Hay's tools

Hay's tools

Hello. I'm Hay Kranen and this is a list of some tools i've made.

Some of these tools were made when i was a Wikipedian in Residence for the Dutch National Archive (Nationaal Archief) and the National Library (Koninklijke Bibliotheek).

If you want to get in contact send me an mail or leave a message on my Talk page. I'm also on Twitter.

Note: on Wikipedia i'm also known as Husky.


Tools Directory
Discover Wikimedia-related tools
Query Wikidata visually
Wikidata Propbrowse
Browse and view all properties on Wikidata
External URL stats
A better External links search. Collates all the links so you can view which Wikipedia pages have the most external links to a pattern.
Sum of all Knowledge
A project to visualize the knowledge getting added to Wikidata, Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.
Wikidata Translate
Use the power of Wikidata to translate a term between two languages.
Multilingual page views
Page views for an article in all available languages using the data from stats.grok.se. This shows you the last 30 days.
Wikidata Skim
A (very) limited, visual, replacement for Wikidata Query which just does one claim, based on the 'linkshere' method of the Wikidata API.
An unaspiring HTTP API server written in Python with lots of Wikimedia-related commands.
GWT Cook
Preprocess and transform XML from select API's for ingestion in the GLAMWiki Toolset.
Wikimedia Documentation Directory
A way to easily discover Wikimedia-related documentation including all outreach activities e.g GLAM and education. For metrics and other tools please visit the Tools Directory.
Wikidata View
A simple Reasonator-like viewer for Wikidata items using the simplified Wikidata Readyonly API.
Recent acquisitions
Show the newest pages in a category
GTAA Reasonator
The Reasonator is an awesome tool for viewing Wikidata items. This tool tries to provide the same view for items in the GTAA.
Pica Permalink
A small Javascript bookmarklet to generate a permalink to library catalogues that use the OCLC PICA software.
NA Download
A small tool to download all images from a Dutch National Archive inventory.
NA Search
A tool to do a mass search in the Dutch National Archive photo collection
View Wikipedia articles in Google Maps & Street View.
SGD Transform
Add a source URL to XML files provided by the Staten Generaal Digitaal API.


Code for all of these tools is on Github. Please report any issues there.