Jericho]] and [[Big Show (wrestler)|Big Show]] taking on the team of [[John Cena]], [[Montel Vontavious Porter]] and [[Mark Henry]]. Although, a match between [[Eddie Colón|Primo]] and [[Chris Masters]] was taped earlier that evening and aired three days later on ''WWE Superstars'', marking her final television appearance.
Garcia made a special appearance before the [[Madison Square Garden]] audience on November 16, 2009, singing [[The Star-Spangled Banner]] prior to the evening's ''Raw'' telecast. Garcia filled in for [[WWE Raw|Raw]] ring announcer [[Justin Roberts]] on April 19, 2010, due to being stranded in Europe with other WWE Superstars and crew as a result of the [[2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull|Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption]]. Her appearance caused a surge in online searches, resulting in the term "Lilian Garcia" becoming the eighth most searched-for term on Google that evening and into the next day.<ref></ref><ref></ref> Garcia attended WWE's SummerSlam Kickoff Party in Hollywood, on August 14, 2010.{{Citation needed|date=October 2011}}
====Return to WWE (2011–present)====
[[File:Lillian-Garcia-T4.jpg|thumb|250px|Lillian Garcia at the 2011 Tribute to the Troops event.]]
On December 5, it was announced on, that Garcia would be returning to ring announcing full-time, appearing on ''[[WWE SmackDown|SmackDown!]]''. She returned at the December 6 tapings of the show.<ref name=''>{{cite web|title=Lilian Garcia discusses returning to WWE |url=}}</ref> She also serves as the ring announcer for ''[[WWE Main Event|Main Event]]'' and PPVs.
Garcia suffered accidents prior to Smackdown tapings in 2012. While heading to the ring prior to the March 13 taping in [[Columbus, Ohio]], the strap on her left shoe broke. One month later, during the April 17 taping in London, England, she tripped over pyrotechnic equipment on the top of the stage and fell down on the ramp, landing on her knees.
On October 26, Lilian Garcia was struck by a car, causing multiple contusions and lacerations on the left side of her body. Doctors immobilized Garcia's neck. She is said to be in a stable condition
==Personal life==
García was previously married, but has since divorced.<ref name="Ross">{{cite web|url=|title=Internet Rumors|accessdate=2007-04-07|last=Ross|first=Jim|authorlink=Jim Ross|date=2007-04-06|quote=I know that Lilian was married...}}</ref> Garcia married her second husband, Chris, on September 28, 2009.<ref name="Leaving">{{cite web|url= |title=Leaving |accessdate=2009-06-28|}}</ref>
García describes herself as a "military brat" as well as "La Española Boricua" (the female Puerto Rican Spaniard).<ref>[]</ref>
She is of Spanish/Puerto Rican descent.
García is fluent in English and Spanish.<ref name="Garcia"/>
On March 17, 2007, García twisted her knee in heavy snow while skiing in [[Killington, Vermont]], incurring a [[Anterior cruciate ligament injury|torn]] [[anterior cruciate ligament]]. She underwent surgery on her knee on April 5, 2007, in New York City under Dr. Armin Tehrany.<ref>[ Garcia update after surgery]</ref> She returned to ''[[WWE Raw|Raw]]'' on July 2.
García's first album, ''[[¡Quiero Vivir!]]'', was released on October 9, 2007.
On November 6, 2009, Garcia almost got robbed during the [[New York Yankees]]'s [[2009 World Series]] [[ticker-tape parade]]. Garcia said a "punk kid" came up to her and tried to steal her mobile phone. When Garcia wouldn't relinquish the phone, the assailant threw her to the ground and ran off. Garcia suffered a scraped elbow.<ref></ref>
On October 27, 2012, Garcia was struck by a car in Los Angeles. She was taken to a local hospital where she currently is in stable condition.<ref></ref>
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