Update (2016-01-20): Turnitin support has been added. This is an initial version; expect things to break or change dramatically without warning. Please test it and let me know if you have any bugs or suggestions.

The given page doesn't seem to exist: Murder of Elsie Lie.

This tool attempts to detect copyright violations in articles. In search mode, it will check for similar content elsewhere on the web using Yahoo! BOSS, external links present in the text of the page, or Turnitin (provided by EranBot), depending on which options are selected. In comparison mode, the tool will skip the searching step and display a report comparing the article to the given webpage, like the Duplication Detector.

Running a full check can take up to a minute if other websites are slow or if the tool is under heavy use. Please be patient. If you get a timeout, wait a moment and refresh the page.

Specific websites can be skipped (for example, if they copy from Wikipedia) by being added to the excluded URL list.

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