Extension registration wall of superpowers!

481/828 - 58.09%

In MediaWiki 1.25, a new system of loading extensions was introduced, called extension registration. Documentation is available on mediawiki.org.
This tracks the conversion of extensions to the new system. Once over 50% of extensions are converted, the page name will automatically change to "wall of superpowers!".
This page should update hourly. Inspired by the Python 3 Wall of Superpowers.

Extension/Skin Converted? Bug Version
3D Yes 1
AJAXPoll Yes 1
AbsenteeLandlord Yes T174865 1
AbuseFilter Yes T87876 (WMF) 1
AccessControl Yes T171576 2
AccountInfo Yes T174863 2
ActiveAbstract Yes T87880 (WMF) 1
AdManager Patch to review T180679
AddHTMLMetaAndTitle Patch to review T178218
AddMessages No
AddThis No
AdminLinks Patch to review T173058
AdvancedSearch Yes 1
AkismetKlik Yes 2
AllTimeZones No
Amethyst No
AnchorHandler No
Annotator No
AntiSpoof Yes T87881 (WMF) 1
ApiExplorer No
ApiFeatureUsage Yes T110266 (WMF) 1
ApprovedRevs Yes 1
Arrays No
ArticleCreationWorkflow Yes 2
ArticleFeedbackv5 Yes 1
ArticleIndex No
ArticlePlaceholder Yes 1
ArticleRatings Yes T145313 1
ArticleToCategory2 Yes T174478 2
Athena Yes 1
Auth_remoteuser Yes 1
AuthorProtect Yes T174042 2
AutoCreateCategoryPages Yes 1
AutoGallery Yes 1
AutoProxyBlock No
Awesomeness No
AzharAuth No
Babel Yes T87883 (WMF) 1
BaseHooks Yes 1
BatchUserRights Yes T174879 2
BetaFeatures Yes T87884 (WMF) 1
BibManager No
BiblioPlus No
Blackout Patch to review T180674
BlockAndNuke Yes 2
BlogPage Yes 1
BlueSky Yes 1
BlueSpiceAbout No
BlueSpiceArticleInfo Yes 1
BlueSpiceAuthors Yes 2
BlueSpiceAvatars Yes 2
BlueSpiceBlog Yes 2
BlueSpiceCategoryManager Yes 1
BlueSpiceChecklist Yes 1
BlueSpiceConfigManager Yes 1
BlueSpiceContextMenu Yes 1
BlueSpiceCountThings Yes 1
BlueSpiceDashboards Yes 1
BlueSpiceEditNotifyConnector Yes 1
BlueSpiceEmoticons Yes 1
BlueSpiceExtendedFilelist Yes 1
BlueSpiceExtendedSearch Yes 1
BlueSpiceExtendedStatistics Yes 1
BlueSpiceExtensions Yes 1
BlueSpiceFoundation Yes 2
BlueSpiceGroupManager Yes 1
BlueSpiceHideTitle No
BlueSpiceInsertCategory No
BlueSpiceInsertFile Yes 1
BlueSpiceInsertLink Yes 1
BlueSpiceInsertMagic Yes 1
BlueSpiceInsertTemplate Yes 1
BlueSpiceInterWikiLinks Yes 1
BlueSpiceMenues No
BlueSpiceMultiUpload Yes 1
BlueSpiceNamespaceCSS No
BlueSpiceNamespaceManager Yes 2
BlueSpicePageAccess Yes 1
BlueSpicePageAssignments No
BlueSpicePageTemplates Yes 2
BlueSpicePageVersion Yes 1
BlueSpicePagesVisited Yes 1
BlueSpicePermissionManager Yes 2
BlueSpiceRSSFeeder No
BlueSpiceReaders Yes 1
