DYK Stats

This is a simple tool to calculate visitor counts for the Did You Know Statistics page.

Usage should be self-explanatory, plug in the article, the date it appeared on DYK and the timeslot (this affects the calculation). There are also some caveats:

  • Data is aggressively cached, so if you think you are seeing incorrect date please let me know
  • You have to wait 1-2 days after DYK (depending on timeslot) for the data to be available
  • Data only goes back to October 2015, this is a limitation of the underlying WMF API
  • This tool will report higher numbers than stats.grok.se because it also includes mobile views


Source Data

This tool uses data from the new WMF page views API.

Why use it?

The tool has a number of advantages over stats.grok.se; firstly it calculates figures for you, avoiding errors in reading the graph. Secondly it also includes mobile views (which adds about 10%!). However, data is only available from October 2015 onwards (so earlier DYK's will need to rely on the other stats tools).

The Calculation

D-1 = Previous Day
D0 = DYK day
D+1 = Following day
D+2 = 2 Days later

The calculation varies depending on timeslot (because the PM timeslot traditionally generates views on the D+1).

For DYK's in the AM (00:00 to 12:00) timeslot: D0 - ((D-1 + D+1)/2)

For DYK's in the PM (12:00 to 00:00) timeslot: D0 + D+1 - ((D-1 + D+2)/2)