What is Dimensioner?

Dimensioner is a service that takes a set of Wikidata items and generates a database out of them automatically.

Isn't Wikidata already a database?

Yes, but it may not store the data usefully to you. It is a one dimensional table that maps an attribute of an entity to a value. Each row stores a single fact. You can't get a table of all people with each person in a row and each property in a column. This is a tool that will generate that multidimensional database.

Is this black magic?

We use extract of dehydrated dihydrogen monoxide.
But really we parse the Wikidata dump to divine the data. The first X items that match the criteria, we compare with each other and see how complete the data is for each property. If it is above threshold Y, we include this property in the data schema. Some properties have multiple values (i.e. a person can have many jobs.) In this case, properties that have more than Z percent of multiples will get normalised into another table. You can configure X, Y and Z in the advanced options.

How long does it take to get my results?

Preliminary research suggests a few hours, depending on the load.

How do I get started?

Click on the "Create database" tab above