BlueSpiceSMWConnector Yes 1
BlueSpiceSaferEdit No
BlueSpiceSignHere Yes 1
BlueSpiceSkin Yes 2
BlueSpiceSmartlist Yes 1
BlueSpiceSubPageTree Yes 1
BlueSpiceTagCloud No
BlueSpiceUEModulePDF Yes 1
BlueSpiceUniversalExport Yes 1
BlueSpiceUsageTracker No
BlueSpiceUserManager Yes 1
BlueSpiceUserPreferences Yes 1
BlueSpiceWatchList Yes 1
BlueSpiceWhoIsOnline Yes 1
BoilerPlate Yes T104283 2
BounceHandler Yes T87885 (WMF) 1
Bouquet Yes 1
BreadCrumbs No
BreadCrumbs2 No
BrickipediaExtra Yes 1
Buggy Yes 1
CSS Yes 1
Calendar Yes 1
Campaigns Yes T87887 (WMF) 1
Capiunto Yes 1
Cargo Yes 1
Carp No
CategorySlideShow No
CategorySortHeaders No
CategoryTagSorter No
CategoryTests No
CategoryTree Yes T87888 (WMF) 1
CategoryWatch Yes 1
CentralAuth Yes T87889 (WMF) 1
CentralLogging No T180816
CentralNotice Yes T108721 (WMF) 1
Challenge Yes 1
ChangeAuthor No
CharInsert Yes T87890 (WMF) 1
CharRangeSpan No
CheckUser Yes T87891 (WMF) 1
Checkpoint No
CirrusSearch No T87892 (WMF)
Cite Yes T87893 (WMF) 1
CiteThisPage Yes 2
Citoid Yes 1
CleanChanges Yes T87896 (WMF) 1
ClientSide No
CloseWikis Patch to review T172038
CodeEditor Yes T87897 (WMF) 1
CodeMirror Yes 1
CodeReview Yes T87898 (WMF) 1
Cognate Yes 1
CollaborationKit Yes 1
CollapsibleVector Yes 1
Collection Patch to review T87899 (WMF)
CologneBlue Yes 1
CommentStreams Yes 1
Commentbox No
Comments Yes 1
CommonMessages No
CommonsMetadata Yes T87900 (WMF) 1
CommunityApplications No
CommunityHiring No
CommunityTwitter No
CommunityVoice No
ConditionalShowSection No
Configure No
ConfirmAccount Patch to review T100425
ConfirmEdit Yes T88047 (WMF) 1
CongressLookup No
ContactPage Yes T87901 (WMF) 1
ContentTranslation Yes T87902 (WMF) 1
Contest No
ContributionReporting No
ContributionScores No
ContributionTracking Yes T87903 (WMF) 1
ContributionsList No
Contributors Yes 1
ContributorsAddon Yes 1
Convert2Wiki No
CookieWarning Yes 1
CopyToClipboard No
CreatePage No
CreatePageUw Yes 1
CreateRedirect Yes T174131 2
CreateUserPage Yes 1
CreditsSource Yes T87904 (WMF) 1
CryoKey No
CustomPage Yes 1
D3Loader No
DPLforum Yes 1
Daddio Yes 1
Dashiki Yes 1
DataTransfer No
DataTypes No
DateDiff No
DebateTree Yes 1
DebugMode No
DebugTemplates No
DeleteBatch Patch to review T180818
DeleteOwn No
DeletePagesForGood Yes 1
Description2 Yes 1
DeskMessMirrored Yes 1
DeviceMapLogCapture No
Diagnosis No
DidYouKnow No
DidYouMean No
DisableAccount Yes T88048 (WMF) 1
Disambiguator Yes T87906 (WMF) 1
DiscussionThreading Yes 2
DismissableSiteNotice Yes T87907 (WMF) 1
DisplayTitle Yes 2
DisqusTag No
DjangoAnalytics No
