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{{Infobox musical artist
| name = Birdman
| image = Birdman at hot 97 summer jam 2007.jpg
| caption = Birdman performing at [[WQHT|Hot 97]]'s Summer Jam 2007
| birth_name = Bryan Williams
| birth_date = {{birth date and age|mf=yes|1969|2|15}}<br />[[New Orleans, Louisiana]], [[United States|U.S.]]
| background = solo_singer
| alias = Baby, B-32
| genre = [[Hip hop music|Hip hop]]
| occupation = [[Rapper]], [[record producer]], [[entrepreneur]]
| networth = {{gain}} [[US Dollar|US$]] 125 [[1,000,000 (number)|million]] (2012)<ref name="Forbes">{{cite news| url= | work=Forbes}}</ref>
| years_active = 1989–present
| networth = {{increase}} US$125 million (2012)<ref name=forbes>{{cite news| url= the Forbes Five, a short list of hip-hop’s wealthiest mogols May 2012]}}</ref>
| label = [[Cash Money Records|Cash Money]], [[Republic Records|Republic]], [[Universal Republic Records|Universal Republic]]
| associated_acts = [[Big Tymers]], [[Cash Money Millionaires]], [[DJ Khaled]], [[Drake (entertainer)|Drake]], [[Lil Wayne]], [[Mack Maine]], [[Rick Ross]], [[T-Pain]], [[Young Money (group)|Young Money]]
| website = {{URL|}}
'''Bryan Williams''' (born February 15, 1969), known by his stage name '''Birdman''' or '''Baby''', is an American [[rapper]], [[entrepreneur]] and [[record producer]]. He is the co-founder of [[Cash Money Records]] and one half of the duo [[Big Tymers]]. Along with his releases with Big Tymers and for his solo career, Birdman recorded a collaboration album and numerous tracks with [[Lil Wayne]]. Birdman has also made his name by contributing to the making of YMCMB (Young Money Cash Money Billionaires). According to ''[[Forbes]]'', he grossed an estimated US $15 million from May 2010 to May 2011 with a net worth estimated at US $110 million in 2011.<ref>{{cite news|title=4. Bryan "Birdman" Williams ($110 million)|url=|publisher=Forbes}}</ref>
===Big Tymers===
In 1997, he joined producer and DJ [[Mannie Fresh]] to form the duo [[Big Tymers]].<ref name="allmusic">{{cite web|url={{Allmusic|class=artist|id=p183871/biography|pure_url=yes}}|title=Birdman > Biography|last=Jeffries|first=David |work=allmusic |publisher=Rovi Corporation |accessdate=March 22, 2009}}</ref> Big Tymers debuted in 1998 with the album ''How Ya Luv That?'' and went on to release ''[[I Got That Work]]'' in 2000 and ''[[Hood Rich]]'' in 2002. ''I Got That Work'' had the hit singles "Get Your Roll On" and "#1 Stunna"; ''Hood Rich'' had "Still Fly", which was nominated for a Grammy, and "Oh Yeah!" ''Big Money Heavyweight'' followed in 2003; the group disbanded in 2004.<ref>{{cite web|url={{Allmusic|class=artist|id=p293197/biography|pure_url=yes}}|title=Big Tymers: Biography|last=Birchmeier|first=Jason |work=allmusic |publisher=Rovi Corporation |accessdate=March 22, 2009}}</ref> His son Bryan Williams Jr., was born in February 26, 1997; his daughter Bria Williams in March 4, 1998. After his group Big Tymers broke up he changed his name from "Baby" to "Birdman".
