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This is based on the mapsources extension by en:User:Egil, extended by Magnus Manske and User:Kolossos.
For the source of this script, see skyhack-source.php.

Map sources/SkyHack

You may be able to find maps and data about the location in the sky for:

Common name θ Ursae Majoris
Query name Theta Ursae Majoris

Right ascension (degrees) -36.785833333333° Right ascension (hours) 9.5476111111111 h
Declination 51.677222222222°
Size of view 0.1 ′ Range for Google Earth/sky 110.55221713598
Zoom for wikisky and Googe Maps/sky 15 Radius for SIMBAD query 12


SIMDAD queries and settings

In case of problems with Environment search you can reduce the maximum of output of SIMBAD to several sizes:

Very large Large Medium small tiny

VizieR queries

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This Template is used for the skyhack tool on the toolserver (script: http://toolserver.org/~geohack/skyhack.php), to create an output page.

Please, do not edit this template without discussion before.