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A '''spelling bee''' is a competition where contestants, usually [[children]], are asked to [[spelling|spell]] words. The concept is thought to have originated in the [[United States]],<ref>{{cite web| | |}}</ref> and spelling bee events are now held in many countries around the world, along with variants that require the memorisation of a specific text, such as [[France]]'s "La dictée" (de [[Bernard Pivot]]) and [[Poland]]'s "Dyktando". Spelling bees are rare to nonexistent in countries whose national language follows more [[Phonemic orthography|phonemic spelling]] rules, as compared to the largely historical spelling of the English and [[French language]]s.
The first winner of an official spelling bee was [[Frank Neuhauser]], then 11 years old, won the 1st National Spelling Bee in [[Washington, D.C.]] in 1925.<ref name=nytimes>{{cite news|first=Margalit|last=Fox|title=Frank Neuhauser, a Speller’s Speller, Dies at 97 |url= |work=[[New York Times]] |publisher= |date=2011-03-22 |accessdate=2011-04-03}}</ref><ref name=wp>{{cite news|first=Emma|last=Brown|title=Frank Neuhauser, winner of first national spelling bee, dies at 97 |url= |work=[[Washington Post]] |publisher= |date=2011-03-21 |accessdate=2011-04-03}}</ref> The nine finalists were invited to meet [[Calvin Coolidge]] at the [[White House]], a tradition followed by presidents for most of the ensuing 86 years of the United States contest.
== Etymology ==
Historically the word ''[[Bee (gathering)|bee]]'' has been used to describe a get-together where a specific action is being carried out, like a husking bee, a quilting bee, or an apple bee. Its [[etymology]] is unclear but possibly derived from the [[Old English]] word ''bēn'' for [[prayer]].<ref name="mw">[[3&#93;, noun] Merriam-Webster: bee [3]</ref>
== History ==
The earliest evidence of the phrase ''spelling bee'' in print dates back to 1825, although the contests had apparently been held before that year.{{Citation needed|date=February 2007}} A key impetus for the contests was [[Noah Webster]]'s spelling books. First published in 1786 and known colloquially as "The Blue-backed Speller," Webster's spelling books were an essential part of the curriculum of all elementary school children in the [[United States]] for five generations. Now the key reference for the contests is the Merriam-Webster unabridged dictionary.
The United States National Spelling Bee was started in 1925 by ''[[The Courier-Journal]]'', the newspaper of [[Louisville, Kentucky|Louisville]], [[Kentucky]]. In 1941, the [[Scripps Howard News Service]] acquired sponsorship of the program, and the name changed to the [[Scripps National Spelling Bee|Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee]] (later simply "Scripps National Spelling Bee"). As well as covering the 50 [[U.S. states]], several competitors also come from Canada, the [[Bahamas]], New Zealand and [[Europe]].
In the United States, spelling bees are annually held from local levels up to the level of the Scripps National Spelling Bee which awards a cash prize to the winner. The National Spelling Bee is sponsored by English-language [[newspaper]]s and educational foundations; it is also broadcast on [[ESPN]]. Since 2006, the National Spelling Bee's championship rounds have been broadcast on ABC live. In 2005, contestants came from the [[Bahamas]], [[Jamaica]], [[Guam]], the [[U.S. Virgin Islands]], [[American Samoa]], [[Canada]], [[New Zealand]], [[Puerto Rico]] and a German military base, as well as the United States. This was the first year that spellers from Canada and New Zealand attended the competition. The final authority for words is the Merriam-Webster unabridged dictionary, the ''[[Webster's Third New International Dictionary]]''. The annual study list is available from Scripps, either online or in print.
The National Senior Spelling Bee started in [[Cheyenne, Wyoming|Cheyenne]], [[Wyoming]] in 1996. Sponsored by the Wyoming AARP, it is open to contestants 50 and older. Maria Dawson is the only contestant to ever win two back to back titles at the National Spelling Bee.
The [[South Asian Spelling Bee]] is another spelling bee platform in the US. This annual contest takes place across the US each summer in search of the next South Asian-American spelling champ between the ages of 8 and 14 years old. Launched in 2008, the [[South Asian Spelling Bee]] will tour 10 US cities in 2011 and is broadcast globally via the satellite channel, [[Sony Entertainment Television Asia]].
== In other countries ==
=== Asia ===
In Asia, a spelling bee is being conducted up to the international level by [[MaRRS Spelling Bee]]. The competition involves learning the correct spelling of words, their use in sentences and in multiple contexts.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Tamil Nadu / Chennai News : Being a spelling bee pays off |publisher=The Hindu |date=2010-05-12 |accessdate=2010-10-26}}</ref> Currently, it is being held in India, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Bahrain, Dubai, Fujairah, Rasal Kaima, Sharja, and Umm-Al-Quwain,.<ref>[ ]{{dead link|date=October 2010}}</ref>
In Taiwan, the National Spelling Bee Championship is a contest held by for young English learners. Thousands of young applicants join this contest each year. Another organisation that promotes the love of the English language is Horizons Unlimited, which in 2011 organized an India Spelling Bee contest for children in the southern state of [[Kerala]] in India.
