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Article: Casualties of the Syrian Civil War
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[[File:Aleppo hospital.PNG|thumb|Doctors and medical staff treating injured rebel fighters and civilians in Aleppo]]
Estimates of '''deaths in the [[Syrian Civil War]]''', per opposition activist groups, vary between 102,885<ref name="Violations Documenting Center"/><ref name="Violations Documenting Center1"/> and 146,065.<ref name=SOHR/> On 24 July 2013, the United Nations put out an estimate of over 100,000 that had died in the war.<ref name=UN>{{cite web|url= |title=More than 2,000 killed in Syria since Ramadan began | |date=2013-07-25 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref>
[[UNICEF]] reported that over 500 children had been killed by early February 2012.<ref>{{cite news |agency=Agence France-Presse |url= |title=UNICEF says 400 children killed in Syria unrest |work=Google News|date=7 February 2012 |accessdate=22 February 2012 |location=Geneva }}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=UNICEF: 500 children died in Syrian war | |date=23 March 2012 |accessdate=6 July 2012}}</ref> Another 400 children have been reportedly arrested and tortured in Syrian prisons.<ref>{{cite news |url= |title=UNICEF says 400 children killed in Syria |work=The Courier-Mail |date=8 February 2012 |accessdate=16 February 2012 }}</ref><ref>{{cite web |last=Peralta |first=Eyder |url= |title=Rights Group Says Syrian Security Forces Detained, Tortured Children: The Two-Way |work=NPR |date=3 February 2012 |accessdate=16 February 2012 }}</ref> Both claims have been contested by the Syrian government.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Al-Jafari: Syria has Right to Protect its Citizen, Combat Terrorism and Armed Violence|work=Syrian Arab news agency|date=14 February 2012 |accessdate=10 April 2012}}</ref> Additionally, over 600 detainees and political prisoners have died under torture.<ref>{{cite news |url= |work=The New York Times |first=Kareem |last=Fahim |title=Hundreds Tortured in Syria, Human Rights Group Says |date=5 January 2012 }}</ref> By mid-March 2014, the opposition activist group [[Syrian Observatory for Human Rights]] (SOHR) reported the number of children killed in the conflict had risen to 7,796, while at the same time 5,166 women were also killed.<ref name=SOHR/> According to the UN, 6,561 children were killed by mid-June 2013.<ref name=UN1>{{cite web|author=Ian Black, Middle East editor |url= |title=Syria deaths near 100,000, says UN – and 6,000 are children |publisher=Guardian |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> The Oxford Research Group said that a total of 11,420 children had been killed in the conflict by late November 2013.<ref>[ Bombs and guns ‘have killed 11,500 children’ in Syria, research shows, including some executed and tortured]</ref>
==Overall deaths==
[[File:Total deaths during the syrian civil war (October 2013).png|thumb|right|275px|Total deaths over the course of the conflict in Syria (18 March 2011 – 18 October 2013)]]
[[File:Deaths per week during the syrian civil war (October 2013).png|thumb|right|275px|Weekly deaths over the course of the conflict in Syria (18 March 2011 – 18 October 2013)]]
The number of fatalities in the conflict, according to the Syrian opposition website ''Syrian Martyrs'', is 100,280, updated to 13 March 2014.<ref name="shuhadamain">{{cite web |url=|title=Syrian Martyrs |publisher=Free Syria |accessdate=13 March 2014}}</ref> The number includes 20,655 rebels, including 315 foreign fighters, but does not include members of the government security forces or pro-government foreign combatants who have died.<ref name="Number as a civil / military">{{cite web|url=|title=Number as a civil / military |publisher=Syrian Martyrs |accessdate=19 February 2014}}</ref> 814 foreign civilians who have died in the conflict are also included in the toll, most of them, 660, being Palestinians.<ref name="shuhadanationality">{{cite web|url= |title=The number of martyrs by Nationality | |date= |accessdate=19 February 2014}}</ref> The ''Syrian Martyrs'' number is significantly higher than the ones presented by other organisations, including the UN, one reason being they record deaths even when no name is given for the reportedly killed individual.<ref name="Syriancrisis">{{cite web|last=Khera |first=Jastinder |url= |title=Syria crisis: Counting the victims | |date=29 May 2012 |accessdate=8 July 2012}}</ref>
{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Governorate !! Number of deaths
| [[Latakia Governorate|Latakia]] || 1,032
| [[Rif Dimashq Governorate|Rif Dimashq]] || 23,977
| [[Homs Governorate|Homs]] || 14,015
| [[Hama Governorate|Hama]] || 6,786
| [[Al-Hasakah Governorate|Al-Hasakah]] || 851
| [[Daraa Governorate|Daraa]] || 8,667
| [[Aleppo Governorate|Aleppo]] || 18,774
| [[Deir ez-Zor Governorate|Deir ez-Zor]] || 5,350