DonationInterface Yes T108763 (WMF) 1
DoubleWiki Yes T87908 (WMF) 1
DownloadCounter No
Drafts No
Duplicator No
Dusk Yes 1
DuskToDawn Yes 1
DynamicPageList No
DynamicSidebar Yes T87909 (WMF) 1
Echo Yes T87910 (WMF) 2
EditAccount Yes 1
EditNotify Yes 1
EditOwn No
EditPageTracking No
EditSimilar Yes 1
EditSubpages Yes 1
EditUser Yes 1
Editcount Yes 1
EditcountAdditions Yes 1
EducationProgram Yes T87911 (WMF) 2
Elastica Yes T88049 (WMF) 1
ElectronPdfService Yes 1
EmailAuth Yes 1
EmailAuthorization Yes 1
EmailCapture No
EmailDiff Yes 1
Empty No
EnhanceContactForm No
ErrorHandler No
EtherEditor No
EtherpadLite No
EventBus Yes 1
EventLogging Yes T87912 (WMF) 1
Example Yes T141389 (easy!) 1
ExtJSBase Yes 2
ExtTab No
ExtensionDistributor Yes T87913 (WMF) 1
ExternalArticles Yes 1
ExternalData Yes 1
ExtraLanguageLink No
FanBoxes Yes 1
Farmer No
Favorites No
FeaturedFeeds Yes T87914 (WMF) 1
FileAnnotations No
FileExporter Yes 1
FileImporter Yes 1
FilterListUsers Yes 1
FirstSteps No
FixedHeaderTable No
FlaggedRevs No T87915 (WMF)
FlickrAPI Yes T171819 1
Flow Yes T87916 (WMF) 2
FlvHandler No
ForcePreview Yes 1
Form Yes 1
FormPreloadPostCache No
FormatDates No
FormelApplet No
FundraiserLandingPage Yes T87917 (WMF) 1
FundraisingEmailUnsubscribe Yes T108764 (WMF) 1
FundraisingTranslateWorkflow Yes T88050 (WMF) 1
GPGMail Yes 1
GWToolset Patch to review T87928 (WMF)
Gadgets Yes T87918 (WMF) 1
Gamepress Yes 1
Genderize No
Genealogy Yes 1
GeoCrumbs Yes T87919 (WMF) 1
GeoData Yes T87920 (WMF) 2
GeoGebra No
GettingStarted Yes T87921 (WMF) 1
Git2Pages Yes T114719 1
GitGadgets No
Gitweb No
GlobalBlocking Yes T87923 (WMF) 2
GlobalContribs Yes 1
GlobalContributions Yes 1
GlobalCssJs Yes T87924 (WMF) 1
GlobalNotice Yes 1
GlobalPreferences Yes 1
GlobalUsage Yes T87925 (WMF) 1
GlobalUserGroups No
GlobalUserPage Yes T88830 (WMF) 1
GlobalUserrights Yes 1
GoToShell No
GoogleAdSense No
GoogleAnalyticsMetrics Yes 1
GoogleAnalyticsTopPages Yes 1
GoogleAppEngine No
GoogleCustomWikiSearch No
GoogleDocTag No
GoogleDocs4MW Yes 1
GoogleGeocode Yes 1
GoogleLogin Yes T120644 1
GoogleNewsSitemap Yes T87926 (WMF) 1
GooglePlaces Yes 1
GooglePlusOne No
GoogleSiteSearch Yes 1
Graph Yes T87922 (WMF) 1
GraphViz Yes T173209 2
GreyStuff Yes 1
GroupsSidebar Patch to review T174529
GuidedTour Yes T87927 (WMF) 1
HAWelcome Yes 1
HSTS Yes 1
HTMLets No
HasSomeColours Yes 1
HashTables No
HeaderTabs Yes 1
HelpCommons No
HelpPages No
HidePrefix No
HierarchyBuilder Yes 1
HighlightjsIntegration No
HitCounters Yes 1
HostStats No
Hovergallery Yes 1
Hreflang Yes 1
