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Article: Danish resistance movement
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== Violent resistance: 1943-End ==
== Violent resistance: 1943-End ==
As the years went by the number ofi faart
As the years went by the number of acts of sabotage and violence grew. In 1943, the number grew exponentially, to the point that the German authorities were unsatisfied with Danish authorities' handling of the situation. At the end of August, the Germans took over full administration in Denmark, which allowed them to deal with the population as they wished. Policing became easier for the Nazis, but more and more people became involved with the movement because they were no longer worried about protecting the Danish government. In particular, the [[Danish Freedom Council]] was set up in September 1943, bringing together the various resistance groups in order to improve their efficiency and resolve. An underground government was established, and Allied governments, who had been skeptical about Denmark's commitment to fight Germany, began recognizing it as a full ally.<ref>Jerry Voorhis, “Germany and Denmark: 1940-45,” Scandinavian Studies 44:2 (1972) p. 183.</ref>
Due to concerns about prisoners and information held in [[Gestapo]] headquarters at the ''Shellhus'' in the centre of [[Copenhagen]], the resistance repeatedly requested a tactical [[Royal Air Force|RAF]] raid on the headquarters to destroy records and release prisoners. [[Great Britain|Britain]] initially turned down the request due to the risk of civilian casualties, but eventually launched [[Operation Carthage]], a very low level raid by 20 [[de Havilland Mosquito]] fighter-bombers escorted by 30 [[P-51 Mustang]] fighters. The raid succeeded in destroying the headquarters, releasing 18 prisoners of the Gestapo, and disrupting anti-resistance operations throughout Denmark, but at the cost of 125 civilian deaths (including 86 schoolchildren) at a nearby boarding school.
== Actions ==
== Actions ==
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