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Article: Public holidays in the United States
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*Fourth Thursday in November - [[Thanksgiving (United States)|Thanksgiving]]
*Fourth Thursday in November - [[Thanksgiving (United States)|Thanksgiving]]
*December 25 - [[Christmas]]
*December 25 - [[Christmas]]
===Legal holidays observed by a single state===
{{Flagicon|Alaska}} '''[[Alaska]]'''<ref name="Alaska" />
*Last Monday in March - [[Seward's Day]]
*October 18 - [[Alaska Day]]
{{Flagicon|Hawaii}} '''[[Hawaii]]'''<ref name="Hawaii" />
*March 26 - [[Prince Kūhiō Day|Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day]]
*June 11 - [[Kamehameha Day|King Kamehameha I Day]]
*Third Friday in August - [[List of U.S. states by date of statehood|Statehood Day]]
{{Flagicon|Indiana}} '''[[Indiana]]'''<ref name="Indiana" />
*Tuesday after first Monday in May - [[Primary election|Primary Election Day]]*
{{Flagicon|Louisiana}} '''[[Louisiana]]'''<ref name="Louisiana" />
*Variable date - [[Mardi Gras]]
{{Flagicon|Maryland}} '''[[Maryland]]'''<ref name="Maryland" />
*Friday before last Monday in May - Service Reduction Day
*Friday before first Monday in September - Service Reduction Day
*Wednesday before fourth Thursday in November - Service Reduction Day
*December 24 - Service Reduction Day
*December 31 - Service Reduction Day
{{Flagicon|Massachusetts}} '''[[Massachusetts]]'''<ref name="Massachusetts" />
*March 17 - [[Evacuation Day (Massachusetts)|Evacuation Day]]
{{Flagicon|Missouri}} '''[[Missouri]]'''<ref name="Missouri" />
*May 8 - [[Truman Day]]
{{Flagicon|Nebraska}} '''[[Nebraska]]'''<ref name="Nebraska" />
*Last Friday in April - [[Arbor Day]]
{{Flagicon|Nevada}} '''[[Nevada]]'''<ref name="Nevada" />
*Last Friday in October - [[Nevada Day]]
{{Flagicon|Pennsylvania}} '''[[Pennsylvania]]'''<ref name="Pennsylvania" />
*June 14 - [[Flag Day]]{{Citation needed|date=January 2012}}
{{Flagicon|Rhode Island}} '''[[Rhode Island]]'''<ref name="Rhode Island" />
*Second Monday in August - [[Victory Day]]
{{Flagicon|South Dakota}} '''[[South Dakota]]'''<ref name="South Dakota" />
*Second Monday in October - [[Native American Day]]
{{Flagicon|Texas}} '''[[Texas]]'''<ref name="Texas" />
*March 2 - [[Texas Independence Day]] <small>(partial staffing holiday)</small>
*April 21 - [[San Jacinto Day]] <small>(partial staffing holiday)</small>
*June 19 - [[Juneteenth|Emancipation Day in Texas]] <small>(partial staffing holiday)</small>
*August 27 - [[Lyndon Baines Johnson Day]] <small>(partial staffing holiday)</small>
*Variable date in September/October - [[Rosh Hashanah]] <small>(optional holiday)</small>
*Variable date in September/October - [[Yom Kippur]] <small>(optional holiday)</small>
{{Flagicon|Utah}} '''[[Utah]]'''<ref name="Utah" />
*July 24 - [[Pioneer Day (Utah)|Pioneer Day]]
{{Flagicon|Vermont}} '''[[Vermont]]'''<ref name="Vermont" />
*First Tuesday in March - [[Town meeting#Vermont|Town Meeting Day]]
*August 16 - [[Bennington Battle Day]]
{{Flagicon|Virginia}} '''[[Virginia]]'''<ref name="Virginia" />
*Friday before third Monday in January - [[Lee–Jackson Day]]
{{Flagicon|West Virginia}} '''[[West Virginia]]'''<ref name="West Virginia" />
*June 20 - [[West Virginia Day]]
{{Flagicon|Wisconsin}} '''[[Wisconsin]]'''<ref name="Wisconsin" />
*February 15 - [[Susan B. Anthony Day]]{{Citation needed|date=January 2012}}
*Second Tuesday in September - [[Primary election|Primary Election Day]]{{Citation needed|date=January 2012}}
==Other holidays locally observed==
==Other holidays locally observed==
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