Addiscombe (/m/0n8sn)

Addiscombe /ˈædɨskəm/ is an area of South London within the London Borough of Croydon. It is located east of Croydon, and is situated 9.1 miles south of Charing Cross. It is situated just to the northeast of central Croydon, and is home to a high proportion of people who commute to Central London, owing to its proximity to the busy East Croydon railway station and Tramlink, linking Addiscombe with other parts of Croydon and Wimbledon, as well as extensive bus routes into Central Croydon and surrounding areas. Addiscombe is also a ward, which had a population of 16,883 in 2011. There are several local schools, including the Trinity School of John Whitgift, Archbishop Tenison's School, Oasis Academy Shirley Park and Oval Road Primary.
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