| [[Damascus Governorate|Damascus]] || 7,643
| [[Tartus Governorate|Tartus]] || 529
| [[Quneitra Governorate|Quneitra]] || 630
| [[Idlib Governorate|Idlib]] || 10,526
| [[As-Suwayda Governorate|As-Suwayda]] || 72
| [[Ar-Raqqah Governorate|Ar-Raqqah]] || 1,428
| Total || 100,280<ref name="shuhadamain"/>
Other estimates range from 102,885 to 146,065. Except for the SNHR figure, which excludes pro-government fighters, all of the following totals include civilians, rebels and security forces:
{| class="wikitable"
! Source
! Casualties
! Time period
|[[Next Century Foundation]]
|'''100,678''' killed<ref>[][][][][][]</ref>
|1 May 2012 – 31 January 2014
|[[Syrian Network for Human Rights]]
|'''109,736''' killed<small><ref name=SNHR>{{cite web|url= |title=Documenting the kill of 101513 victims including 89664 civilians (88% ) 10914 children and 9911 women |date=2013-09-01 |accessdate=2013-10-21}}</ref><ref>[ Death toll in September 2013]</ref><ref>[ Death toll in October 2013]</ref><ref>[ Over 2,500 people killed in Syria in November]</ref></small>
|15 March 2011 – 30 November 2013
|[[Syrian Observatory for Human Rights]]
|'''146,065''' killed<ref name=SOHR>{{cite web|url= |title= More than 146 thousand have died since the start of the Syrian revolution |accessdate=13 March 2014}}</ref>
|15 March 2011 – 12 March 2014
|[[Center for Documentation of Violations in Syria|Center for Documentation of Violations]]
|'''102,886''' killed<ref name="Violations Documenting Center">{{cite web|url=|title=Violations Documenting Center|date=16 March 2014|accessdate=16 March 2014|publisher=Violations Documenting Center}}</ref><ref name="Violations Documenting Center1">{{cite web|url=|title=Violations Documenting Center - other statistics|date=16 March 2014|accessdate=16 March 2014|publisher=Violations Documenting Center}}</ref>
|15 March 2011 – 16 March 2014
Al Jazeera journalist [[Nir Rosen]] reported that many of the deaths reported daily by activists are in fact armed insurgents falsely presented as civilian deaths, but confirmed that real civilian deaths do occur on a regular basis.<ref name=nirrosen>{{cite news|url= |title=Q&A: Nir Rosen on Syria's armed opposition|work=Al Jazeera|date=21 February 2012|first=Nir|last=Rosen|accessdate=22 February 2012}}</ref> A number of Middle East political analysts, including those from the Lebanese [[Al Akhbar (Lebanon)|Al Akhbar]] newspaper, have also urged caution.<ref name="Narwani 28Feb2012">{{cite news |url=|title=Questioning the Syrian "Casualty List" |author=Sharmine Narwani |date=28 February 2012 |work=Al-Akhbar |accessdate=17 March 2012}}</ref><ref>{{cite news|url= |title=Eman El-Shenawi: Raising a brow at the Syrian death toll |work=Al Arabiya|date=25 March 2012 |accessdate=10 April 2012}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Observers in Syria: Time to separate civilians from insurgents? | |date= |accessdate=8 July 2012}}</ref>
This was later confirmed when in late May 2012, Rami Abdulrahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is one of the opposition-affiliated groups counting the number of those killed in the uprising, stated that civilians who had taken up arms during the conflict were being counted under the category of "civilians".<ref name=morethan13000>{{cite news|url=|title=More than 13,000 killed in Syria since March 2011: NGO|agency=Agence France-Presse|date=27 May 2012|accessdate=27 May 2012}}{{dead link|date=August 2013}}</ref><ref name="violence">{{cite web|author=Agence France Presse |url= |title=Syria violence kills 12 as revolt toll tops 14,100 | |date= |accessdate=8 July 2012}}</ref><ref name=over14400>{{cite web|url= |title=Over 14,400 killed in 15-month Syria revolt | |date= |accessdate=8 July 2012}}{{dead link|date=August 2013}}</ref>
In May 2013, SOHR stated that at least 41,000 of those killed during the conflict were [[Alawites]].<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Syria Death Toll Likely As High As 120,000, Group Says | |date=2013-05-14 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref>
The [[Next Century Foundation]] offer an alternative analysis of casualty figures. Their calculations are made by using figures from the [[Center for Documentation of Violations in Syria]] (VDC), Syrian Shuhada (Syrian Martyrs), [[Syrian Observatory for Human Rights]], [[Local Coordination Committees of Syria]] (LCC) and Damascus Centre for Human Rights from June 2012 to the present. Figures for civilian, rebel and government casualties are calculated separately and added together for an overall total.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Next Century Foundation|date=31 July 2013|accessdate=31 July 2013|publisher=Next Century Foundation}}</ref>
==Combatant deaths==
===Government forces===
{| class="wikitable"
! Pro-government combatants
! Casualties
|[[Syrian military]] and [[Ministry of Interior (Syria)|police]]
|'''30,000<ref>[ Syria conflict pits Shia against Sunni as Hezbollah says this is 'war we must win']</ref>–34,738<ref name=SOHR/>''' killed