Html2Wiki Yes 1
I18nTags Yes 1
Ids Yes 1
IfTemplates No
IframePage No
ImageMap Yes T87929 (WMF) 1
ImageMetrics Yes T87930 (WMF) 1
ImageRating Yes 1
ImageTweaks Yes 1
ImportArticles Yes 1
ImportFreeImages No
ImportUsers No
IndexFunction No
InlineCategorizer No
InputBox Yes T87931 (WMF) 1
Insider Yes T87932 (WMF) 1
InteractiveBlockMessage No
Interlanguage No
Interwiki Yes T88052 (WMF) 1
InterwikiIntegration No
InterwikiSorting Yes 1
InviteSignup Yes 1
JSBreadCrumbs Yes 2
Josa Yes T98823 (WMF) 1
JsonConfig Yes T88054 (WMF) 2
JsonData No
Kartographer Yes 1
LDAPAuthorization No
LabeledSectionTransclusion Yes T87933 (WMF) 1
LandingCheck Yes T88055 (WMF) 1
LanguageSelector No
LanguageTag No
LanguageTool Yes 1
LastModified No
LastUserLogin No
LdapAuthentication Patch to review T87934 (WMF)
LdapGroups Yes 1
LifeWeb No
LifeWebCore No
Lingo Yes 1
LinkFilter Yes 1
LinkSuggest Yes 1
LinkSuggest2 No
LinkTarget No
Link_Attributes No
LinkedWiki Yes 1
Linter Yes 1
LiquidThreads Yes T87935 (WMF) 2
ListSignup No
Listings Yes T87936 (WMF) 1
LiveTranslate No
LocalisationUpdate Yes T87937 (WMF) 1
LockDownEnglishPages Yes 1
Lockdown No
LogEntry No
LoginNotify Yes 1
LogoFunctions No
LookupUser Yes 1
LoopFunctions No
Loops No
MOOC Yes 1
MP3MediaHandler Yes 1
MSSQLBackCompat No
MWVersionInfo No
MadLib No
MagicNoCache Yes T174483 1
MagicNumberedHeadings Yes 1
Mailgun Yes 1
Maintenance Yes 1
MaintenanceShell Yes 1
MapSources Yes T87939 (WMF) 1
MarkAsHelpful No
Mask Yes 1
MassAction No
MassEditRegex No
MassMessage Yes T87940 (WMF) 1
MassMessageEmail Yes 1
Material Yes 1
Math Yes T87941 (WMF) 1
MathSearch Yes T92762 1
MediaFunctions No
MediaWikiAuth Yes 1
MediaWikiChat Yes 1
MediaWikiFarm Yes 1
Memento No
MessageCommons Yes 1
MetaMaster Yes 1
Metrolook Yes 1
MinervaNeue Yes 1
MiniInvite Yes 1
Minifier No
MinimumNameLength Yes 1
MixedNamespaceSearchSuggestions Yes 2
MobileApp Yes T88056 (WMF) 1
MobileDetect No
MobileFrontend Yes T88057 (WMF) 1
Model No
Modern Yes 1
MolHandler Yes 1
MonoBook Yes 1
Mpdf No
MsCalendar Yes 1
MsCatSelect Yes 2
MsInsert Yes 1
MsLinks Yes T174530 2
MsUpload Yes 1
MsWikiEditor Yes 1
MultiBoilerplate Yes 1
MultiLanguageManager Yes 2
MultiMaps No
MultiUpload Yes 1
MultimediaPlayer No
MultimediaViewer Yes T87943 (WMF) 1
MwEmbedSupport Yes T88058 (WMF) 1
MyVariables No
NSFileRepo Yes 1
NamespaceHTML No
NamespacePaths No
NamespacePopups Yes 1
NamespaceRelations No
NaturalLanguageList No
NavigationTiming Yes T87944 (WMF) 1
Negref No
NetworkAuth No
NewSignupPage Yes 1
NewUserActions Yes 1
NewUserMessage Yes T87945 (WMF) 1
