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| caption =
| caption =
| birth_name = Joseph Connagh
| birth_name = Joseph Connagh
| birth_date = {{birth date and age|df=yes|1969|11|6}}
| birth_date = {{birth date and age|df=yes|1969|11|5}}
| birth_place = [[Barnsley]], [[South Yorkshire]], [[United Kingdom]]
| birth_place = [[Barnsley]], [[South Yorkshire]], [[United Kingdom]]
| height = {{height|ft=6|in=0}}
| height = {{height|ft=6|in=0}}
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| box_width =
| misc =
| misc =
| occupation = quizzer<br />panellist<br />actor
| occupation = <br />actor
'''Connagh-Joseph "CJ" de Mooi''' ({{IPA-nl|də moːi̯|pron}}; born '''Joseph Connagh''', 6 November 1969, [[Barnsley]], [[South Yorkshire]], [[England]]<ref>[ imdb]</ref>), is a professional quizzer and until August 2012, was the youngest panellist on the [[BBC television]] show ''[[Eggheads]]''. Born Joseph Connagh, he adopted the surname de Mooi when modelling; which he translates as [[Dutch language|Dutch]] for "the Handsome man", though a more literal translation would be "the beautiful". In December 2011 de Mooi announced he had left ''Eggheads'' permanently in order to pursue an acting career;<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=CJ de Mooi|accessdate=25 May 2012}}</ref> he appeared in broadcast episodes until August 2012, and was replaced on the show by Dave Rainford.
CJ de Mooi is an English actor. He will make his West End debut in 2013.
==Early life==
De Mooi studied [[English language|English]] and [[Performing Arts]] at Rotherham College of Arts and Technology<ref name="bio">{{cite web|url=|title=C J de Mooi biography|accessdate=15 February 2010}}</ref> before embarking upon a [[Model (person)|modelling]] career in Germany which lasted for four and a half years.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=CJ De Mooi really is an egghead|last=Harrison|first=Rute|date=25 November 2008|publisher=FemaleFirst|accessdate=5 August 2009}}</ref>
In 2000, de Mooi applied to several game and quiz shows as a contestant and stood out for being outspoken (his tirade when voted off ''[[The Weakest Link]]'' has been featured on the show's website, video and led to a 'bad losers show' which he eventually won). He has also appeared on numerous other quiz shows including ''[[Fifteen to One]]'', ''[[Countdown (game show)|Countdown]]'', ''[[Beat the Nation]]'', ''[[100% (game show)|100%]]'' and ''[[No Win, No Fee]]''. He challenged six former professional [[snooker]] players during the [[2010 World Snooker Championship]] to test his snooker knowledge against their knowledge of chosen specialist subjects. He won all but one round, [[John Parrott]] being the only player to get the better of him.
As part of the Cardiff Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Mardi Gras in March 2007, CJ acted as host of a quiz night.<ref>[ Cardiff Mardi Gras celebrate Charlotte’s baby news] Pink News, 12 April 2007</ref> He also hosted a quiz at the June 2010 conference of the [[British Humanist Association]].<ref>[ British Humanist Association Conference].
==Personal life==
'CJ de Mooi' is not de Mooi's birth name: he had it changed by deed poll at age 19 and is quoted as saying 'I no longer wanted to be associated with my family'. De Mooi resides in Wales with his civil partner Andrew.<ref>Radio Times. BBC Magazines. Retrieved 7 August 2010</ref> De Mooi competed in the 2009 Flora [[London Marathon]] raising money for [[Amnesty International]].<ref>[ 2009 Flora London Marathon Result]</ref> He also competed in the 2010 Virgin London Marathon, completing with a time of 3 hours 25 minutes and 44 seconds.<ref>[ Virgin London Marathon 2010 results]</ref>
De Mooi is [[teetotalism|teetotal]] and a vegetarian.<ref>[ CJ de Mooi] TV Lives</ref><ref>[ British Celebrity Vegetarians - CJ de Mooi] Veggie Advisor</ref>
== References ==
==External links==
*[ CJ's website]
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| NAME =De Mooi, CJ
| DATE OF BIRTH = 6 November 1969
| PLACE OF BIRTH = [[Barnsley]], [[South Yorkshire]]
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