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Article: Anlo Ewe
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As elderly respect is in high regard in the Ewe society, funerals, traditionally, are extravagant events incorporating a multitude of events over a month’s span:
# Amedigbe: The body, previously preserved with herbs, is buried on this day usually two to three days after death.
# Ndinamegbe: The day after the burial principal mourners are received.
# Nudogbe: Day for wake-keeping 4–6 days after burial.
# Yofogbe: The day after wake-keeping lineage rituals are performed and family members of the deceased receive gifts and donations for funeral expenses.
# Akontawogbe: Donations are counted three days later.
# Xomefewogbe: Several days later a final cost of the funeral is calculated and donations may be repaid or more money may be raised.
Funeral donations are a main focus in the proceedings of the ceremonies due to the high cost of an Anglo funeral. Costs include the coffin, burial clothes, public dances, food and alcohol, also guest accommodations.<ref name="Nukunya"/>
In present day, in a more modernized and mobile society these funeral ceremonies usually take place over a single weekend several weeks after death to allow for distant relatives to prepare and accommodate work.
In Anlo-Ewe society, funerals are the most likely places to see the colorful performances of dance-drumming groups. A lively and spectacular performance usually follows the life of an honorable and involved member of the community. Sometimes distant family members may even commission performances months after death if they could not be present at the actual funeral.<ref name="dance"/>
Newborn Anlo Ewe boys are circumcised on the seventh day after their birth. They are also named on this day. Newborn Anlo Ewe girls have their ears pierced on the seventh day after their births. They are named on that day. {{Citation needed|date=February 2007}}
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==See also==
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