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Porth Llechog (modifica | informa d'errades)
WGS84 53° 25′ 14.72″ N, 4° 22′ 17.42″ W
53.420757, -4.371507
UTM 30U 408857 5919954
Antípoda -53.420757, 175.628493
Tipus city Escala ± 1:100000
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SH4242794199 on the British national grid reference system (note: this excludes Northern Ireland, which uses the Irish national grid reference system)

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Degrees, minutes, seconds latitude and longitude: 53° 25′ 14.72″ N 4° 22′ 17.42″ W WGS84
Degrees, minutes latitude and longitude: 53° 25.2454′ N 4° 22.2904′ W WGS84
Decimal degrees latitude and longitude
(also a Geo microformat ):
53.420757° -4.371507° WGS84
UTM Northing, Easting and zone: 5919954 408857 30U WGS84
UK Ordnance Survey: SH4242794199 Airy 1830
Switzerland CH1903; Easting, Northing: 0 0 Bessel 1841
New Zealand NZTM; Easting, Northing: 0 0 NZGD2000
wiki {{coord}} inline display {{coord|53.420757|-4.371507|type:_region:|display=inline}} WGS84
wiki {{coord}} title display {{coord|53.420757|-4.371507|type:_region:|display=title}} WGS84
wiki {{coord}} dual display {{coord|53.420757|-4.371507|type:_region:|display=inline,title}} WGS84
wiki dms {{coor at dms|53|25|14.72|N|4|22|17.42|W|type:_region:}} WGS84
wiki Commons Geocoding {{location dec|53.420757|-4.371507|type:city_region:GB_source:cawiki}}

Coordinates listed as datum WGS84 will also be valid for NAD83 and EU89.

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