|[[Shabiha]] and [[National Defense Force (Syria)|National Defense Force]]
|'''21,336''' killed<ref name=SOHR/>
|Lebanese [[Hezbollah]]
|'''332''' killed<ref name=SOHR/>
|Other non-Syrian Shiite militiamen
|'''459''' killed<ref name=SOHR/>
The Syrian Army fatalities figure also includes at least 37 members of the Palestinian [[Palestine Liberation Army|PLA]].<ref>[][][][][][][]</ref>
The Shabiha and NDF fatalities figure also includes at least 20 Palestinian [[Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command|PFLP–GC]] members.<ref name="militia">{{cite web|url= |title=Syrian rebels kill 10 pro-Assad militia | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Final death toll for Sunday 25/11/12 | |date=2012-11-26 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Preliminary death toll for Wednesday 19/12/2012: Approximately 106 people were killed so far today in Syria | |date=2012-12-19 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=,7340,L-4324106,00.html |title=Report: Top Palestinian operative killed in Syria | |date=1995-06-20 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>[ The funeral of martyr Shadi Awad]</ref>
The non-Syrian Shiite militiamen fatalities figure includes: 270 [[Iraqi insurgency#Shia Islamist|Iraqi Shia militiamen]],<ref>[ Controlled by Iran, the deadly militia recruiting Iraq's men to die in Syria]</ref> 16 Iranian [[Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution|IRGC]] soldiers,<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Iran: Senior IRGC Commander killed while travelling from Damascus to Beirut | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Iran: Funeral for IRGC officer killed in Syria | |date=2013-08-03 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Iran: IRGC member killed in Syria buried in Tehran | |date=2013-08-03 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Iran: Three IRGC members killed in Syria fighting for Assad regime | |date=2013-08-03 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>[ Iran Revolutionary Guards commander killed in Syria]</ref> 3 Iranian volunteer fighters<ref>[ Independent International Commission of Inquiry established pursuant to resolution A/HRC/S-17/1 and extended through resolution A/HRC/Res/19/22]</ref> and one member of the Lebanese [[Amal Movement]].<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=More Hezbollah fighters killed in Syria buried in Lebanon |location=LB | |date=2013-04-08 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref>
Except one death (August 2011),<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Hezbollah Involvement in the Syrian Civil War | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> all of the Hezbollah fatalities have occurred since September 2012.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Syria drags Lebanon into another Lebanese-Lebanese war | |date=2013-05-23 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref>
In addition, 1,000 civilian government officials have also been killed.<ref name="safepassage">{{cite web|url= |title=David Cameron Offers 'Safe Passage' For Syria's Bashar Al-Assad, But Not To Britain (PICTURES) |work=Huffington Post|date=6 November 2012|accessdate=17 December 2012}}</ref> In early December 2013, rebels claimed that a pro-government Russian fighter was killed in fighting in Aleppo.<ref>[ Syrian rebels publish photo of pro-Assad Russian fighter]</ref>
===Opposition forces===
Due to the opposition's policy of counting rebel fighters that were not defectors as civilians<ref name=morethan13000/><ref name="violence"/><ref name=over14400/><ref>{{Cite doi|10.1111/mepo.12003}}</ref> a comprehensive number of rebels killed in the conflict, thus far, has not been ascertained. In late November 2012, the opposition activist group SOHR estimated that at least 10,000 rebels had been killed, but noted the possibility of the figure being higher because the rebels, like the government, were lying about how many of their forces had died to make it look like they were winning.<ref name="over40000">{{cite web|author=By Reuters |url= |title='Over 40,000 killed since start of Syria conflict' | |date=2012-11-23 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> In March 2013, SOHR stated that the actual number of killed rebels and government forces could be double the number they were already able to document.<ref name=SOHR1>{{cite web|url= |title=More than 80 thousand people killed since the beginning of the Syrian uprising |publisher=SOHR |accessdate=12 May 2013}}</ref>
The following tables provide examples of news reports which identify rebel casualties. The first table shows reports of rebel deaths for the period up to 12 March 2014, and those not included in SOHR's daily death tolls before and after 12 March 2014. The second table shows day-by-day reports of rebel deaths by SOHR after 12 March 2014.
