Update (2015-11-21): Tweaked the way search queries are created from article text. Please let me know if things are not working as expected.

The given page doesn't seem to exist: Murder of Elsie Lie.

This tool attempts to detect copyright violations in articles. In search mode, it will check for similar content elsewhere on the web using Yahoo! BOSS and/or external links present in the text of the page, depending on which options are selected. In comparison mode, the tool will skip the searching step and display a report comparing the article to the given webpage, like the Duplication Detector.

Running a full check can take up to 45 seconds if other websites are slow. Please be patient. If you get a timeout, wait a moment and refresh the page.

Specific websites can be skipped (for example, if their content is in the public domain) by being added to the excluded URL list.

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