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Asc Wr Wb Waxaan Halkaan Idiinku Soo Gudbinayaa Taariikhda samaale Iyo Sida aay iskula dhasheen Samaale wuxuu dhalay Sagaal wiil oo kala Baha ah:
{{About|the Somali clan|the Sultanate|Majeerteen Sultanate}}
1.Gardheere samaale
{{Infobox ethnic group|
2.Irir Samaale
|group=Majeerteen <br> ماجرتين
3.Mayle Samaale
4.Maqaare Samaale
|region1 = {{flagcountry|Somalia}}
5.Xamare Samaale
|region2 = {{flagcountry|Yemen}}
6.Xariire Samaale
|region3 = {{flagcountry|Ethiopia}}
7.Gurre Samaale
|region4 = {{flagcountry|Kenya}}
8.Gariire Samaale
|langs=[[Somali language|Somali]] and [[Arabic language|Arabic]]
9.Yaabur Samaale
|rels= [[Islam]]
|related-c=[[Dhulbahante]], [[Mehri language|Meheri]], [[Warsangali]] and other [[Harti]] and [[Darod]] groups.
The '''Majeerteen''' ({{lang-so|''Majeerteen''}}, {{lang-ar|ماجرتين}}, ''Muhammad Harti Amaleh Abdi Muhammad Abdirahman Jaberti''; also spelled '''Majerteen''', '''Macherten''', or '''Majertain''')<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Ethnic Groups |author=[[Central Intelligence Agency]] |year=2002 |work=Somalia Summary Map |publisher=[[Perry–Castañeda Library]] |accessdate=18 May 2010}}</ref> is a [[Somali clan]]. Its members form a part of the [[Harti (Darod)|Harti]] confederation of [[Darod]] sub-clans, and primarily inhabit the [[Puntland]] region in northeastern [[Somalia]].
The [[Majeerteen#The_Majeerteen_Sultanates|Majeerteen Sultanates]] played an important role in the pre-independence era. The clan has produced two presidents and three prime ministers since 1960, as well as a [[Sultan]] and a [[King]] (''Boqor''). Majeerteens also held many other important government posts in the 1960s and early 1970s, and continue to play a key role in Puntland.
1..Gardheere Samaale (waa curadka Samaale). Waxaa ka farcamay oo uu dhalay Garjante Gardheere, Riyale Garjante, Mataan Riyaale, oo ISNA dhalay Saransoor Mataan. Ilma Saransoor waa afar oo kala ah: Gaaljecel Saransoor, Dagoodiye Saransoor, Ciise Saransoor iyo Masarre Saransoor.
Majeerteen members traditionally inhabit the northern [[Bari, Somalia|Bari]], [[Nugaal]] and [[Mudug]] regions in Puntland.<ref name="Ras">Royal African Society, ''African Affairs'', Volume 101, (Oxford University Press: 2002) p.101.</ref> Others can also be found in the [[Kismayo]] and [[Wardheer]] regions of Somalia and Ethiopia, respectively.
2....Mayle Samaale (((waa curud kuxigeen))) waxaana kafarcamay sida Mahamed meyle wuxuu dhalay . xawadle ...xawaadlihii ayaa sii dhalay 2 wiil oo kala ah sidaan 1:miinlawe xawaadle ...((((minlaawe wax muusan katagin ))) 2:midigsame xawaadle- wuxuu dhalay sidaan 1:alla gumar ....waa laf gooni utaagan ilaada dagane Ethopia iyo somali 2:lo,doone .......((((wuxuu dhalay)))) sidan 1: wacwacaale lo,doone.... 2: Diintii waaq Lo,doone ......((waxa udaga dhoobey)) 3: Bariisame lo,doone 4: Gaada Neceb Lo,doone 5: Ishaarabe lo,doone..........((waa yaaquub ciise)))) Wacwacaale Lo,doone ....((wuxuu dhalay)) sidaan 1:Cabdi Raxman Wacwacaale Lo.doone((dagan hiiraan)) 2: Samatalis Wacwacaale Lo.doone...((dagan hiiraan))) 1:Samatalis Wacwacale .....((wuxuu dhalay ))) sidaan
==The Majeerteen Sultanates==
1:Yusuf ..samatalis.....((dagan hiiraan iyo konfurta))
{{main|Majeerteen Sultanate|Sultanate of Hobyo}}
2:Dige samatalis.......