{| class="wikitable"
! Date
! Casualties
! Detail
|15 March 2011&nbsp;– 12 March 2014
|'''35,942<ref name=SOHR/>–56,865<ref>With SOHR already stating that the number of government and rebel fatalities is evenly divided [] and the pro-government fatalities to be an estimated 56,865,[] a higher figure of rebels killed can be estimated to be 56,865 as well. This would be in line with SOHR's estimate that the number of combatant dead being double the documented number.[]</ref>''' killed
|Number also includes Kurdish YPG militiamen and foreign jihadists.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=March was bloodiest month in Syria war: rights group | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref>
|14 April 2013
|'''28''' killed
|50 were killed during fighting at the Wadi Deif military base,<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Assad forces try to consolidate gains in Maaret al-Numan | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 22 were included in the above total.<ref>[][]</ref>
|16–21 April 2013
|'''123''' killed
|150 were killed during the battle for Jdeidat al-Fadl,<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Syrian activist group: Record number of dead found | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 27 were included in the above total.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=At least 100 dead after 6 days of clashes in Syria, activists say | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Some 150 were killed on Monday | |date=2013-04-23 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref>
|2 June 2013
|'''14–17''' killed
|Killed after they were ambushed by Hezbollah while trying to launch rockets into Shi'ite areas of the Beqaa Valley.<ref>{{cite web|url=,7340,L-4387292,00.html |title=Hezbollah, Syrian rebels clash on Lebanese soil | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref>
|19 May – 5 June 2013
|'''172–241''' killed
|431–500 rebels were killed during the [[Battle of al-Qusayr (2013)|Battle of al-Qusayr]], 259 were included in the above total.
|early June 2013
|'''13''' killed
|A jihadist suicide bomber blew himself up at a rebel command post killing 12 FSA fighters.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Syrian rebel fighters' civil war within a civil war | |date=2013-07-12 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref>
|4–5 August 2013
|'''47''' killed
|60 rebels were killed at the start of the [[2013 Latakia offensive|Latakia offensive]],<ref name=strike>{{cite web|title=Syria rebels strike Assad's Alawite stronghold, seize airport|url=|work=[[Reuters]]|accessdate=6 August 2013}}</ref> 13 were included in the above total.
|5 August 2013
|'''11''' killed
|21 rebels were killed during the final assault on Menagh Air Base,<ref>{{cite web|author=Post |url= |title=Capture of Syrian Air Base Shows al Qaeda's Increasing Sway | |date=2013-08-06 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 10 were included in the above total.
