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==Cogeco Diffusion Inc.==
==Cogeco Diffusion Inc.==
The media subsidiary that began as Cogeco Radio-Télévision until they were renamed as Cogeco Diffusion Inc. in 2011 following the takeover of [[Corus Quebec]] from [[Corus Entertainment]].
Cogeco Diffusion Acquisitions Inc. (“CDI”), wholly-owns and operates thirteen (13) radio stations across most of Québec with complementary radio formats serving a wide range of audiences, as well as COGECO News. CDI also operates COGECO Métromédia, an advertising representation house specialized in the public transit sector that holds exclusive advertising rights in the Province of Québec where it also represents its business partners active across other Canadian markets.
Prior to Cogeco's acquisition of [[Corus Québec]], all its stations, except CJMF-FM, were part of the [[Adult Contemporary]] network, '''[[Rythme FM]]'''.
* [[Montreal]] - [[CFGL-FM]] 105.7
* [[Quebec City]] - [[CJEC-FM]] 91.9 ''(later sold to Leclerc Communication)''
* [[Quebec City]] - [[CJMF-FM]] 93.3
* [[Sherbrooke]] - [[CFGE-FM]] 93.7
* [[Trois-Rivières]] - [[CJEB-FM]] 100.1
Cogeco also owned the now-defunct [[CKO]] radio network after acquiring [[AGRA Industries|AGRA]] subsidiary Cybermedix in 1989; the network and its stations went dark in November of that year.
====Acquisition of Corus Québec====
On April 30, 2010, it was announced that Cogeco will acquire all radio stations owned by [[Corus Entertainment]] in Quebec, including its [[Corus Québec]] group of stations and Montreal anglophone station CFQR-FM (since re-called [[CKBE-FM]]), pending [[Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission|CRTC]] approval.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Canada's Corus Entertainment sells all its stations in Quebec, including Montreal |date=April 30, 2010 |}}</ref> Cogeco will acquire these stations for $80 million, as these stations are less profitable to Corus than their stations in other parts of Canada.<ref>[[St. Petersburg Times]], "Canada Report" column, May 9, 2010.</ref> However, Cogeco must either apply with the CRTC for an exemption from the common ownership policy, or sell off some of these (or their own) stations as they will be over the maximum allowable number of stations in Montreal, Quebec City, and Sherbrooke.
The sale of the Corus Québec stations to Cogeco has been approved by the CRTC on December 17, 2010, on the condition that Cogeco-owned [[CJEC-FM]] and Corus-owned [[CFEL-FM]] and CKOY-FM (since re-called [[CJTS-FM]]) be sold to another party by December 2011.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2010-942: "Transfer of effective control of various commercial radio programming undertakings from Corus Entertainment Inc. to Cogeco inc.", issued December 17, 2010 | |date= |accessdate=2011-11-28}}</ref> On November 9, 2011, it was announced that Cogeco would sell CFEL-FM and CJEC-FM to Leclerc Communication Inc., a company owned by Quebec City businessman Jacques Leclerc, owner of [[Laura Secord Chocolates]] and Biscuits Leclerc.<ref>[ Le Soleil: ''Rythme FM et CKOI vendues... ou presque'', November 9, 2011.]{{fr icon}}</ref> The sale was approved by the CRTC on January 19 and completed on January 31, [[2012 in radio|2012]].<ref>[ CKOI et Rythme FM officiellement à Leclerc communication] -- Quebec Hebdo (Retrieved 2012-01-31)</ref> The stations were delisted from Cogeco Diffusion's website shortly thereafter.<ref>[ Cogeco Diffusion]</ref> CJTS-FM would cease operations on December 6, 2011, when Cogeco was unable to find a buyer for the station by the deadline;<ref>[ Cogeco press release: "CJTS-FM to close its doors", December 6, 2011.]</ref> its license has since been cancelled.<ref>[ Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2011-808, December 22, 2011.]</ref>
The sale also included the transmitter sites and equipment in [[Kahnawake]], which were previously used for [[CINF]] and [[CINW]], before the stations closed down in January 2010; the sale excluded the licenses, as they were submitted to the CRTC for cancellation.<ref>{{cite web|last=Faguy |first=Steve |url= |title=The Gazette (Montreal): "Radio: Not just the usual channels", October 29, 2011 | |date=2011-10-29 |accessdate=2011-11-28}}</ref>
The sale did not include [[CKRS-FM]] in [[Saguenay, Quebec|Saguenay]], which was sold to a local company, Radio Saguenay.<ref>[ Corus sells Saguenay station to local buyers], The Wire Report, 25 June 2010</ref>
The stations acquired were:
* [[Gatineau]] - CJRC-FM (now [[CKOF-FM]])
* [[Montreal]] - CFQR-FM (now [[CKBE-FM]]), [[CHMP-FM]], [[CKAC]], [[CKOI-FM]]
* [[Quebec City]] - [[CFOM-FM]], [[CFEL-FM]] (CFEL later sold to Leclerc Communication)
* [[Saint-Jérôme, Quebec|Saint-Jérôme]] - [[CIME-FM]]
* [[Sherbrooke]] - [[CKOY-FM]], [[CJTS-FM]] (CJTS now defunct)
* [[Trois-Rivières]] - CHLN-FM (now [[CKOB-FM]])
[[Image:Cogeco television.jpg|thumb|right|Cogeco Télévision]]
Cogeco's primary television venture is the [[TVCogeco]] system of local [[community channel (Canada)|community channels]] in markets served by Cogeco Cable. As of the sale of TQS, Cogeco no longer owns any conventional television assets. In 2008. Cogeco also sold its 20% interest in [[Canal Indigo]] to Quebecor Media.{{Citation needed|date=January 2010}}
The five TQS [[owned-and-operated station|O&Os]] which were owned by Cogeco were acquired by Remstar as part of the TQS transaction:
* [[Montreal]] - [[CFJP-DT|CFJP]] (TQS)
* [[Quebec City]] - [[CFAP-DT|CFAP]] (TQS)
* [[Saguenay, Quebec|Saguenay]] - [[CFRS-DT|CFRS]] (TQS)
* [[Sherbrooke]] - [[CFKS-DT|CFKS]] (TQS)
* [[Trois-Rivières]] - [[CFKM-DT|CFKM]] (TQS)
Concurrently, Cogeco also sold its three [[Télévision de Radio-Canada]] affiliates directly to the CBC:
* [[Saguenay, Quebec|Saguenay]] - [[CKTV-DT|CKTV]] ([[Télévision de Radio-Canada|Radio-Canada]])
* [[Sherbrooke]] - [[CKSH-DT|CKSH]] (Radio-Canada)
* [[Trois-Rivières]] - [[CKTM-DT|CKTM]] (Radio-Canada)
===Cogeco Métromédia===
===Cogeco Métromédia===
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