=== Africa ===
In Africa, spelling bee is promoted by a company Gift People Limited, which currently organizes the Annual National Spelling Bee contest for children between the age of 7 and 14 in [[Nigeria]]. This effort commenced in 2008 when the first National finals was held in [[Lagos]]. It is popularly referred to as SPELLIT! Nigeria.
=== Bangladesh ===
Bangladesh's most renowned English daily, the Daily Star and, is organising (as of March 2012) a televised spelling bee for students from Bengali and English medium backgrounds, who compete through an online system with the winners making it through to the television show. The competition is the first such arrangement in rapidly developing Bangladesh. The champion will be rewarded with 5 hundred thousands taka and a trip to Washington, the city of spelling bee.
=== Canada ===
The ''Postmedia [[Canspell National Spelling Bee]]'' is the only Scripps affiliated Canadian spelling bee held annually nationwide in [[Canada]] since 2005. The bee is affiliated with the [[United States]]-based [[Scripps National Spelling Bee]] and uses similar rules and word lists, and competes in all 10 Canadian provinces to provide a Canadian National Champion for the penultimate [[Scripps National Spelling Bee|Scripps]] competition.
It should not be confused with another organization, calling itself the [[Spelling Bee of Canada]], which started in 1987 in [[Toronto]], [[Ontario]], and is now celebrating its 25th anniversary, and hosting a Canadian Invitational Bee in 2012, as well as organizing Provincial Bees across Canada, and the world.
=== Pakistan ===
In Pakistan, the spelling bee competition is promoted by Dawn, and it happens every year in October. There are three states district, regional and national. National is held in [[Islamabad]].
=== United Arab Emirates ===
Sylvan Learning Center, a supplemental education organization from the United States, has organized an annual competition for Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah-area schools. The Sylvan Spelling Challenge is held annually in December and February for students in grades 3-8. The Sylvan competition expects to attract nearly 1,000 participants from 30 schools in its inaugural year.
Abu Dhabi University sponsors the largest Spelling Bee in the United Arab Emirates, attracing students from both public and private institutions for the past three years. The Abu Dhabi University Spelling Bee is heralded as the most challenging and well-known spelling competition in the United Arab Emirates.
=== United Kingdom ===
In the [[United Kingdom]] a spelling bee for schools is run by ''[[The Times]]'' newspaper. It was started in 2009.
==National spelling bee ==
{{Main|Scripps National Spelling Bee}}
Serious spelling bee competitors in the United States will study [[affix]]es and etymologies, and often foreign languages from which English draws, in order to spell challenging words. Several preparatory materials have been published, including some in connection with the Scripps National Spelling Bee and those created by independent organizations not related to Scripps.
For the first several decades of publication, the Scripps annual study booklet was named ''Words of the Champions'', which offered 3,000 words in a list separated into beginning, intermediate & expert groupings. In the mid-1990s the annual study list changed to ''[[Paideia]]'' (from the Greek word meaning education and culture), which ultimately contained more than 4,100 words, then again in 2006 to the shorter list, entitled ''Spell It!'', the 2009 edition having 1155 words (911 basic words and 244 challenge words).
The ''Consolidated Word List'', also published by Scripps and available on the National Spelling Bee website, consists of all words used in the National Bee as far back as 1950. It is organized into three sections: Words Appearing Infrequently, Words Appearing with Moderate Frequency, and Word Appearing Frequently. Nearly 800 pages and 24,000 words long, the ''Consolidated Word List'' is intended for those who have mastered the basics and already gone through ''Spell It!''.
Spelling bee participants in the United States also use other reference books, notably the [[Hexco Academics]] series of spelling books, which feature strategies, methods and lists to further develop spelling skills. Tutoring materials are also becoming available on the web.
== School spelling bees ==
Spelling bee students usually start competition in [[elementary schools]] ([[primary schools]]) or [[middle schools]]. Classes compete against other classes in the same grade, or level, and the winning class is determined by the score of each class.
== In popular culture ==
=== In television ===
*A British television show called ''Spelling Bee'', featuring adult contestants and broadcast by the [[BBC]] on 31 May 1938, is generally held to have been the world's first television [[game show]].<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Spelling Bee (1) |publisher=UKGameshows |date= |accessdate=2010-10-26}}</ref>
*A game show on the former [[Black Family Channel]] cable network, ''Thousand Dollar Bee'' engaged children in a spelling bee-like competition.<ref>[ "Thousand Dollar Bee" (2004)]</ref><ref>{{cite web|author=&ldquo;&rdquo; |url= |title=1000 Dollar Bee |publisher=Youtube |date= |accessdate=2010-10-26}}</ref>
*The 2004 game show ''The Great American Celebrity Spelling Bee'' featured four teams of four celebrities playing for charity. The show was hosted by [[John O'Hurley]], and help for the celebrities was provided by Scripps National Spelling Bee participant Samir Patel.
