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A total disaster !!
[[Chelsea F.C.|Chelsea]] confirmed the appointment of Villas-Boas as their new manager on a three-year contract with immediate effect on 22 June 2011.<ref>{{Cite news|url=|title=Chelsea appoint former Porto coach André Villas-Boas on three-year deal|date=22 June 2011|newspaper=The Guardian|accessdate=22 June 2011|location=London|first=Paul|last=Doyle}}</ref><ref>{{Cite web|url=,,10268~2380210,00.html|title=Villas-Boas appointed|publisher=Chelsea F.C|accessdate=22 June 2011}}</ref> They indirectly paid Porto €15{{nbsp}}million (£13.3{{nbsp}}million) compensation via Villas-Boas to activate his release clause and free him from his contract.<ref>{{Cite news|url=,19528,11668_6999591,00.html |title=Chelsea close on Villas-Boas |publisher=Sky Sports |date= |accessdate=2011-06-22}}</ref> On 30 July 2011, during the [[Season (sports)|pre-season]], Villas-Boas won his first piece of silverware with Chelsea, the [[2011 Barclays Asia Trophy]]. Villas-Boas won all of his pre-season fixtures with Chelsea, with the team conceding only one goal in all six games.
On 14 August, Villas-Boas had a managerial debut against [[Stoke City F.C.|Stoke City]] at the [[Britannia Stadium]]. It was a 0–0 stalemate, with Villas-Boas commenting on Stoke's strong defence at home. Villas-Boas then won his first competitive match as Chelsea manager, defeating [[West Bromwich Albion F.C.|West Bromwich Albion]] 2–1 on 20 August. He continued his season with a back-to-back home wins beating [[Norwich City F.C.|Norwich City]] 3–1. On 18 September 2011, Villas-Boas's Chelsea lost to [[Manchester United F.C.|Manchester United]] 3–1 at [[Old Trafford]]. It was Chelsea's first defeat of the season and Villas-Boas's first defeat in 39 league matches stretching back to his spells as manager of |Académica de Coimbra and Porto. On 29 October, Chelsea lost their second [[Arsenal F.C.–Chelsea F.C. rivalry|derby]] under Villas-Boas in a 5–3 defeat at home to [[Arsenal F.C.|Arsenal]] after falling to a 1–0 defeat to [[Queens Park Rangers F.C.|Queens Park Rangers]]. Then three weeks later, his Chelsea side lost a second successive home game in a 2–1 defeat to [[Liverpool F.C.|Liverpool]].
On 27 November, his Chelsea side once again lost to [[Liverpool F.C.|Liverpool]] in a 2–0 defeat which sent them crashing out of the [[Football League Cup|League Cup]] quarter-final. Chelsea followed with back to back league wins, winning 3–0 against [[Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.|Wolverhampton Wanderers]] (home) and against [[Newcastle United F.C|Newcastle United]] (away). On 6 December, they won 3–0 against [[Valencia F.C.|Valencia]] to advance as [[2011–12 UEFA Champions League group stage#Group_E|Group E winners to the knockout stage]] of the [[2011–12 UEFA Champions League]]. It was the first three consecutive wins with the same 3–0 score for Villas-Boas. On 12 December, Villa-Boas's team won the game against the only unbeaten club in the league, [[Manchester City F.C.|Manchester City]], winning 2–1 thanks to goals from [[Raul Meireles]] and [[Frank Lampard]].<ref>,,12606_7373372,00.html</ref> It was the third consecutive win for Chelsea. On 11 February 2012, pressure began to mount on Villas-Boas as Chelsea dropped out of the top four in the Premier League following a 2-0 league defeat against [[Everton F.C.|Everton]]. Villas-Boas responded by cancelling his squad's day off and called them in for an inquest, which only provoked several senior players to question his tactics in front of owner [[Roman Abramovich]].<ref>{{Cite news|url= |title=Five matches that led to Villas-Boas's dismissal |publisher=AFP News |accessdate=2012-03-04}}</ref>. On 21 February 2012, during the round of 16 UEFA Champions League match against Napoli, Villas-Boas left [[Frank Lampard]], [[Michael Essien]] and [[Ashley Cole]] on the bench at the start, prompting technical director Michael Emenalo to ask for an explanation of the team selection on behalf of club owner Abramovich.<ref>{{Cite news|url= |title=Five moments when André Villas-Boas's luck turned against him |publisher=The Guardian |accessdate=2012-03-04}}</ref>. On 4 March 2012, following a 1-0 league defeat against [[West Bromwich Albion F.C.|West Bromwich Albion]], the day before, which left Chelsea in fifth place three points adrift of [[Arsenal F.C.|Arsenal]] the battle for the fourth [[UEFA Champions League]] spot, Villas-Boas parted company with Chelsea, with assistant manager [[Roberto di Matteo]] being appointed as caretaker manager on an interim basis until the end of the season. On the Chelsea website it read: ''"The board would like to record our gratitude for his work and express our disappointment that the relationship has ended so early."''<ref>{{Cite news|url=,,10268~2633044,00.html |title=Chelsea and AVB part company |publisher=Chelsea F.C |accessdate=2012-03-04}}</ref>
==Personal life==
==Personal life==
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