|20 November 2013
|'''26''' killed
|35 rebels were killed during the final assault on the Kindi hospital in Aleppo,<ref>{{cite web|author=Post |url= |title=Syrian rebels seize strategic hospital in Aleppo |date=2013-12-21 |accessdate=2013-12-21}}</ref> 9 were included in the above total.<ref>[ Summarized death toll for Friday 20/12/2013; More than 200 were killed in Syria yesterday.]</ref>
|21 December 2013
|'''32''' killed
|Killed after they were ambushed by Hezbollah in Wadi al-Jamala while infiltrating Lebanon from Syria.<ref>[ Hezbollah ambush kills 32 Islamist fighters in e. Lebanon]</ref>
{| class="wikitable sortable" style="text-align: right"
|- "
!style="text-align: center;background:#B0C4DE"|Month
|align=left|'''March 2014''' || - || - || - || - || - || - || - || - || - || - || - || - || 61<ref>[ Summarized final death toll for Thursday 13/03/2014; 138 were killed in Syria yesterday.]</ref> || 85<ref>[ 184 died yesterday, including 163 from the regime's forces and combat battalions]</ref> || 97<ref>[ Final death toll for Saturday 15/03/2014, approximately 240people killed in Syria.]</ref> || 107<ref>[ Final death toll for Sunday 16/03/2014, approximately 246 people killed in Syria.]</ref> || 78<ref>[ Final death toll for Monday 17/03/2014, approximately 192 people killed in Syria.]</ref> || 85<ref>[ Final death toll for Tuesday 18/03/2014, approximately 218 people killed in Syria.]</ref> || 62<ref>[ 145 died on Wednesday]</ref> || 118<ref>[ Final death toll for Thursday 20/03/2014, approximately 274 people killed in Syria.]</ref> || - || - || - || - || - || - || - || - || - || - || - || 693
It should be noted that at least 104 rebel suicide bombers<ref>[ Suicide terrorism thriving in Syria, is threat to West, Israel new report warns]</ref><ref>[ In Syria, suicide bombings hold tactical role in rebel assaults]</ref> and 86 rebel [[Military use of children|child soldiers]]<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Syria conflict has reached new levels of brutality - UN | |date=2013-06-04 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> have been killed in the conflict.
==Foreigners killed==
===Foreign civilians killed===
{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Country !! Number of deaths
| [[Palestinian people|Palestinians]] || 660<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>–1,597<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=1597 Palestinians killed in Syrian civil war |}}</ref>
| [[Iraq]] || 47<ref name="shuhadanationality"/><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Syrian soldiers jump through flaming hoops as helicopters fly over capital | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Iraqi girl killed by indirect fire from Syria | |date=2012-09-08 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>[ Reef Dimashq]</ref>
| [[Lebanon]] || 41<small><ref name="shuhadanationality"/><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Lebanon-Syria border bus attack kills 7, wounds 21 | |date= |accessdate=8 July 2012}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Syria's fighting spills into Lebanon, five killed | |date=9 February 2009 |accessdate=8 July 2012}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|author=By Reuters |url= |title=Three dead after more Syrian shells hit Lebanon | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Mansour: Five Lebanese killed in Syria, bodies still there | |date=2013-03-04 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}{{dead link|date=August 2013}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Tension high after Syria army kills four in Lebanon | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Fire from Syria kills two in Lebanon | |date=2013-04-14 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Syria opposition, rebels cautious on EU arms decision | |date=2013-05-28 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref></small>
| [[Jordan]] || 23<ref name="shuhadanationality"/><ref name="Violations Documenting Center2">[ Violations Documenting Center - Martyrs]</ref>
| [[Turkey]] || 17<ref name="shuhadanationality"/><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Third Turkish truck driver killed in Syrian violence in past 10 days | |date=25 March 2012 |accessdate=8 July 2012}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=One Turk killed in crossfire in Syria | |date= |accessdate=8 July 2012}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Blast at Turkish-Syrian border unveils dangers of violence spillover | |date=2013-02-12 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>[ Newspaper: Turkish Air Force bombs Syrian border territories]</ref>
| [[Saudi Arabia]] || 16<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>
| [[Somalia]] || 15<ref name="Violations Documenting Center2"/>
| [[Egypt]] || 11<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>
| [[Libya]] || 9<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>
| [[Tunisia]] || 9<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>
| [[France]] || 4<ref name="Violations Documenting Center2"/>
