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On March 13, 2014, Arizona United Soccer Club, LLC was incorporated in the State of [[Arizona]] to bring a professional football team to Peoria, Arizona. .
On June 18, 2012, BDR Sports LLC was incorporated in the State of [[Arizona]] to bring a professional football team to Phoenix.<ref>{{cite web|title=Business Entity Search|publisher=Arizona Corporation Commission|accessdate=2012-07-19|url=}}</ref> On July 2, 2012, the [[USL Pro]] awarded a franchise to the BDR group for the 2013 season.<ref>{{cite news|title=Phoenix to Join USL PRO in 2013|publisher=United Soccer Leagues (USL)|date=2012-07-02|accessdate=2012-07-02|url=}}</ref> On July 15, the team announced they had hired [[David Robertson (footballer born 1968)|David Robertson]], Director of Boy's Coaching at Sereno Soccer Club, as Head Coach. He is a former [[Rangers F.C.|Rangers]], [[Aberdeen F.C.|Aberdeen]] and [[Leeds United A.F.C.|Leeds United]] player. He also managed [[Elgin City F.C.|Elgin City]] and [[Montrose F.C.|Montrose]] in the [[Scottish Football League Third Division|Scottish Third Division]]. The team name ("Phoenix City FC") and colors were announced the same day.<ref>{{cite news|title=USL Pro Valley team names coach, reveals team name|publisher=''Arizona Republic''|date=2012-07-15|accessdate=2012-07-15|url=}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|title=New USL PRO Team Owners Met With LFR 1881 Yesterday; Team Name, Team Colors & Head Coach Announced||date=2012-07-16|accessdate=2012-07-19|url=}}</ref> On August 28, the team selected [[Umbro]] as the team's official football uniform and equipment supplier.<ref>[ Team Facebook Page]</ref> On September 7, the team renamed itself "Phoenix FC", introduced its logo and selected "Wolves" as their nickname.<ref>{{cite web|title=Phoenix Announces Name and Logo|publisher=United Soccer Leagues (USL)|date=2012-09-07|accessdate=2012-09-07|url=}}</ref>
On September 27, 2012, former [[Aberdeen F.C.|Aberdeen]] striker [[Darren Mackie]] signed a one-year contract with Phoenix FC, becoming their first player signing.<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=Phoenix FC officially signs first player, former Scottish Premier League forward, according to sources|work=Odeen Domingo|publisher=''Arizona Republic''|date=27 September 2012|accessdate=27 September 2012}}</ref><ref>{{cite news|url=|title=Darren Mackie, Phoenix FC's first signing and former Scottish Premier League striker, answers fans questions sent through Twitter; Phoenix FC tryouts update|work=Odeen Domingo|publisher=''Arizona Republic''|date=28 September 2012|accessdate=30 September 2012}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Phoenix FC Signs First Player Former Aberdeen FW Darren Mackie||date=28 September 2012|accessdate=30 September 2012}}</ref>
On December 11, 2012, Phoenix FC and [[Arizona State University]] announced a stadium agreement for 2013. Phoenix FC will play home games at Sun Devil Stadium beginning in April 2013. As part of the deal, the seating capacity was meant to be expanded by more than 4,000 additional seats, taking the total capacity to over 5,000 seats. However, due to the position of stadium lights poles on the east side of the stadium, the capacity was revised to just over 3,400.<ref>[ Phoenix FC Scores With Sun Devil Soccer Stadium Deal]</ref><ref>[ Phoenix pro soccer team will stake home field at ASU in Tempe]</ref><ref></ref>
[[File:PhoenixFCWolves.png|thumb|right|Phoenix FC logo (2012-14)]]
===2013: Inaugural season===
{{main|2013 Phoenix FC season}}
Phoenix FC opened their first season with a 2-0 loss to the [[Los Angeles Blues]] on March 23, 2013.<ref name="firstgame">{{cite news | url= | title=Phoenix FC loses first ever game on Saturday; played much of the match a man down | publisher=''Arizona Republic'' | date=March 24, 2013 | accessdate=April 4, 2013}}</ref><ref name="firstgame2">{{cite news | url= | title=Match Report – Los Angeles Blues vs. Phoenix FC | publisher=AZKicksIt | date=March 24, 2013 | accessdate=April 4, 2013}}</ref> They won their home opener at [[Sun Devil Soccer Stadium]] on March 30, 2013. They defeated [[VSI Tampa Bay FC]] 1-0 on a goal by [[Joao Inacio de Jesus Cerqueria|Netinho]] before a soldout, standing room crowd of 4,198.<ref name="firstwin">{{cite news | url= | title=Netinho scores Phoenix FC's 1st goal in win | publisher=''Arizona Republic'' | date=March 31, 2013 | accessdate=April 4, 2013}}</ref><ref name="firstwin2">{{cite news | url= | title=Phoenix FC gets first win in club history | publisher=AZKicksIt | date=March 30, 2013 | accessdate=April 4, 2013}}</ref><ref name="firstwin3">{{cite news | url= | title=LA Blues Open USL Pro Season With A Victory | | date=March 24, 2013 | accessdate=April 4, 2013}}</ref>
