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'''Visual Collaborative ™''' is an organization that puts together charitable events which feature emerging, notable creative professionals and visual artists. The primary goal of the events is to educate, entertain and enlighten the society about the professionals and the featured work.
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Founded by Ade Abayomi Olufeko in the fall of 2006, The group's inagural event took place in 2007 at the Center for Independent Artists in South [[Minneapolis|Minneapolis]], focusing on bringing awareness to various causes such as hunger and diabetes. Through partnering with foundations, such as Voices for Children Miami<ref>Voices for Children Miami-Dade benefit</ref> Visual Collaborative produces digital expositions, art events, and promotes [[Sustainable_design| sustainable design]]. The group which headquarters in Minneapolis and operates out of [[New_York_City|New York]], to date, has showcased the works of emerging artists in the cities of Minneapois, Miami, San Francisco and Washington D.C.<ref></ref> and has a database of over 500 Artists and media designers.
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== History ==
Creative technologist Adeolu Abayomi Olufeko, a veteran technology consultant, frequented the [[Walker_Art_Center|Walker Art Center]], as well as other areas galleries in the [[Minneapolis–Saint_Paul|Twin Cities]], observed his friends and other creative professionals who encountered stumbling blocks with getting their works featured. After careful thought, he retreated into the surburan area of [[Uptown,_Minneapolis|Uptown Minneapolis]] and strategized on how to create an event as a contribution to the artistic and technology industries. It's first show aired on [[Nigerian_Village_Square|Nigerian Village Square]], a webcast shown on [[Africa_Independent_Television|AIT]].
== Expositions ==
The Visual Collaborative exhibitions occur in a traveling formated pattern, happening as pop-ups in reputable galleries, lofts, resturants <ref>Visual Grandeur Article (December 26th 2011)</ref> or donated spaces by private owners <ref>Haute Fashion Africa</ref> or philantrophists whom are patron of the arts.
== Group Exhibitions ==
===Washington D.C.===
====Visual Grandeur Series, Marrakech - Adams Morgan, (Washington, DC)====
*''Featured Artist'' Aniekan Udofia / (Washington, DC)
*''Featured Artist'' Hasaan Kirkland / (Charlotte, North Carolina)
*''Featured Artist'' Stanley Agbontaen / (Washington, DC)
*''Featured Artist'' Eugene Ankomah / (London, United Kingdom)
*''Featured Creative Technologist'' Ade Olufeko / (Queens, New York)
*''Curator, Producer'' Ade Olufeko / (Queens, New York)
===San Francisco, CA.===
====Visual Collaborative III, Wonderland SF Gallery, (San Francisco)====
*''Featured Artist'' Lee Harvey Rosewell / (San Francisco, California)
*''Featured Artist'' Miko Simmons / (Minneapolis, Minnnesota)
*''Featured Artist'' Albero Hernandez / (San Francisco, California)
*''Featured Artist'' Alec Huxley / (San Francisco, California)
*''Featured Artist'' Ben Jones/ (Lincoln, Nebraska)
*''Featured Artist'' Chris W. Stokes / (San Francisco, California)
*''Featured Artist'' Joshua Lawyer / (San Francisco, California)
*''Featured Artist'' Kate Daly / (San Francisco, California)
*''Featured Artist'' Robert Garcia / (San Francisco, California)
*''Featured Artist'' Kurt Winckelmann/(San Rafael, California)
*''Featured Creative Technologist'' Ade Olufeko/ (Queens, New York)
*''Gallery Director'' Irene Hernandez-Feiks
*''Curator, Producer'' Ade Olufeko
===Miami, Florida===
====Visual Collaborative, The Undercurrent Arts, (Miami, Florida)====
*''Featured Artist'' Miko Simmons / (Minneapolis, Minnnesota)
*''Featured Artist'' Ade Olufeko / (Queens, New York)
*''Featured Artist'' Linda Zacks / (Brooklyn, New York)
*''Featured Artist'' Jens Karlsson / (Brooklyn, New York)
*''Featured Artist'' Tiphanie Brooke / (Phoenix, Arizona)
*''Featured Artist'' Dawn Okoro/ (Austin, Texas)
*''Gallery Director'' Margaret Kosyk / (Minneapolis, Minnnesota)
*''Curator, Producer'' Ade Olufeko / (Minneapolis, Minnnesota)
*''Producer, Publicist'' Yetunde Taiwo / (Miami, Florida)
*''Foundation'' Voices for Children Miami.
====Visual Collaborative, Center for Independent Artists, (Minneapolis, Minnesota )====
*''Featured Artist'' Miko Simmons / (Minneapolis, Minnnesota)
*''Featured Artist'' Linda Zacks / (Brooklyn, New York)
*''Featured Artist'' Mike Cina & Mike Young) / (Minneapolis, MN & Baltimore, MD)
*''Featured Artist'' Tolu Olumide / (Baltimore, Maryland)
*''Featured Photographer'' Tim Schools / (Minneapolis, Minnnesota)
*''Featured Photographer'' Loren Kollmar / (Minneapolis, Minnnesota)
*''Featured Creative Technologist'' Ade Olufeko / (Minneapolis, Minnnesota)
*''Gallery Director'' Mankwe Ndosi / (Minneapolis, Minnnesota)
*''Curator, Producer'' Ade Olufeko / (Minneapolis, Minnnesota)
*''Producer, Strategy '' Holland Turner/ (Minneapolis, Minnnesota)
*''Producer, Publicist'' Yetunde Taiwo / (Miami, Florida)
== References ==
<references />
==External links==
*[ Official Website]
*[ Inception Gallery]
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