===2005–07: ''Like Father Like Son'' and ''5 * Stunna''===
[[Lil Wayne]] and Birdman released an album titled ''[[Like Father, Like Son (Birdman and Lil Wayne album)|Like Father, Like Son]]''. It was certified gold and spawned three singles, including "[[Stuntin' Like My Daddy]]" and "[[Leather So Soft]]". He was also featured on the remixes of the best-selling rap singles "[[We Fly High]]" by [[Jim Jones (rapper)|Jim Jones]] and "[[Make It Rain]]" by [[Fat Joe]]. In 2007 Birdman released his fourth studio album, ''[[5 * Stunna]]''. The first single, "[[Pop Bottles]]", featuring Lil Wayne, was a hit, as was the second single "[[100 Million]]", featuring [[Rick Ross]], Lil Wayne, [[Young Jeezy]], Dre, and [[DJ Khaled]]. The third single, featuring Lil Wayne, titled "[[I Run This]]", was a hit as well. Birdman refers to Lil Wayne as his son, not biologically, but emotionally. He expressed his feelings for him in an interview in Tim Westwood's radio show, where he also addressed the photo of them kissing mouth to mouth. <ref>[ Birdman: "I'd Kiss Lil Wayne Again" | Get The Latest Hip Hop News, Rap News & Hip Hop Album Sales | HipHop DX<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>
===2009: ''Priceless''===
Birdman's first single from his album ''[[Pricele$$]]'' was "[[Always Strapped]]", featuring [[Lil Wayne]], and the second "[[Written on Her]]", featuring British singer [[Jay Sean]]. "Southside", featuring Lil Wayne, is the third single.<ref>[ Birdman - Written On Her (Feat Jay Sean) Updated With CDQ]</ref> "[[Money to Blow]]" featuring [[Drake (entertainer)|Drake]] and Lil Wayne is the fourth single. "[[4 My Town (Play Ball)]]" featuring Drake and Lil Wayne is the fifth single. "Written on Her" also became Birdman's first UK release in December 2009.<ref>[ Birdman interview by Pete Lewis, ''Blues & Soul''. December 2009]</ref>
===2010–present: ''Bigga Than Life'' and future collaboration plans===
In 2010 he was going to release an album titled ''Priceless 2'', a sequel to his previous album, but changed it to ''Bigga Than Life''.<ref name="MTV 16 June 2010">{{Citation |url= |title=Birdman, Lil Wayne And Tyga Rep Their Hometowns In 'Loyalty' Video |publisher=MTV|date=June 16, 2010 }}</ref> The first promotional single was titled "[[Loyalty (song)|Loyalty]]" and featured [[Lil Wayne]] and [[Tyga]].<ref name="MTV 16 June 2010" /> Other collaborations will come from [[Rick Ross]], [[Young Jeezy]], [[Bun B]] and [[Drake (rapper)|Drake]].<ref name="MTV 16 June 2010" /> The album was scheduled to be released in early 2011.<ref name="">Kuperstein, Slava (November 14, 2010). [ "Birdman Talks Lil Wayne, Drake Collaboration Album"]. HipHop DX. Cheri Media Group.</ref> He released a music video for a possible future single, "My Jewel", which features Bun B and Young Jeezy.<ref>[ YouTube - Birdman Ft. Young Jeezy & Bun B - My Jewel (Official Video) latesthoodvids<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> On November 22, 2010, he released the first official single, "[[Fire Flame]]", which features Lil Wayne. Around this time he changed the album's title to ''Bigga Than Life''. Birdman released another single called "I Get Money" featuring T-Pain, Young Money artist [[Mack Maine]] and Lil Wayne. On September 13,2011, Birdman released "Y.U. MAD", featuring [[Nicki Minaj]] and Lil Wayne. On May 22, 2012, he released "[[Born Stunna]]", featuring Rick Ross. The remix, featuring Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, was released July 10, 2012. The most recent single, "Shout Out" featuring Gudda Gudda and [[French Montana]], was released October 16, 2012.
During 2008 it was announced Birdman was set to release an album with his long-time friend Rick Ross titled ''The H'', but after that no information on the album was released. <ref>{{cite web|last=Reid|first=Shaheem|url=|title=T.I. Tests Himself As A Producer|work=Mixtape Monday|publisher=MTV News|date=May 23, 2008}}</ref> On May 16, 2013 Birdman and Rick Ross announced that ''[[The H: The Lost Album Vol. 1 |The H]]'' would be released as a mixtape hosted by [[DJ Khaled]] on May 23, 2013. The project was recorded during a couple days in 2008.<ref>[ Birdman And Rick Ross To Release Lost Album, 'The H' On May 23 - XXL<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> A new compilation album, entitled ''Rich Gang: Flashy Lifestyle'', hosted by Birdman, is set to be released June 25, 2013. The album will feature appearances from the many members of Cash Money Records and [[Young Money Entertainment]] among others such as [[Meek Mill]], French Montana and [[Future (rapper)|Future]]. A mixtape titled ''Rich Gang: Allstars'' was released for free download prior to the release of the album. This mixtape included singles from artists of Rich Gang, such as "[[Started From the Bottom]]" by Drake, "[[Bugatti (Ace Hood song)|Bugatti]]" by [[Ace Hood]] featuring Rick Ross and Future, "[[Karate Chop (song)|Karate Chop (Remix)]]" by Future, "[[Love Me (Lil Wayne song)|Love Me]]" by Lil Wayne featuring Drake and Future, "[[Freaks (French Montana song)|Freaks]]" by French Montana featuring Nicki Minaj, "[[Rich As Fuck]]" by Lil Wayne featuring [[2 Chainz]], and "Champions" by [[Kevin Rudolf]] featuring [[Fred Durst]] of [[Limp Bizkit]], Birdman, and Lil Wayne.
