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{{Infobox person
| name = Abdullah Al Mamun <br> আবদুল্লাহ আল মামুন
Md. Abdullah Al Mamun (Bengali: আবদুল্লাহ আল মামুন) was a Freelancer, Graphic Designer and Printing Specialist of Bangladesh.
| image = Abdullah Al Mamun.jpg
| birth_date = {{birth date|1942|07|13|df=y}}
| birth_place = [[Jamalpur District|Jamalpur]], [[East Bengal]] (now [[Bangladesh]])
| death_date = {{Death date and age|2008|8|21|1942|7|13|mf=y}}
| death_place = [[Dhaka]], [[Bangladesh]]
| occupation = [[Film director]], [[Actor]] and [[Playwright]]
| spouse = Farida Khatun (d. 1984)
|alma_mater = [[Dhaka University]]
|education = [[Master of Science|MS]] (history)
|awards= {{Unbulleted list|[[Ekushey Padak]]|[[Bangla Academy Award]]}}
'''Abdullah Al Mamun''' ({{lang-bn|আবদুল্লাহ আল মামুন}}) was a renowned playwright, actor and filmmaker of Bangladesh.
==Early life and education==
He was born on July 13, 1942, in [[Jamalpur District]]. He completed his honours and masters in history from [[Dhaka University]].
Mamun wrote his first stage play, ''Niyotir Parihas'', in 1950. Subsequently, under the guidance of [[Muneir Chowdhury]], he further developed his skills as a playwright, director and actor. He was associated with the then Pakistan Television (PTV), later renamed [[Bangladesh Television]] (BTV), from its very start in 1965. Mamun wrote 25 dramas and seven novels, an autobiography ''Amar Ami'' and a travelogue ''Manhattan''. His literature mostly depicts the middle-class lifestyle of Bangladesh. ''Ekhono Kritadas'', ''Tomari'', ''Amader Sontanera'', ''Kokilara'', ''Bibisab'', ''Meraj Fakirer Maa'' and ''Mayik Master'' are few of his popular plays. His another important drama was ''Doyeler Sansar'' based on the short story ''Doyeler Sansar'' written by ''Anirudha Alam'' broadcast by BTV. Mamun founded drama group ''Theatre (Bailey Road)'' and was an adviser to quarterly magazine ''Theatre''. Plays produced by Mamun include ''[[Songsoptok]]'', Pathar Somoy, ''Jibon Chhobi'' and ''Baba''.
Abdullah Al Mamun was also a filmmaker. He made his debut as a filmmaker with ''Angikar'' in 1972 and earned much critical acclaim for movies like ''Sareng Bou'', released in 1978. His other acclaimed films include ''Ekhoni Somoy'', ''Dui Jibon'', ''Sokhi Tumi Kaar'' and ''Bihanga''.
Mamun served as deputy director general of BTV, director general of the National Institute of Mass Communication (Nimco) and director general of [[Shilpakala Academy|Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy]]. He won many awards including the prestigious [[Ekushey Padak]], National Film Award and [[Bangla Academy Award]].
Mamun died on August 21, 2008 in Dhaka.<ref>{{cite news |first= |last= |authorlink= |author=Staff Reporter|coauthors= |title= Abdullah Al Mamun passes away |url= |publisher=[[The Daily Star (Bangladesh)|The Daily Star]] |id=|date= 2008-08-22|accessdate=2008-08-28}}</ref><ref>{{cite news |first= |last= |authorlink= |author=Staff Correspondent |coauthors= |title= Abdullah Al Mamun passes away |url= |publisher=[[The New Nation]] |id=|date= 2008-08-22|accessdate=2008-08-28}}</ref>
==External links==
* {{IMDb name|2621093|Abdullah Al Mamun}}
{{Bengali theatre}}
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{{Persondata <!-- Metadata: see [[Wikipedia:Persondata]]. -->
| NAME = Mamun, Abdullah Al
| SHORT DESCRIPTION = Bangladeshi writer, actor and filmmaker
| DATE OF BIRTH = 1942-07-13
| PLACE OF BIRTH = [[Jamalpur District|Jamalpur]], [[Bangladesh]]
| DATE OF DEATH = 2008-08-21
| PLACE OF DEATH = [[Dhaka]], [[Bangladesh]]
{{DEFAULTSORT:Mamun, Abdullah Al}}
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