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{{Infobox comedian
| name = Maeve Higgins
| image = Maevehiggins.jpg
| imagesize = 150px
| caption = Maeve Higgins in 2007
| birth_name =
| birth_date = {{birth date and age|df=yes|1981|3|24}}
| birth_place = [[Cobh]], County Cork, Ireland
| medium = [[Stand-up comedy|Stand-up]], [[television]]
| nationality =
| active = 2004–present
| genre = [[Observational comedy]], [[Sketch comedy|Sketch]]
| influences =
| website = []
| notable_work = ''[[Naked Camera]]'' <br /> ''[[Maeve Higgins' Fancy Vittles]]''
'''Maeve Higgins''' (born 24 March 1981) is an Irish comedian, from [[Cobh]], County Cork. She was a principal actor/writer of the [[Raidió Teilifís Éireann|RTÉ]] production ''[[Naked Camera]]'', as well for her own show ''[[Maeve Higgins' Fancy Vittles]]''. She has a regular, Tuesday morning, slot on ''[[The Ray D'Arcy Show]]'' on [[Today FM]] called "What would Maeve do?",<ref>[ "What would Maeve do?"]</ref> which provides tongue-in-cheek advice to listeners' questions.
Higgins hosts her own radio show on Today FM titled "Maeve Higgins's Amusing Notes".
'''Maeve Higgins''' is an Irish writer and comedian. She starred in RTE's Naked Camera and her own series Fancy Vittles and is the author of a collection of essays entitled 'We Have A Good Time, Don't We?' She is a regular columnist with The Irish Times.
==Early life==
Higgins was born in [[Cobh]], County Cork, and attended Walterstown National Primary School and Saint Aloysius' College, Carrigtwohill. She later studied photography in [[Colaiste Dhulaigh]], Dublin, finishing her studies in 2004. Soon after that she began doing stand-up comedy. Higgins is a close friend of Irish comedian [[David O'Doherty]].
Higgins started up in comedy in 2004 and has written and performed at many festivals and shows. She began her comedy career on national radio station [[Today FM]] after auditioning on ''[[The Ray D'Arcy Show]]'' in February 2004. She failed to win.<ref>{{cite news|url=|title='Bridezilla' and the art of making people laugh|date=28 May 2006|accessdate=26 December 2008|last=Hynes|first=Liadan|work=Sunday Independent}}</ref>
In 2005, she took part in the hidden camera show ''Naked Camera'' with fellow comedian and friend [[PJ Gallagher (comedian)|PJ Gallagher]]. She landed her own television show, ''Maeve Higgins' Fancy Vittles'', in 2009. Since 2010 she's occasionally been performing with [[Josie Long]] and [[Isy Suttie]].
*‘Ha Ha Yum’ with sister, Lilly, at the [[Edinburgh Fringe Festival]]
*‘Slightly Amazing’ at the [[Adelaide Fringe Festival]]
*‘My News’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
*‘Ha Ha Yum’ with Claudia O’Doherty at the [[Melbourne International Comedy Festival]]
*‘Kitten Brides’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
*‘I Can’t Sleep’, a children’s play written by David O'Doherty. Higgins performed this skit with O'Doherty at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.<ref>[ The List: "I can't Sleep"]</ref>
*‘Kitten Brides’ at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival
*‘I Can’t Sleep’ at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival
*‘Kitten Brides’ at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival
*'A Rare Sight' at the Brisbane Comedy Festival. Performed with Nick Coyle.
*'A Rare Sight' at the [[Melbourne International Comedy Festival]]. Performed with Nick Coyle.
*'A Rare Sight' at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival. Nick Coyle could not attend due to surgery on shoulder.
*'Personal Best' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
===As herself===
* 2008 ''[[Spicks and Specks (TV series)]]''
* 2005, 2006 ''[[Tubridy Tonight]]''
* 2009 ''[[The Podge and Rodge Show]]''
* 2009 ''[[Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation]]''
* 2009 ''The Modest Adventures of David O'Doherty''
* 2009 ''[[Maeve Higgins' Fancy Vittles]]''
===Acting work===
* 2005-2007 ''[[Naked Camera]]'' - Various characters
* 2006 ''Magic'' - Chloe
* 2010 "Moone Boy"
===As writer===
* 2005-2007 ''[[Naked Camera]]''
* 2009 [[Maeve Higgins' Fancy Vittles]]
* 'What Would Maeve Do?' on ''[[The Ray D'Arcy Show]]''
==External links==
* []
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|PLACE OF BIRTH=[[Cobh]], [[County Cork]]
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