[[File:Sultan Yusuf Ali Kenadid.jpg|thumb|right|200px|[[Sultan]] [[Yusuf Ali Kenadid]], founder of the [[Sultanate of Hobyo]].]]
3: Faramage samatalis...((Waa Ugaasyada lama taabtan ah ))
The [[Majeerteen Sultanate]] was founded in the mid-18th century. It rose to prominence the following century, under the reign of the resourceful Boqor (King) [[Osman Mahamuud]].<ref name="Metz">Helen Chapin Metz, ''Somalia: a country study'', (The Division: 1993), p.10.</ref> It controlled much of northern and central Somalia in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The polity maintained a robust trading network, entered into treaties with foreign powers, and exerted strong centralized authority on the domestic front.<ref name="HOA">''Horn of Africa'', Volume 15, Issues 1-4, (Horn of Africa Journal: 1997), p.130.</ref><ref name="WSP">''Transformation towards a regulated economy'', (WSP Transition Programme, Somali Programme: 2000) p.62.</ref>
4: Cabdale samatalis...
Osman Mahamuud's Sultanate was nearly destroyed in the mid-1800s by a power struggle between himself and his ambitious cousin, [[Yusuf Ali Kenadid]]. After almost five years of battle, the young upstart was finally forced into exile in [[Yemen]]. A decade later, in the 1870s, Kenadid returned from the [[Arabian Peninsula]] with a band of [[Hadhramaut|Hadhrami]] [[musketeer]]s and a group of devoted lieutenants. With their assistance, he managed to overpower the local [[Hawiye]] clans and establish the [[Sultanate of Hobyo]] in 1878.<ref name="Metz"/><ref name="Cassanelli">Lee V. Cassanelli, ''The shaping of Somali society: reconstructing the history of a pastoral people, 1600-1900'', (University of Pennsylvania Press: 1982), p.75.</ref>
3:.....Irir Samaale oo ay ka soo jeedaan Dir iyo Hawiye. waa dadka ugu badan somaliya waxa kamid ((dirta waa dad badan isaaqa waa kamid yahay )) Waxayna ladhasheen....((ahmed hawiye irir smaale )))
In late 1889, Boqor Osman entered into a treaty with the [[Italian Somaliland|Italians]], making his realm an Italian [[protectorate]]. His rival Sultan Kenadid had signed a similar agreement vis-a-vis his own Sultanate the year before. Both rulers had signed the protectorate treaties to advance their own expansionist objectives, with Boqor Osman looking to use Italy's support in his ongoing power struggle with Kenadid over the Majeerteen Sultanate. Boqor Osman and Sultan Kenadid also hoped to exploit the conflicting interests among the European imperial powers that were then looking to control the Somali peninsula, so as to avoid direct occupation of their territories by force.<ref name="Majsult">The Majeerteen Sultanates</ref>
• Shiikhaal
• Silcis
• Udeejeen
• Wacdaan
• Wadalaan • Hiilebi
. Habargidir
• Hintire
• Jijeele
• Moobleen
• Murusade
• Muranle
With the gradual extension into northern Somalia of Italian colonial rule, both Kingdoms were eventually annexed to [[Italian Somaliland]] in the early 20th century.<ref name="Majsult"/> Much of the two Majeerteen Sultanates' former domain is today coextensive with the autonomous [[Puntland]] region in northeastern Somalia.<ref name="IIA">Istituto italo-africano, ''Africa: rivista trimestrale di studi e documentazione'', Volume 56, (Edizioni africane: 2001), p.591.</ref>
meeshaan laguma soo koobi karo waa dad ilaah badiyeey lasoco qeybta ...2
==Clan tree==
There is no clear agreement on the clan and sub-clan structures and many lineages are omitted. The following listing is taken from the [[World Bank]]'s ''Conflict in Somalia: Drivers and Dynamics'' from 2005 and the [[United Kingdom]]'s [[Home Office]] publication, ''Somalia Assessment 2001''.<ref name="worldbank55">Worldbank, ''[ Conflict in Somalia: Drivers and Dynamics]'', January 2005, Appendix 2, Lineage Charts, p.55 Figure A-1</ref><ref name="ind01b_somalia_ca">[ Country Information and Policy Unit, Home Office, Great Britain, Somalia Assessment 2001, Annex B: Somali Clan Structure], p. 43</ref>
waxaa idiin soo diyaariyey prof abdi fitah ahmed adan all hiiraani
* Darod (Daarood)
** [[Marehan]]
*** Red Dini
*** Rer Hassan
*** Eli Dheere
** Kabalah
*** Absame
**** [[Ogaden (clan)|Ogaden]]
***** Makabul
***** Mohamed Zubeir
***** [[Aulihan]]
**** Jidwaq
*** [[Harti (Darod)|Harti]]
**** [[Dhulbahante]] (Dolbahante)
**** [[Warsangali]] (Warsengeli)
**** '''Majeerteen''' ('''Mijerteen''')
***** Omar Mahmud
***** Issa Mahmud
***** [[Osman Mahmoud]]
==Prominent figures==
* [[Abdilwali Hersi Abdille Indhaguran]], former Minister of Electricity and Power Generation of the Somali national government (TNG), and Minister of Federal and Somali Affairs of Puntland
* [[Abdirahman Mohamud Farole]], President of Puntland
* [[Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke]], first Prime Minister of Somalia, second President of Somalia (10 June 1967 until 16 October 1969)
* [[Abdirizak Haji Hussein]], former Prime Minister of Somalia, 1964–1967
* [[Abdisalam Issa-Salwe]], Ph.D., scholar, writer; associate professor at [[Taibah University]].