NewUserNotif No
NewUsersList Yes 1
NewestPages Yes 1
News No
NewsBox Yes 1
Newsletter Yes 1
Nimbus Yes 1
NoBogusUserpages Yes 1
NoTitle No
Nostalgia Yes 1
NotebookViewer Yes 1
Nuke Yes T87946 (WMF) 1
NukeDPL No
NumberFormat No
NumberOfWikis Yes 1
Numbertext No
NumerAlpha No
OATHAuth Yes T87949 (WMF) 1
OAuth Yes T87947 (WMF) 2
OAuthAuthentication Yes 1
OOJsUIAjaxLogin Yes 1
ORES Yes 1
OdbcDatabase No
OfflineImportLexicon No
OnlineStatus No
OnlineStatusBar No
OnlyRecentRecentChanges No
OpenBadges No
OpenGraphMeta Yes 1
OpenID No
OpenIDConnect Yes 1
OpenLayers Yes 1
OpenStackManager No T87950 (WMF)
OpenStreetMapSlippyMap No
OracleTextSearch No
OrphanedTalkPages Yes 1
PCRGUIInserts No
PHPExcel No
PageAssessments Yes 1
PageBlock Yes 1
PageCreationNotif No
PageDisqus Yes 1
PageForms Yes 1
PageImages Yes T87953 (WMF) 2
PageInCat Yes 1
PageLanguage No
PageNameFormula Yes 1
PageNotice Patch to review T174657
PagePopups Yes 1
PageSchemas No
PageTools No
PageTriage Yes T87954 (WMF) 2
PageViewInfo Yes 1
PagedTiffHandler Yes T87952 (WMF) 2
PagesList No
PaginateText No
PanScroll No
ParentPage Yes 1
ParserFun No
ParserFunctions Yes T87955 (WMF) 1
ParserMigration Yes 1
ParsoidBatchAPI Yes 1
Patroller Yes 1
PdfExport No
PdfHandler Yes T87957 (WMF) 1
PerPageLicense No
PerformanceInspector Yes 1
Petition Yes T87958 (WMF) 1
PhabTaskGraph Yes 1
PhpHighlight No
PhpTags Yes 1
PhpTagsFunctions Yes 1
PhpTagsMaps No
PhpTagsSMW Yes 1
PhpTagsSPARQL Yes 1
PhpTagsStorage No
PhpTagsWidgets Yes 1
PhpTagsWiki Yes 1
PictureGame Yes 1
PipeEscape No
PluggableAuth Yes 1
PluggableSSO Yes 1
Poem Yes T87959 (WMF) 1
Poll No
PollNY Yes 1
Polyglot No
Poncho Yes 1
PoolCounter Yes T87960 (WMF) 1
PopcornEditor No
PopupPages No
Popups Yes T87961 (WMF) 1
PreferencesList No
PreferencesMaster No
Premoderation No
Prezi Yes 1
PrivateDomains Yes 1
PronunciationRecording No
ProofreadPage Yes T87962 (WMF) 1
PropertySuggester No
ProtectSite Yes 1
PubSubHubbub No
PureWikiDeletion No
PurgeClickThrough No
Push No
PushToWatch No
Quantcast Yes 1
QuickGV Yes 1
QuickResponse No
QuickSearchLookup Yes 1
QuickSurveys Yes 1
Quiz Yes T87963 (WMF) 1
QuizGame Yes 1
QuizTabulate No
RSS Yes T87968 (WMF) 1
RandomFeaturedUser Yes 1
RandomGameUnit Yes 1
RandomImage Yes 1
RandomImageByCategory Yes 1
RandomInCategory No
RandomSelection Yes 1
RandomUsersWithAvatars Yes 1
ReadingLists Yes 2
ReassignEdits No
RecentActivityFeed No
Recoin No
Reflect No
RefreshSpecial Yes 1
Refreshed Yes 1
RegexBlock Yes 1
RegexFun No
RegexFunctions No
RelatedArticles Yes T87965 (WMF) 1
RelatedLinks Yes 1
