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Due to restrictions on geographic data in China, all Chinese map services provide distored maps that show shifts with GeoHack's coordinates. You may get coordinates correct for these maps from this link. (Use "WGS → BD" for Baidu and "WGS → GCJ" for all other services including Google.)


Unfortunately we don't have any Palestinian map links. However, Israeli maps tend to cover the State of Palestine fairly well.


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Template documentation[view] [edit] [history] [purge]

The GeoTemplate can be invoked by using {{Coord}}. An external tool fills the template with the coordinates data as described on this page.


GeoHack (the tool that fills GeoTemplate with working links) takes two inputs:

  • URL parameters: Coordinates are given in one of the following formats: D_M_S_N_D_M_S_E, D_M_N_D_M_E, D_N_D_E, or D;D where D is degrees, M is minutes, S is seconds, and NS/EW are the directions. They can be followed by coordinate parameters such as type, scale and region, separated by underscores. On Wikipedia the URL is generated by coordinate templates.
    For example, the wikitext {{coord|51|28|40|N|0|0|6|W|type:landmark_scale:2000_region:GB}} becomes params=51_28_40_N_0_0_6_W_type:landmark_scale:2000_region:GB in the URL.
  • The template page (contents of GeoTemplate) where variables are replaced with values computed from the data given in the URL. The rest of this page documents the available variables.


GeoHack provides the following variables based on the given coordinates (51_28_40_N_0_0_6_W in the example above).

  • Latitude/longitude
    • 49, 12WGS84 Absolute integer degrees
    • 49.040167, 12.162861, -12.162861WGS84 Total decimal degrees
    • 49.040167, 12.162861, -12.162861WGS84 Absolute decimal degrees
    • 49, 12WGS84 Floored integer degrees
    • 49, 12WGS84 Rounded integer degrees
    • 2.41, 9.7717WGS84 Decimal minutes
    • 2, 9WGS84 Integer minutes
    • N, EWGS84 Direction of absolute integer degrees
    • 24.6, 46.3WGS84 Decimal seconds
    • 24, 46WGS84 Integer seconds
    • -49.040167, -167.837139 – Antipodes of 49.040167, 12.162861
  • UTM
    • 5435799 292663 33UUTM coordinate
    • 5435799, 292663 – Northing and easting for special cases

Other national grids supported through specific tools: Finland (tools:~para/kkj.php), Tokyo datum (tools:~para/cgi-bin/wgs2tky)


GeoHack accepts a scale parameter (scale:2000 in the example above) which it uses to provide scaling or zoom values for different mapping services.

Name Used by Formula
300000 Virtual Globe supplied in URL via scale or calculated based on type
200000 Multimap closest scale value accepted by Multimap (see mapsources.php)
0.3 Google Maps, WikiMapia scale / 1000000
42 MSN Maps, Fourmilab, Swissinfo integer( scale * 143 / 1000000)
5 MapQuest, Gule Sider integer(18.0 - log(scale))
11 OpenStreetMap, Live Search Maps 18 - ( round(log( scale ,2) - log(1693,2)) )

GeoHack accepts a type parameter (type:landmark in the example above) from which it will calculate a scale value when none is supplied. The following chart shows the types currently understood by GeoHack, the scale ratio associated with each, plus the additional variables calculated by GeoHack.

Ratio 300000 200000 0.3 42 5 11
country 1 : 10,000,000 10000000 10000000 10.0 1430 1 5
state 1 : 3,000,000 3000000 4000000 3.0 429 3 7
adm1st 1 : 1,000,000 1000000 1000000 1.0 143 4 9
adm2nd (default) 1 : 300,000 300000 200000 0.3 42 5 11
city, mountain, isle,
river, waterbody
1 : 100,000 100000 100000 0.1 14 6 12
forest, glacier 1 : 50,000 50000 50000 0.05 7 7 13
airport 1 : 30,000 30000 25000 0.03 4 7 14
edu, pass, landmark, railwaystation 1 : 10,000 10000 10000 0.01 1 8 15

The default values can for each type can be overridden by also supplying a scale. For example, type:airport is assigned a 300000 of 30000, while type:airport_scale:10000 uses the supplied 300000 of 10000.

For detailed implementation see mapsources.php


  • , , – Look up page from Wikipedia. See if we have something in Wikipedia:Map sources or equivalent. A subpage can be specified
  • DB0TK (Loc JN69ba99np), Regensburg – The value from the pagename key in the query (e.g. &pagename=Article) (URI scheme#Generic syntax) – FULLPAGENAMEE expected. When used with {{Coord}} this returns the containing article name with whitespace replaced by underscores. For example: Bellevue Botanical Garden becomes Bellevue_Botanical_Garden.
  • DB0TK (Loc JN69ba99np), Regensburg – The value from the title key in the query (e.g. &title=Name). If not given in the query, is the same as DB0TK (Loc JN69ba99np), Regensburg. //

Section coding

When the parameters contain a region or GeoHack finds the region with the coordinates, a matching section is moved to the location marked with the placeholder:

<div id="GEOTEMPLATE-LOCAL"></div>

The region sections are wrapped in an element where the XX of the id is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code: