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CropTool is a tool for cropping images (currently only jpeg files) at Wikimedia sites. Learn more.

To use CropTool you need to connect it to your Wikimedia account. This process is secure and your password will not be given to CropTool.

What to crop?

Enter the URL or filename for an image you would like to crop.

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Please wait while fetching image data and metadata... This might take some time depending on the filesize of the image...



Original: {{metadata.original.width}} x {{metadata.original.height}} px. Thumbnail: {{metadata.thumb.width}} x {{metadata.thumb.height}} px. View at {{site}}


Select a crop region by click-and-drag, or try the magic border locator.

Left: {{crop_dim.x}} px, top: {{crop_dim.y}} px, right: {{crop_dim.right}} px, bottom: {{crop_dim.bottom}} px.

Crop method:

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  • The precise method respects your selection, but as is usual with precise cropping, the process involves a small quality loss.
  • The lossless method makes use of jpegtran, treating the image in terms of blocks (8x8 or 16x16 px depending on sampling). If the upper left part of the crop region does not fall on a block boundary, the crop region will have to be increased so that it does. The resulting image will therefore in general be a few pixels larger than requested, but never smaller than requested, and never more than 16 px larger.

A lossless crop was performed. The resulting image is {{cropresults.width - crop_dim.w}} px wider and {{cropresults.height - crop_dim.h}} px higher than the region you selected. Why? Note that the extra pixels included are in the left and/or top part of the image.

A precise crop was performed.


The templates {{crop}} and {{remove border}} will be removed if found.

Please make sure you are familiar with Commons:Overwriting existing files.

File «{{newTitle}}» already exists.

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Cropped image uploaded successfully!

View the result. Refreshing the page might be necessary.

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