RelatedSites Yes T87966 (WMF) 1
Renameuser Yes T87967 (WMF) 1
ReplaceSet No
ReplaceText Yes 1
RestBaseUpdateJobs Yes 1
RevisionCommentSupplement No
RevisionSlider Yes 1
RightFunctions No
SSLClientAuthentication No
SVGEdit No
SacredText No
SafeDelete No
SandboxLink Yes T122094 (WMF) 1
Sarcasm No
ScanSet No
Schulenburg Yes 1
Score Yes T87970 (WMF) 1
Screenplay Yes 1
Scribunto Yes T87969 (WMF) 1
SearchExtraNS Yes T87971 (WMF) 1
SearchStats No
SectionDisqus No
SecurePoll Yes T87972 (WMF) 1
SecureSessions Yes 2
SelectCategory No
SelectTag No
SemanticACL No
SemanticBundle No
SemanticComments No
SemanticDependency No
SemanticDrilldown No
SemanticExpressiveness No
SemanticGenealogy No
SemanticHighcharts No
SemanticImageAnnotator No
SemanticImageInput No
SemanticInternalObjects No
SemanticLinks No
SemanticPageMaker No
SemanticPageSeries No
SemanticRating Yes 1
SemanticSifter No
SemanticTasks No
SemanticTitle Yes 1
SemanticWebBrowser No
SendGrid Yes 1
Sentry Yes T100142 1
SharedHelpPages Yes 1
ShortUrl Yes T87973 (WMF) 1
ShoutWikiAPI Yes 1
ShoutWikiAds Yes 1
ShowMe Yes 1
SideBarMenu No
SidebarDonateBox No
SignWritingMediaWikiPlugin No
SimpleChanges Yes T174661 2
SimpleFarm No
SimpleSAMLphp Yes 1
SimpleSecurity No
SimpleSort Yes 1
SiteMatrix Yes T87974 (WMF) 1
SiteMetrics Yes 1
SiteScout Yes 1
SiteSettings No
SkelJS No
SkinPerNamespace No
SkinPerPage Yes 1
SlimboxThumbs No
SmiteSpam No
SmoothGallery No
SocialLogin No
SocialProfile Patch to review T152865
SoftwareVersion Yes 1
Solarium No
SolrStore No
SoundManager2Button No
SpamBlacklist Yes T88059 (WMF) 1
SpamDiffTool Yes 1
SpamRegex Yes 1
Spark No
Special404 No
SpecialNamespaces No
SpellingApi No
SpellingDictionary No
SphinxSearch No
Splash Yes 1
SportsTeams Yes 1
Spreadsheet No
StaffEdits Yes 1
StaffPowers Yes 1
StalkerLog No
StarterWiki No
StatCounter Yes 1
StickToThatLanguage No
StlHandler Yes 1
StopForumSpam Yes 2
StringFunctionsEscaped No
SubPageList3 Yes T88062 (WMF) 1
SubpageFun Patch to review T174663
SubpageSortkey Yes T87975 (WMF) 1
Sudo No
Suhosin No
Survey No
SwarmExport No
SwiftMailer No
Synagonism Yes 1
SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi Yes T88063 (WMF) 1
Tabber Yes 1
Tabs No
Teahouse No
TemplateData Yes T87977 (WMF) 1
TemplateInfo No
TemplateSandbox Yes T87978 (WMF) 1
TemplateStyles Yes 1
Tempo Yes 1
TestLanguageNameGrammar Yes 1
TextExtracts Yes T87979 (WMF) 1
TextScroller Yes 1
Thanks Yes T87980 (WMF) 1
TheWikipediaLibrary Yes 1
Theme Yes 1
ThrottleOverride Yes 2
TimeMachine No
TimedMediaHandler Patch to review T87981 (WMF)
Timeless No
