Hay's tools

NA Download

A small tool to download all images from a Dutch National Archive inventory.

Simply copy the inventory URL and press 'download'. You'll get a script that you can use with wget to download all files.

Note: the API might be slow, so after hitting 'download' it could take a few minutes to get any results. Be patient :)

This is a custom affix that will be placed after the regular photoname. Note that the total length of the filename will be capped at 200 characters.

Some examples

A little HOWTO

On Windows

This is a bit hacky but it works. Get this version of wget for windows and extract it somewhere. Then use the tool to get the script as a BAT file, save it to the same directory as your extracted wget files. Now doubleclick the BAT file and Bob should be your uncle.

On Mac OS X / Linux

You need a little tool called wget. If it's not available on your system install it using your package manager of choice (e.g. homebrew on Mac OS X).

Download the file, save it to some directory and open a terminal. Then cd to the directory, make the file executable (chmod +x ./download.sh). Now you can simple execute it (./download.sh) and files should start rolling in!