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plwiki24,421Show/hide details of 14 pages
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ruwiki5,005Show/hide details of 4 pages
etwiki3,349Show/hide details of 1 pages
lvwiki2,512Show/hide details of 3 pages
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dewiki903Show/hide details of 3 pages
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nlwiki750Show/hide details of 3 pages
huwiki696Show/hide details of 3 pages
zhwiki623Show/hide details of 1 pages
jawiki581Show/hide details of 1 pages
fiwiki573Show/hide details of 4 pages
eswiki290Show/hide details of 1 pages
ukwiki279Show/hide details of 2 pages
dawiki226Show/hide details of 4 pages
rowiki75Show/hide details of 1 pages
eowiki52Show/hide details of 2 pages
kawiki51Show/hide details of 1 pages
viwiki48Show/hide details of 1 pages
nnwiki42Show/hide details of 1 pages
bnwiki27Show/hide details of 1 pages
hywiki16Show/hide details of 1 pages

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