The team finished the 2013 season with 5 Wins, 14 Losses and 7 Ties.<ref name="seasonsend">{{cite web | url= | title=‘With a Whimper’: The Story of the 2013 Phoenix FC Wolves | work=Jason Robertson | | date=August 21, 2013 | accessdate=August 22, 2013}}</ref> [[Donny Toia]] lead the team in scoring with six goals and was a nominee for USL Pro Rookie of the Year.<ref name="ToiaROYnom">{{cite web | url= | title=USL PRO Awards Finalists Announced | publisher=United Soccer Leagues (USL) | date=September 4, 2013 | accessdate=October 5, 2013}}</ref>
===New Ownership, New Name===
The [[USL Pro]] revoked the Phoenix franchise rights from BDR Sports LLC on November 1, 2013, citing multiple violations of the franchise agreement, failing to pay its players on time and for submitting misleading and inaccurate financial statements.<ref name="RightsRevoked1">{{cite web | url= | title=Phoenix FC terminated from USL PRO | work=Odeen Domingo | | date=November 1, 2013 | accessdate=December 27, 2013}}</ref><ref name="RightsRevoked2">{{cite web | url= | title=USL PRO terminates soccer franchise with Phoenix FC Wolves owners | publisher=''Indy Week'' | date=November 2, 2013 | accessdate=December 27, 2013}}</ref><ref name="RightsRevoked3">{{cite web | url= | title=League pulls franchise from Phoenix FC owners group | work=Ted Prezelski | publisher=''Tucson Sentinel'' | date=November 2, 2013 | accessdate=December 27, 2013}}</ref><ref name="RightsRevoked4">{{cite web | url= | title=USL PRO Statement | publisher=United Soccer Leagues (USL) | date=November 2, 2013 | accessdate=December 27, 2013}}</ref> On December 16, 2013, [[USL Pro]] awarded the franchise rights for Phoenix FC to American Soccer Marketing LLC, owned by former interim Team President Tim Donald.<ref name="NewOwners1">{{cite web | url= | title=USL PRO Awards Phoenix Franchise Rights | publisher=United Soccer Leagues (USL) | date=December 16, 2013 | accessdate=December 27, 2013}}</ref><ref name="NewOwners2">{{cite web | url= | title=Phoenix FC, USL PRO announce new ownership group | work=Odeen Domingo | | date=December 16, 2013 | accessdate=December 27, 2013}}</ref><ref name="NewOwners3">{{cite web | url= | title=Phoenix FC to be back in 2014 under new ownership | work=Garrett Cleverly | publisher=AZKicksIt | date=December 16, 2013 | accessdate=December 27, 2013}}</ref> The franchise agreement stipulated that American Soccer Marketing would be required to pay off the teams debts (especially pay and bonuses owned to players from last season) before they could sign players. On March 12, 2014, American Soccer Marketing announced that it could not continue operating the team and returned the franchise back to the USL Pro. <ref name="AZUnitedNew4">{{cite web | url= | title=Arizona United SC will pay off Phoenix FC’s player debts | work=Odeen Domingo | | date=March 14, 2014 | accessdate=March 14, 2014}}</ref>
On March 13, 2014, Kyle Eng, owner of the Arrowhead Advertising marketing firm, purchased the team from USL Pro and renamed it Arizona United SC. <ref name="AZUnitedNew1">{{cite web | url= | title=Phoenix FC to rebrand, reveals new owners, club name and crest | work=Odeen Domingo | | date=March 13, 2014 | accessdate=March 13, 2014}}</ref><ref name="AZUnitedNew2">{{cite web | url= | title=Ownership Change, Rebrand in Phoenix | publisher=United Soccer Leagues (USL) | date=March 13, 2014 | accessdate=March 13, 2014}}</ref><ref name="AZUnitedNew3">{{cite web | url= | title=USL PRO announces Arizona United SC | work=Garrett Cleverly | publisher=AZKicksIt | date=March 13, 2014 | accessdate=March 13, 2014}}</ref>
===2014 Season===
===2014 Season===
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