San Pedro Town (/m/01n23t)

San Pedro is a town on the southern part of the island of Ambergris Caye in the Belize District of the nation of Belize, in Central America. According to 2012 mid-year estimates, the town has a population of about 13,381. It is the second largest town in the Belize District and largest in the Belize Rural South constituency. The once sleepy fishing village was granted the status of a town in 1984 and was the inspiration for the song "La Isla Bonita", written by Madonna, Patrick Leonard and Bruce Gaitsch. San Pedro's inhabitants are known as San Pedranos. Most speak both Spanish and English fluently. Due to the influence of Kriol, most San Pedranos can speak it, as well as an intermediate form that is known as "Kitchen Spanish".
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