TimelineTable No
TimezoneSelector No
TitleBlacklist Yes T87982 (WMF) 1
TitleIcon Yes 1
TitleKey Yes 1
TocTree Yes T87983 (WMF) 1
Tomas No
Tooltip No
TopLists Yes 1
TopTenPages Yes 1
TorBlock Yes T87984 (WMF) 2
Translate Patch to review T87985 (WMF)
TranslateSvg No
TranslationNotifications Yes T87986 (WMF) 1
Transliterator No
Truglass Yes 1
TrustedXFF Yes T88065 (WMF) 1
TweetANew No
TwitterCards No
TwitterLogin No
TwnMainPage Yes 1
TwoColConflict Yes 1
UIFeedback No
URNames No
UnCaptcha Yes 2
UnicodeConverter Yes T88066 (WMF) 1
UniversalLanguageSelector Yes T87987 (WMF) 1
UnusedRedirects Yes 1
UpdateMediaWiki Yes 1
UploadBlacklist No
UploadLocal No
UploadLogo Yes 1
UploadWizard Yes T87988 (WMF) 1
UploadsLink Yes 1
UrlGetParameters No
UrlShortener Yes 1
UserExport No
UserFunctions No
UserGroups No
UserMerge Yes T87989 (WMF) 1
UserOptionStats Yes 1
UserPageEditProtection No
UserPageViewTracker No
UserStatus Yes 1
UserThrottle No
VIKI Yes 1
Variables Patch to review T173625
VectorV2 Yes 1
Video Yes 1
ViewFiles No
Views No
VikiSemanticTitle Yes 1
VikiTitleIcon Yes 1
VipsScaler Yes T87991 (WMF) 1
VirtualKeyboard No
VisualChat No
VisualEditor Yes T87992 (WMF) 1
VoteNY Yes 1
WPtouch Yes 1
WantedPagesFromNS No
WatchSubpages No
WebChat Yes T174456 2
WebPlatformAuth No
WhiteSpace No
WhitelistPages Yes 1
WhoIsWatching Yes 1
Whoops No
WhosOnline Yes 1
Widgets No
Wigo3 No
WikEdDiff No
WikiArticleFeeds No
WikiCategoryTagCloud Yes 1
WikiEditor Yes T87993 (WMF) 1
WikiForum Yes 1
WikiLexicalData No
WikiLove Yes T87996 (WMF) 1
WikiLovesMonuments No
WikiObjectModel No T155339 (easy!)
WikiTextLoggedInOut Yes 1
Wikibase No
WikibaseLexeme Yes 1
WikibaseMediaInfo Yes 1
WikibaseQuality Yes 1
WikibaseQualityConstraints Yes 2
WikibaseQualityExternalValidation No
Wikidata.org Yes 2
WikidataPageBanner Yes 1
WikimediaBadges Yes 1
WikimediaEvents Yes T87997 (WMF) 1
WikimediaIncubator Yes T87998 (WMF) 1
WikimediaMaintenance Yes T87999 (WMF) 1
WikimediaMessages Yes T88000 (WMF) 1
WikipediaExtracts Yes 1
Wikisource Yes 1
Wikispeech Yes 1
WikivoteMapsYandex No
WindowsAzureStorage No
WoOgLeShades Yes 1
XAnalytics Yes T139906 (WMF) 1
XenForoAuth Yes 1
YetAnotherKeywords No
YotpoReviews No
YouTube Yes 1
ZeroBanner Yes T88001 (WMF) 2
ZeroPortal Yes T88002 (WMF) 2
ZoomableImages No
apex Yes 1
cldr Yes T87895 (WMF) 1
erudite Yes 1
examples No
googleAnalytics No
intersection Yes 1
mediawiki-strapping No
p2wiki Yes 1
reCaptcha No
timeline Yes 2
webplatform Yes 1
wikihiero Yes T87995 (WMF) 1

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