His fifth studio album ''Bigga Than Life'' was scheduled to be released in September 2013.<ref>[ Lil Wayne Looks Back At His Old Self | News Video | MTV<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> A second ''Like Father, Like Son'' album, titled ''Like Father, Like Son 2: Tha Last MOB'', with Lil Wayne is scheduled to be released in 2013.<ref>Ryon, Sean (September 30, 2010). [ Lil Wayne and Birdman to Reunite for 'Like Father, Like Son 2'"]. HipHop DX. Cheri Media Group.</ref>
''[[Forbes]]'' magazine estimated his personal fortune at US $125 million in 2012.<ref>[ "Mind Of Mannie"]. ''[[XXL (magazine)|XXL]]''. May 24, 2006.</ref><ref>[ The top 10 richest hip-hop stars of 2013]. ''3 News NZ''. 25 September 2013.</ref> In 2013 he was listed by as the fifth highest-earning star in hip hop, taking in $21 million in the year to September 2013.
<ref>{{cite web | url= | title=Hip-hop's Wealthiest Artists | |accessdate=September 24, 2013}}</ref>
==Legal issues==
[[File:BirdmanMugshot2007.jpg|thumb|left|Mugshot of Birdman taken in November 2007.]]In November 2007, Birdman was arrested and charged with possession of nearly a pound of [[marijuana]].<ref>{{cite news|last=Breeding|first=Kacie Dingus|url=|title=Kingsport traffic stop cages rapper Birdman and his entourage on drug charges; ATF helps with firearms probe|work=The Times-Picayune|date=November 27, 2007}}</ref><ref>{{cite news|url=|title=Baby, A.K.A. Birdman, Arrested For Marijuana Possession|last=Kaufman|first=Gil |date=November 28, 2007 |publisher=MTV News|accessdate=March 22, 2009}}</ref>
In October 2009, Birdman, Lil Wayne, Cash Money Records and various music distribution outlets were sued for copyright infringement by Thomas Marasciullo, who claims his voice was used without permission. Both rappers asked him to record some "Italian-styled spoken word recordings" in 2006. The lyrics were allegedly used on "Respect" and other tracks from the rappers' collaboration album ''Like Father, Like Son'' and Birdman's ''5 * Stunna''.<ref name="copyright">{{cite news |url= |title= Rapper Wayne sued over copyright |publisher=BBC |date=October 31, 2009 |accessdate=March 9, 2010 }}</ref>
==Other ventures==
===Oil business===
In early 2010, Birdman formed an oil and gas exploration company, Bronald Oil and Gas, LLC. The company was a joint venture founded by Birdman and his brother Slim, and the name was a combination of the brothers' first names, Bryan and Ronald. Evidence of the company's actual business operations was scant, limited mostly to a website and the appearance of a "pumpjack" tattoo on the side of Birdman's head.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Rapper Mogul Birdman Unveils Indie Oil Company | |date=2010-01-23 |accessdate=2012-03-28}}</ref> The website indicated that the company's strategy would be to first develop existing land holdings and seek out new oil and gas leases. In February 2010, Birdman told ''Ozone'' magazine that he had been in the oil business for "4 or 5 years" and was "making very good money off that".<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Ozone Magazine | |date= |accessdate=2012-03-28}}</ref>
However, by March 2010, Birdman had almost completely covered the pumpjack tattoo, which sparked speculation that the Bronald Oil project had stalled.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Bronald Oil Update: Birdman Covers Up Tattoo, Stokes Skepticism | |date=2010-03-04 |accessdate=2012-03-28}}</ref> An investigative report from [[Bloomberg Businessweek|Bloomberg]] revealed that official regulators in charge of oil and gas permits had never heard of Bronald. In addition, Bronald Oil and Gas' website which provided scant details on the venture had since late 2011 been no longer operational.<ref>[ Six Unusual Rapper Side Hustles - Page 5 of 7 - XXL<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>
{{Main|Birdman discography}}
{{see also|Big Tymers discography}}
* 1993: ''I Need a Bag of Dope'' <small>(as B-32)</small>
* 2002: ''[[Birdman (album)|Birdman]]''
* 2005: ''[[Fast Money (album)|Fast Money]]''
* 2007: ''[[5 * Stunna]]''
* 2009: ''[[Priceless (Birdman album)|Priceless]]''
* 2014: ''Bigga Than Life''
* 2006: ''[[Like Father, Like Son (Birdman and Lil Wayne album)|Like Father, Like Son]]'' <small>(with [[Lil Wayne]])</small>
* 2013: ''[[Rich Gang (album)|Rich Gang]]'' <small>(with YMCMB)</small>
* TBA: ''Like Father, Like Son 2'' <small>(with [[Lil Wayne]])</small>
==External links==
* {{Official website|}}
* {{MTV artist|baby_aka_the_1_stunna|Birdman}}
* {{IMDb name|1208894|Birdman}}
{{Big Tymers}}
{{Cash Money Records}}
| NAME = Williams, Bryan
| SHORT DESCRIPTION = Rapper and music executive
| DATE OF BIRTH = February 15, 1969
| DATE OF DEATH = january 30 2012
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