Henry Eriksson (/m/03f26l)

Knut Henry "Krylbo" Eriksson was a Swedish middle-distance runner who specialized in the 1500 m event. In 1946 he finished second behind Lennart Strand, both at the national and European Championships. On 15 July 1947, at the national championships at Malmö, Eriksson and Strand had a very close 1500 m race. Strand won, equaling the world record at 3:43.0, and Eriksson finished second, setting his all-time personal best at 3:44.4. Eriksson beat Strand at the 1948 Swedish Championships and at the 1948 Summer Olympics. He retired the same year and returned to his work as a fireman. Eriksson was one of the three Olympic Flame lighters of the 1956 Summer Olympics equestrian events at Stockholm. He held a world record in the 4×1500 m relay, together with three other fireman from his athletics club in Gävle.
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