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Karen Berg
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keystone 8mm model B8
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Tags : camera cinema film movie women creativecommons keystone director 8mm filmmaker fauxvintage womenshistorymonth texturebyplayingwithbrushes httpwomenshistorymonthgov
British Library digitised image from page 491 of "De Aardbol. Magazijn van hedendaagsche land- en volkenkunde ... Met platen en kaarten [Deel 4-9 by P. H. W.]"
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Tags : bldigital date1839 pubplaceamsterdam publicdomain sysnum000001929 witkamppieterharme large vol05 page491 mechanicalcurator imagesfrombook000001929 imagesfromvolume00000192905 wimpfenamberg neckarriver germany sherlocknet:tag=land sherlocknet:tag=western sherlocknet:tag=karen sherlocknet:tag=erst sherlocknet:tag=force sherlocknet:tag=care sherlocknet:tag=liken sherlocknet:tag=line sherlocknet:tag=stat sherlocknet:tag=delve sherlocknet:tag=berg sherlocknet:tag=fort sherlocknet:tag=water sherlocknet:tag=ring sherlocknet:tag=handel sherlocknet:tag=zion sherlocknet:tag=island sherlocknet:tag=lichen sherlocknet:tag=deed sherlocknet:category=organism
British Library digitised image from page 47 of "'Mountain, Moor and Loch' illustrated by pen and pencil, on the route of the West Highland Railway"
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Tags : bldigital date1894 pubplacelondon publicdomain sysnum002568875 medium vol0 page47 dumbarton castle north side scotland sherlocknet:tag=land sherlocknet:tag=george sherlocknet:tag=welch sherlocknet:tag=erst sherlocknet:tag=berg sherlocknet:tag=oaten sherlocknet:tag=rend sherlocknet:tag=king sherlocknet:tag=river sherlocknet:tag=bald sherlocknet:tag=milch sherlocknet:tag=unblock sherlocknet:tag=western sherlocknet:tag=chest sherlocknet:tag=karen sherlocknet:tag=right sherlocknet:tag=fort sherlocknet:tag=kilometre sherlocknet:tag=assist sherlocknet:tag=dare sherlocknet:category=nature
Ila skoles lærerpersonale (1921)
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Tags : trondheimbyarkiv trondheimkommune trondheim trondhjem sørtrøndelag trøndelag norge norway norwegen noorwegen noruega arkiv archive archives byarkiv f9436 ilaskole ila lærer lærere gruppebilde personale lærerpersonale teacher teachers 1920 20s 1920s schrøder school skole eidsvold1814 oscararnoldwergeland
Austrått herregård og gods selges ved skifteauksjon (1736)
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Tags : trondheim trondhjem sørtrøndelag trøndelag norge norway trondheimkommune arkiv archive archives byarkiv abrahamdreier dreier dreyer karentonder tonder østraad austrått 1736 auksjon tarwen baalsnes nordenfjeldske nordenfields herregård gods drejer bjugn andreasrogertz frandzhammer rogertz hammer giølgen kammen lier tydskbotten saugpladsen skiøren f2787 fotopositiv torh41b38 karentønder tønder tarva fosen ørland abrahamdreyer stjørna skjørn danmarknorge denmarknorway
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