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===Box office===
===Box office===
Jodhaa Akbar collected Rs 59.02 crores in India and was declared a semi hit by Box Office India. <ref></ref>
Jodha Akbar garnered Rs 253.8 million at the domestic Box Office. The weekend numbers placed the movie among the top 5 openings of all time. Including overseas collections, the total gross collections was Rs 385.0 million. Even in the overseas markets, the film was among the top 5 opening weekends of all time. In fact, in the US, it ranks the 2nd highest opening till date, just behind [[Om Shanti Om]]. Total overseas collections was Rs 133.0 million ($3,288,176) from 295 prints. The UK has contributed Rs 29 million ($712,903), USA Rs 66 million ($1,600,000), the Middle East Rs 17 million ($460,000), Australia Rs 6 million ($135,273) and the rest of the world Rs 15.5 million ($380,000). The movie broken the box office records grossing Rs.1200 million worldwide in just 31 days, out of which Rs.900 million was from India and Rs.300 million was from the overseas box office. The film suffered a slight setback with the spat between distributors, exhibitors and producers on the revenue-share deals, impacting box-office collections, and moreover with the film being banned in Rajasthan due to political reasons.<ref>{{cite web|title=Jodha Akbar garners Rs 25 crore at Box Office|url=|work=Sonali Krishna|publisher=The Economic Times|accessdate=9 August 2013}}</ref> <ref>{{cite web|title=Jodhaa Akbar breaks Box Office records|url=|publisher=Entertainment One India|accessdate=9 August 2013}}</ref>
Jodhaa Akbar ended with a worldwide lifetime gross of ₹121.5 Crores ($19.6 million). <ref></ref>
In overseas, it grossed $7,550,000 (Rs 29.92 crores) and was declared a blockbuster. The film grossed $2,100,000 in UK, $3,450,000 in North America, $960,000 in UAE, $450,000 in Australia and $590,000 in rest of the world.<ref></ref>
The film ended with a worldwide lifetime gross of ₹112.42 crores ($28,370,000).<ref></ref>
===Critical reception===
===Critical reception===
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