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Ordem do Mérito Real
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Fortjenstmedalje solv.jpg on commons.wikimedia; 824×1000px, 303562 bytes
Used on en, no, se.
[[File:Fortjenstmedalje solv.jpg|thumb|250px|Fortjenstmedalje solv.]]
Kongens fortjenstmedalje H7 advers.jpg on commons.wikimedia; 1046×1662px, 414079 bytes
Used on hy, ru.
[[File:Kongens fortjenstmedalje H7 advers.jpg|thumb|250px|Kongens fortjenstmedalje H7 advers.]]
Kongens fortjenstmedalje H7 revers 2.jpg on commons.wikimedia; 962×1643px, 354226 bytes
Used on hy, ru.
[[File:Kongens fortjenstmedalje H7 revers 2.jpg|thumb|250px|Kongens fortjenstmedalje H7 revers 2.]]
Kongens fortjenstmedalje i sølv H7 eske.jpg on commons.wikimedia; 707×1622px, 296582 bytes
Used on hy, ru.
[[File:Kongens fortjenstmedalje i sølv H7 eske.jpg|thumb|250px|Kongens fortjenstmedalje i sølv H7 eske.]]
Einar Langlo med Kongens fortjenstmedalje i gull.jpg on commons.wikimedia; 1771×1490px, 845531 bytes
Used on no.
[[File:Einar Langlo med Kongens fortjenstmedalje i gull.jpg|thumb|250px|Einar Langlo med Kongens fortjenstmedalje i gull.]]
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Ordem do Mérito Real
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Tags : booksubjectmonasticismandreligiousorders bookdecade1710 bookyear1710 bookidgri33125010857262 bookauthorsantosmanueldos16721740 bookauthorsecoferreyrabento booksubjectalcobacamonastery booksubjectcistercianmonasteries bookpublishercoimbranaofficinadebentosecoferreyra bookcentury1700 bookcontributorgettyresearchinstitute booksponsorgettyresearchinstitute bookcollectionamericana bookcollectiongetty bookleafnumber27

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