| [[Sudan]] || 4<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>
| [[United Kingdom]] || 4<ref>{{cite web|last=Greenslade |first=Roy |url= |title=Two British journalists killed in Syria |publisher=Guardian |date=28 March 2012 |accessdate=8 July 2012}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=UK doctor of Indian origin killed in Syrian bombing | |date=2012-04-21 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>[ EX CUMBRIA DOCTOR 'KILLED' IN SYRIAN PRISON]</ref>
| [[Afghanistan]] || 3<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Three Afghans Killed In Syria | |date=2013-02-04 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref>
| [[Australia]] || 2<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>
| [[Kuwait]] || 2<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>
| [[Azerbaijan]] || 1<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>
| [[Belgium]] || 1<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>
| [[Greece]] || 1<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>
| [[Italy]] || 1<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Paolo Dall'Oglio Reported Dead: Missing Jesuit Priest Killed In Syria According To Human Rights Group | |date=2013-08-14 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref>
| [[Japan]] || 1<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>
| [[Russia]] || 1<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>
| [[Israel]] || 1<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>
| [[United States]] || 1<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>
| [[Yemen]] || 1<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>
| Unknown || 6<ref name="shuhadanationality"/>
''Note: The higher figure of 1,600 Palestinians killed in the conflict includes several dozens of Palestinian combatants from both sides and not just civilians.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Report: "1036 Palestinians Killed In Syria Since Mach 2011" | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 700 of the killed Palestinians were residents of the [[Yarmouk Camp]].<ref>[ AP Interview: Chief of UN aid agency says Syria fighting has uprooted most Palestinians there]{{dead link|date=August 2013}}</ref>''
===Foreign opposition fighters killed===
10,278 foreign opposition fighters have been killed, according to the SOHR.<ref name=SOHR/> The nationalities of some are as follows: 232 Saudis,<ref name="shaghor"/> 145 Libyans,<ref name="shaghor"/> 131<ref name="shaghor"/>-204<ref name="Violations Documenting Center2"/><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Syria: 132 Tunisian Insurgents Killed in Aleppo, Tunisia developing into Salafist Hot-Bed | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> Tunisians, 88 Turks,<ref>[ Turkish Interior Ministry: 500 citizens fighting with al-Nusra in Syria]</ref> 85<ref name="shaghor"/>-210<ref name="over200"/> Jordanians, 76 Palestinians,<ref name="shuhadanationality"/><ref>[][]</ref> 46 Kuwaitis,<ref name="Violations Documenting Center2"/><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=10 Kuwaitis Killed In Syria During Months Of Jan, Feb | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Kuwaiti fighter killed in Syria | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 43 Chechens,<ref name="Violations Documenting Center2"/><ref>{{cite web|last=Gutterman |first=Steve |url= |title=Son of late Chechen warlord reported killed in Syria |publisher=Reuters |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|author=Ghaith Abdul-Ahad in Aleppo |url= |title=Syria: the foreign fighters joining the war against Bashar al-Assad &#124; World news |publisher=The Guardian |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref name="ahram1">{{cite web|url= |title=Syria names 142 slain foreign fighters from 18 countries - Region - World - Ahram Online | |date=2012-11-27 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|author=Thomson Reuters Foundation |url= |title=Thomson Reuters Foundation &#124; News, Information and Connections for Action | |date=2013-03-07 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Hama province: 12 foreign rebel fighters... - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights |publisher=Facebook |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 39 Egyptians,<ref name="shaghor"/> 37 Lebanese,<ref name="Violations Documenting Center2"/><ref name="names">{{cite web|url= |title=Syria names 142 slain foreign fighters from 18 countries | |date=2012-11-27 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Twenty-two fighters from Lebanon killed in Syria: local official | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 24 Moroccans,<ref name="shaghor">[ Shaghor - Martyrs]</ref> 21 Belgians,<ref>[ ‘More than 4,000 European jihadists fighting against Assad’]</ref><ref>[ Syrie: Un chef jihadiste belge d'origine arabe tué dans l'offensive rebelle dans le nord]</ref> 21 Frenchmen,<ref>[h Minister: French teens go to Syria for jihad]</ref> 20 Germans,<ref>[ Germany monitors jihadis battle-hardened in Syria]</ref> 17 Iraqis,<ref