Tiberius Julius Sauromates IV (/m/06_wh1t)

Tiberius Julius Sauromates IV, also known as Sauromates IV was a prince and Roman Client King of the Bosporan Kingdom. Sauromates IV was the first-born son to the Bosporan King Teiranes and an unnamed mother. His younger brother was prince Theothorses and was of Greek, Iranian and Roman ancestry. Sauromates IV was named in honor of Sauromates III, his father’s first paternal great uncle and a previous Bosporan King. Sauromates IV was the last Bosporan King to rule with the name Tiberius Julius Sauromates. In 276 the paternal grandfather of Sauromates IV, King Rhescuporis V died and Teiranes succeeded him. Sauromates IV was raised to co-ruler, but died later that year. On coins his royal title is in Greek: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΣΑΥΡΟΜΑΤΟΥ or of King Sauromates. In 278, his brother Tiberius Julius Theothorses succeeded him as co-ruler.
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