*Five episodes of the ESPN show ''[[Cheap Seats]]'' presented and satirized the taped television coverage of the 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997 Scripps National Spelling Bees.
*The [[NBC]] game show ''[[The Singing Bee (U.S. game show)|The Singing Bee]]'' is like a spelling bee but instead of spelling words, contestants have to identify lyrics to popular songs.
*"Spelling Bee," a ''[[Saturday Night Live]]'' [[Sketch comedy|comedy sketch]] in which [[Will Forte]]'s character delivers a 75-letter misspelling of the word "business" that includes 12 consecutive q's
==== In fictional television ====
*The 1878 [[Bret Harte]] poem ''The Spelling Bee at Angels'' describes a spelling contest held at a California gold mining camp.
*A spelling bee features as pioneer family entertainment in ''Little Town on the Prairie'' by [[Laura Ingalls Wilder]], in which Pa 'spells down' the whole town.
*A spelling bee contest was sponsored by Brazilian TV host Luciano Huck, on his weekly show called ''Caldeirão do Huck'', since 2007.
===== Fictional television episodes =====
*"The One With The Late Thanksgiving", an episode of ''[[Friends]]'' in which Rachel lies to Ross, saying that she took part in a spelling bee
*"[[I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can]]", an episode of the animated television series ''[[The Simpsons]]''
*"Spelling Bee", an episode of ''[[The Proud Family]]''
*"Aliens", an episode of ''[[Roseanne (TV series)|Roseanne]]''
*"Spellingg Bee", an episode of ''[[Psych]]''
*"Spelling Bee", an episode of the animated television series ''[[Hey Arnold!]]''
*"The Professor", an episode of ''[[My Name is Earl]]''
*"[[Hooked on Monkey Fonics]]", an episode of ''[[South Park]]''
*"Spelling Bee", an episode of ''[[According to Jim]]''
*"Spellbound", an episode of ''[[Full House]]''
*"Sick Days & Spelling Bees", an episode of ''[[Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide]]''
*"The Spelling Bee", an episode of ''[[Mr. Belvedere]]''
*"Neither a Borrower not a Speller Bee", an episode of ''[[The Suite Life of Zack & Cody]]''
*"[[Spelling Applebee's]]", an episode of ''[[Drawn Together]]''
*"The Spelling Bee", an episode of the [[Canadian Broadcasting Corporation|CBC]] series ''[[The Red Green Show]]''
*"War of the Words", an episode of ''[[Frasier]]''
*"The Dam", an episode of ''[[Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman]]''
*"Tales of a Third Grade Nothing" and "Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington", episodes of the animated series ''[[Family Guy]]''
*In "The Name of the Game", an episode of the drama ''[[Grey's Anatomy]]'', Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Bailey treat a 7th grade regional spelling champion, making him spell words in order to both reduce his anxiety during awake brain surgery and test his cognitive function during the procedure.
*"Chris' Brain Starts Working", an episode of ''[[Get a Life (TV series)|Get a Life]]''
*"The Bee", an episode of ''[[The Middle (TV series)|The Middle]]''
*In the b-story of "Black Widows", the fifteenth episode of ''[[Totally Spies]]'', Sam competes in the Beverly Hills High School spelling bee against Mandy, the archrival of her and her two best friends, Clover and Alex.
=== In film ===
*The 1969 [[animated film]] ''[[A Boy Named Charlie Brown (1969 film)|A Boy Named Charlie Brown]]''
*The 1986 ABC TV-movie ''The Girl Who Spelled Freedom'', about a Cambodian immigrant girl who competes in spelling bees.<ref>[ The Girl Who Spelled Freedom (1986) (TV)]</ref>
*The 1994 film ''[[Billy Madison]]''
*The 2002 [[Academy Awards|Academy Award]]-nominated [[documentary film|documentary]], ''[[Spellbound (documentary)|Spellbound]]'', featured eight competitors in the 1999 Scripps National Spelling Bee.
*A scene in the 2004 movie ''[[Mean Girls]]'' shows a girl spelling the word 'xylocarp.'
*The 2001 [[novel]] ''[[Bee Season]]'' and its 2005 [[Bee Season (film)|film adaptation]]
*The 2006 film ''[[Akeelah and the Bee]]'' where a young girl from South Los Angeles tries to make it to the National Spelling Bee.
=== In theatre ===
*''[[Eleemosynary (play)|Eleemosynary]]'', a 1998 play by [[Lee Blessing]], uses the spelling bee as a key story element.
*''[[The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee]]'', a 2005 musical by [[William Finn]].
=== In literature ===
*A character in ''[[The Phantom Tollbooth]]'', a novel by Norton Juster, is named the Spelling Bee.
*A novel ''Bee Season'', in which Eliza Naumann participates in the final of the national Spelling Bee.
== See also ==
* [[Dictation (exercise)]]
== References ==
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