name="shuhadanationality"/><ref name="Violations Documenting Center2"/><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=A list of 142 Arab and foreign killed in Syria over the past few months, including 4 Yemenis | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 16<ref>[ Azerbaijani terrorists in Syria confess they fight against Armenians, Russian and Iranian]</ref>-100<ref>[ Another Azerbaijani mujahid is killed in Syria]</ref> Azerbaijanis, 16 Dagestanis,<ref name="shuhadanationality"/><ref name="Violations Documenting Center2"/><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=About 110 were killed on Tuesday | |date=2013-04-17 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 15 Albanians,<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Десет Албанаца погинуло у Сирији |language={{ci icon}} | |date=2013-04-13 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= In Syria, 60 BiH citizens fighting}}</ref> 13 Afghans,<ref name="shuhadanationality"/><ref name="names"/> 13 Bosniaks,<ref>[ I Emrah Pilipović poginuo u Siriji]</ref><ref>[ Još jedan građanin BiH poginuo na ratištu u Siriji?]</ref><ref>[ Poginuo Mirza Ganic u Halepu]</ref> 12 Algerians,<ref name="shuhadanationality"/><ref name="shaghor"/><ref name="names"/><ref name="African">{{cite web|author=By Bill RoggioSeptember 10, 2012 4:30 PM |url= |title=African jihadists killed in fighting in Syria | |date=2012-09-10 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Final death toll... |publisher=Facebook |date= |accessdate=2013-04-13}}</ref> 12 Swedes,<ref>[ Swedish jihadists killed in fighting in Syria]</ref> 10-17 Australians,<ref>[ Claims up to 15 Australian citizens have died fighting in Syria]</ref><ref>[ Cancelled passports triple as ninth Aussie dies in Syria]</ref><ref>[ Serving Australian soldier killed fighting alongside Syrian rebels]</ref> 10<ref name="">[ Syria Jail Attack Suicide Bomber 'Was British']</ref>-24 Britons,<ref name=""/><ref>[ Up to 20 Britons 'killed fighting in Syria']</ref><ref>[ Sixth British jihadist reportedly killed in Syria]</ref><ref>[ Two more British brothers die fighting against Assad regime in Syria]</ref> 10 Danes,<ref>[ Danish Salafist leader said to have been killed in Syria]</ref><ref>[ Two Danes allegedly die fighting in Syria]</ref><ref>[ Danish jihadist reportedly killed in Syria]</ref> 10 Dutch,<ref>[ Ten Dutch Jihadists Killed In Syria]</ref> 8 Russians,<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Most Foreign Sunni Fighters Recently Killed in Syria Fought For Jihadist Group | |date=2013-06-06 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 8 Qataris,<ref name="shuhadanationality"/><ref name="names"/> 6 Emiratis,<ref name="shaghor"/> 5 Bahrainis,<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Five Bahrainis Fighting for ‘al-Nusra’ Killed in Syria | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 5 Canadians,<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=First Canadian to be killed in the jihad fields of Syria | |date=2013-02-26 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>[ Canadians Join Foreign Jihadists Fighting in Syria]</ref><ref>[ Canadians fighting in Syria could pose ‘immediate’ threat to national security when they return: CSIS]</ref> 5 Yemenis,<ref name="Violations Documenting Center2"/><ref name="names"/> 3 Americans,<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Pittsburgh man reportedly dead in Syria | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>[ Hama province]</ref> 3 Irishmen,<ref>{{cite web|author=Mary Fitzgerald |url= |title=Man raised in Ireland killed fighting with rebel forces in Syria | |date=2013-05-03 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 3 Pakistanis,<ref name="shaghor"/> 3 Tajiks,<ref name="tajiks">{{cite web|url= |title=Tajiks, Kyrgyz confirmed fighting in Syria | |date=2013-05-24 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 2 Chinese,<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Facebook Page Documents Foreigners Who Come To Syria From Western Countries To Fight The Regime | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 2 Italians,<ref name="Violations Documenting Center2"/><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Italian killed fighting alongside rebels in Syria | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 2 Eritreans,<ref name="shaghor"/> 2 Kyrgyz,<ref name="tajiks"/> 2 Finns,<ref>[ Suomalainen kaatui Syyriassa – uusia lähtijöitä kymmenittäin]. Turun Sanomat, 1 August 2013. {{retrieved|accessdate=2013-08-01}}</ref><ref>[ Supo suspects Finn dead in Syria fighting]</ref> 2 Mauritanians,<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=African Militants Killed in Syria Fighting Alongside al-Qaeda | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 2 Omanis,<ref name="Violations Documenting Center2"/><ref name="shaghor"/> 2 Somalis,<ref name="shuhadanationality"/> 2 Sudanese,<ref name="names"/> 2 Uzbeks,<ref name="shuhadanationality"/><ref name="onebulgarian"/> 1 Armenian,<ref name="shaghor"/> 1 Bulgarian,<ref name="onebulgarian">{{cite web|url= |title=One Bulgarian among 280 Foreign Fighters Killed in Syria | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> 1 Chadian,<ref name="names"/> 1 Indonesian,<ref name="shaghor"/> 1 Iranian,<ref name="shaghor"/> 1 Israeli-Arab,<ref>[ Israeli Arab killed fighting for Syrian rebels: family]</ref> 1 Norwegian,<ref name="Violations Documenting Center2"/> 1 Romanian<ref name="shaghor"/> and 1 Spaniard.<ref name="deciphering">{{cite web|url= |title=Deciphering the Jihadist Presence in Syria: An Analysis of Martyrdom Notices | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref>
