Triumph TR2 (/m/0bkjfh)

The Triumph TR2 is a sports car produced by the Standard Motor Company in the United Kingdom between 1953 and 1955, during which time 8,636 cars were produced. The car used a twin SU carburettor version of the 121 cid four-cylinder Standard Vanguard engine tuned to increase its output to 90 bhp. The body was mounted on a substantial separate chassis with coil-sprung independent suspension at the front and a leaf spring live axle at the rear. Either wire or disc wheels could be supplied. The standard transmission was a four-speed manual unit, with overdrive available on top gear as an option. Lockheed drum brakes were fitted all round. As of Q1 2011 there were approximately 377 licensed and 52 SORN TR2s registered with the DVLA.
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