* [[Abdiweli Mohamed Ali]], former [[List of Prime Ministers of Somalia|Prime Minister]] of Somalia.
* [[Abdulkadir Isse Ahmed Salah]], Sultan of the Ugaar Saleebaan of Majeerteen
* [[Abdullahi Ahmed Irro]], Somali general, commander at the Godey Front in 1977 Somali-Ethiopia War, and later a professor of strategic studies at the National Academy.<ref name="DagaalkiiOgaadenya"> {{so icon}}</ref>
* [[Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed]], former [[List of Presidents of Somalia|President of Somalia]], President of [[Puntland]] and leader/co-founder of the [[Somali Salvation Democratic Front]].
* [[Abdulqawi Yusuf]], lawyer and judge at the International Court of Justice.
* [[Aden Mohammed]], banker and entrepreneur.
* [[Ali A. Abdi]], sociologist and educationist, professor of education and international development, and Co-director, Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research (CGCER) at the [[University of Alberta]].
* [[Ayaan Hirsi Ali]], the first Somali-born member of parliament of a European country, author and political activist<ref></ref>
* [[Haji Bashir Ismail Yusuf]], first President of Somali National Assembly; Minister of Health and Labor of Somalia (1966–67).
* [[Hassan Abshir Farah]], former [[Mogadishu]] mayor, Somali ambassador to Japan and later to Germany, interior minister of Puntland, Prime Minister of [[Transitional Federal Government]] from Arta, and a former TFG Minister of Fishing and Marine Resources.
* [[Hirsi Magan Isse]], scholar and revolutionary leader with the [[Somali Salvation Democratic Front]] (SSDF).
* [[Jama Ali Jama]], Colonel in the Somali military and former President of Puntland
* [[Maxamed Daahir Afrax]], novelist, playwright, journalist and scholar
* [[Mire Hagi Farah Mohamed]], Somali Finance Minister 2004–2006, and former mayor of [[Kismayo]]
* [[Mohamed Abdi Aware]], Puntland judge and member of Supreme Judicial Council.
* [[Mohammed Awale Liban]], designed the [[flag of Somalia]]
* Gen. [[Mohammed Said Hersi Morgan]], son-in-law of [[Siad Barre]] and minister of defense of Somalia
* Gen. [[Mohamed Abshir Muse]] first commander of the Somali Police Force
* [[Mohamud Muse Hersi]], third [[List of Presidents of Puntland|President of Puntland]]
* [[Omar A. Ali]], entrepreneur, accountant, financial consultant, philanthropist, and leading specialist on Islamic finance.
* [[Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke]], former Prime Minister of Somalia, and son of Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke
* [[Osman Mahamuud]], King of the [[Majeerteen Sultanate]] (mid-1800s-early 1900s)
* [[Osman Yusuf Kenadid]], inventor of the [[Osmanya alphabet|Osmanya]] writing script
* [[Yaasiin Cismaan Keenadiid]], traditional Somali linguist
* [[Yasin Haji Osman Sharmarke]], leader and co-founder of the [[Somali Youth League]]
* [[Yusuf Ali Kenadid]], founder of the [[Sultanate of Hobyo]]
== See also ==
* [[Wabeeneeye]]
==External links==
*[ The Majeerteen Sultanates]
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