In another estimate, 9,944 foreign opposition fighters have been killed, according to the ''Jihadist Salafist Movement in Jordan'', with the nationalities being as follows: 1,902 Tunisians, 1,807 Libyans, 1,432 Iraqis, 828 Lebanese, 821 Egyptians, 800 Palestinians, 714 Saudis, 571 Yemenis, 412 Moroccans, 274 Algerians, 210 Jordanians,<ref name="over200">[ ‘Over 200 Jordanian jihadists killed in Syria’]</ref> 91 Omanis, 71 from Kuwaitis, 42 Somalis, 30 Albanians and Caucasians, 21 Bahrainis, 9 Emiratis, 8 Qataris, 3 Sudanese and 1 Mauritanian.<ref>[ 9936 Al-Qaeda-Linked Arabs Killed in Syria: Survey]</ref>
According to [[Abu Omar al-Shishani]], the Chechen [[Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant|ISIS]] commander, 500 militants from the Caucasus had been killed by mid-January 2014 since the start of the war.<ref>[ ISIL Beheads 40 Members Of Rival Group In Aleppo]</ref>
===Foreign soldiers killed===
25 foreign soldiers have been killed during the conflict.
{{flagicon|Iraq}} On 2 March 2013, one Iraqi soldier was killed during clashes between Syrian rebels and government forces at a Syrian-Iraqi border crossing.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Iraqi Soldier Killed by Fire from Syria | |date=2013-03-03 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> On 4 March 2013, 13 Iraqi soldiers were killed by unknown gunmen near the border with Syria while they were transporting 65 Syrian soldiers and government officials back to their country after they had retreated to Iraq a few days earlier. 48 of the Syrians were also killed in the attack.<ref>{{cite web|last=Yacoub |first=Khaled |url= |title=At least 40 Syrian soldiers killed going home in Iraq | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|last=Donnelly |first=Thomas |url= |title=Syrian jets bomb northern city overrun by rebels | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> On 9 June 2013, Syrian rebels attacked a southern Iraqi border post, killing one Iraqi guard and wounding two.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Syria rebels fire on Iraq border posts, one killed | |date=2013-06-09 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> On 14 July 2013, another attack by fighters from the Syrian side of the border left one Iraqi policeman dead and five others wounded.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Iraqi border guard killed in Syria violence spillover | |date=2013-07-13 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref>
{{flagicon|Jordan}} A Jordanian soldier was killed in clashes with armed militants who were attempting to cross the border from Jordan into Syria on 22 October 2012.<ref>{{cite web|author=By BARBARA SURK Associated Press |url= |title=Syrian violence spills into Jordan, Lebanon | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref>
{{flagicon|Lebanon}} On 1 February 2013, two Lebanese soldiers were killed, along with 1-2 militants, and six were wounded in clashes near the Syrian border which started after an attempt by the military to arrest an anti-Assad rebel commander, who was also killed.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Arsal ambush kills two Lebanese soldiers hunting wanted fugitive | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref><ref>[ Soldiers in Lebanon Die in Raid Near Syria]</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Four soldiers killed in east Lebanon ambush | |date=2013-02-01 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> Three Lebanese soldiers were killed in an attack on their checkpoint near the border town of Arsal by unknown militants who than fled over the border into Syria.<ref>[ Violence in Lebanese Border Towns Adds to Fears of Syrian Encroachment]</ref>
{{flagicon|Turkey}} Two members of the Turkish Air Force were killed when their F-4 Phantom II military jet was shot down near the Turkish-Syrian border by the Syrian Army on 22 June 2012.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Turkey locates bodies of downed jet pilots | |date= |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref> On 2 May 2013, one Turkish border guard policeman was killed in a clash with smugglers or rebel fighters on the border between Turkey and Syria. According to the opposition, two rebels were killed as well.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Turkish police killed in clashes on Syrian border | |date=2013-05-02 |accessdate=2013-08-30}}</ref>
{{Syrian civil war}}
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