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Rein Alexander
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► maple leaf in sunder by razor blade◄ Berlin, October 3rd 2007
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Tags : insunder mapleleaf razorblade thewall disintegrated mauerfall halves parts wall avus cut split october geotagged veins divisive leaf dislocation broken hoja hojilla colorfulworld quapanhinkelstone flüchtlinge refugees
Image from page 77 of "The voyage of the Vega round Asia and Europe; with a historical review of previous journeys along the north coast of the Old World" (1882)
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Tags : bookcentury1800 bookdecade1880 bookyear1882 bookidvoyageofvegaroun00nord bookauthornordenskildaeadolferik18321901 bookauthorlesliealexander booksubjectvegaship bookpublishernewyorkmacmillanandco bookcollectionbiodiversity bookcollectionamericana bhlconsortium bookcollectionblc bookleafnumber77 bookcontributormblwhoilibrary booksponsormblwhoilibrary bookcollectionmblwhoi bhlcollection
Habenaria gibsoni Hook.f.
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Tags : orchid orchidaceae terrestrial herb perennial orchidfamily habenariagibsoni habenariagibsonii gibsonshabenaria
Alexander Sarcophagus, Long Side A (detail), Alexander mounted and charging at a Persian soldier, Istanbul Archaeology Museum
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Tags : lebanon greek persian istanbul sarcophagus alexander hellenistic macedonian hephaestion alexanderthegreat sidon alexandersarcophagus battleofissus abdalonymus
Image taken from page 6 of 'Select Remains of J. A. Pringle [in verse; selected and arranged by Sir Andrew Halliday]'
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Tags : bldigital date1841 pubplacelondon publicdomain sysnum002991959 pringlejohnalexander large vol0 page6 mechanicalcurator imagesfrombook002991959 imagesfromvolume0029919590 rotated sherlocknet:tag=burg sherlocknet:tag=theiler sherlocknet:tag=fort sherlocknet:tag=care sherlocknet:tag=premier sherlocknet:tag=heinrich sherlocknet:tag=migrate sherlocknet:tag=kaiser sherlocknet:tag=gore sherlocknet:tag=school sherlocknet:tag=king sherlocknet:tag=lens sherlocknet:tag=populate sherlocknet:tag=ehrenberg sherlocknet:tag=george sherlocknet:tag=rein sherlocknet:tag=bald sherlocknet:tag=point sherlocknet:tag=throne sherlocknet:category=landscapes
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